21 responses to “Detroit: Crackhead Infestation Out of Control”

  1. Anonymous says:

    And how many of those people who supposedly have a problem with this are either doing or selling (or both) crack themselves.

  2. motoboy says:

    There’s a new verb in the Oxford Dictionary – to detroit!


  3. Robert says:

    Actually,I applaud such an effort by the people who live in this neighborhod. It demonstrates that they are decent, law abiding people who do not want drugs, gang violence, prostitution and other vices in their neighborhoods. I hope that the city will get involved and assist these decent folks with thier noble efforts.

  4. Anonymous says:

    What does that tell us when blacks are sick of blacks?

  5. Martin L. Kuhn Jr. says:

    Hey, Rudell, can I hire you to train my mule to climb a ladder after you finish chasing the crackheads out of Detroit?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Taking pride in your community is good; commendable. This is something that YT has paid more than lip service to and set the standard in every corner of the globe where white people live. Why is it then that blacks wait until things are out of control before doing something about it?

    The “don’t snitch” mantra may sound great to get one over on ol’ YT but when all levels of the “minority” communities start suffering because of this chronic behaviour, drug abuse and crime and no end is in sight, then suddenly things start pushing back against it.

    In Africa they would lynch/murder/burn all these “crackheads” if they started to cause a threat to general well-being.- They are doing it now, viciously and all over that continent (in spades).

    It amazes me why blacks seem so amazed about the communities they live in when they have protected and fostered these criminal gangsters by the “don’t snitch” mantra they all adhere to.

    I say; Reap the rewards of protecting crimes and getting one over on “the man”, but don’t start whining for taxpayer money and resources to fix the mess that your “community” has created.

  7. Question Diversity says:

    “Infested with crackheads…”

    Equating black people to insects?

    Quick, somebody call the SPLC. We all know that it’s only a short step from equating people to insects (e.g. cockroaches) to the gas chambers.

  8. Anonymous says:

    How DOES one remove crackheads from a neighborhood? I don’t think Martha Stewart ever covered this sort of stain.

  9. Middle American says:

    This two-minute clip is so depressing and devastating because, first, it’s a microcosm of the end of America’s big cities (and America itself), and second, because we’ve seen it all before and nothing changes. Someone, somewhere, must believe that by running the story Detroit will suddenly turn into Oslo.

    In case you haven’t had time to watch the clip – from the Fox affiliate in Detroit, I will provide a synopsis.

    To start, the news anchor defines this week’s problem in the black “community.” Here, it’s crackheads. Big surprise. The anchor tells us the people there “are fighting to take back their community.” Unfortunately, it’s obvious these people lost their community about 30 years ago and there’s nothing to take back, but nevertheless…

    Next, they cut to the obligatory black, affirmative-action reporter, on the scene in Crackhead Village. She tells us the people there “are sending a message” by putting up signs. I think the real message is get out of Detroit.

    Unfortunately, based upon years of watching countless stories like this, it seems apparent that no one ever hears the message.

    The reporter then interviews the local change agent/activist with a typical urban name – in this instance it’s “Rudell.”

    Rudell talks in sound bites. He says things blacks have been saying in crumbling, crime-ridden urban neighborhoods since about 1955. Here he says, “I want people to know that we need to wake up, stand up, and get busy.”

    They then cut to the urban citizens as they work on putting the community back together – in this case, sweeping up some dirt and mowing a lawn. Apparently, only one person was doing anything so they interview him.

    His name is Dequindre. Whenever the local TV news interviews someone named Dequindre for words of wisdom it’s time to change the channel. Dequindre speaks in broken ebonics which is difficult to understand but sadly, it looks like he is a overwhelmed. He tells us he helped build a park.

    They cut to the park – which is more like a small lot with a swing set. Then they interview an unidentified woman who laments that her neighborhood is infested with crackheads. She is holding a little baby with bling in the baby’s hair. She says something about “bullets flying.”

    Then it’s back to Rudell and Dequindre for a few more words. In a jumble of bad grammar they, too, lament the crackhead infestation.

    In an effort to run out the crackheads, who apparently built a crackhouse near Rudell three days ago, a large handwritten warning sign was posted at a neighborhood intersection. The sign essentially said ‘Beware of crackheads’ and asked people to “Pray for your life.”

    Next to the sign are big American flags flying upside down – which is not addressed by the reporter. Why they are upside down is a mystery but I suspect there is some Afro-logic behind it.

    They cut back to Rudell, who says, “Reality is reality.” Dequindre says something about “kids” and the woman says something that doesn’t make much sense.

    The reporter then closes by saying the people in the community hope this “leads to action.”

    Now, I’m not trying to belittle Rudell or Diquindre. If sincere, it’s more than many blacks have done.

    My point is that virtually any white person watching this knows the situation is hopeless. Detroit, and other rotting cities, ended up being infested with crime, violence, and crackheads because of blacks. Add low IQs and government handouts into the mix and this is what you get when blacks move to a western, civilized society.

    And, when the news report shows who is coming to rescue the city – more low IQ, culturally-broken blacks, you know the place is doomed.

    Beyond segregation I’m not sure what the answer is to this nightmare that certain whites have created. I guess we’ll be seeing a lot more stories like this in the years ahead.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Amreners, PLEASE sign this petition! We need to stop this abuse/murder of our pets from “people” such as this woman and her two kids.


  11. Sarge says:

    These efforts are, to a certain degree, admirable. But the profound, long-term social pathologies that are common in the “African-American community” cannot be cured by a few people putting up a sign and mowing the grass.

  12. Madmax says:

    Was anyone else disturbed by all of the upside down U.S. flags in the background?

  13. patthemick says:

    These signs will push people to action? Hell crackheads would push me to double action if you catch my inference. No people should be held hostage by criminals and if the Government wont do anything they should stand aside as the people do what needs to be done.

  14. Anonymous says:

    i think some comments on this site take it too far. while blacks may be on average below us in the intelligence department, that doesnt make them animals or things to be hated, and it certainly doesnt mean that there arent a large number of blacks ahead of their median IQ level. as this man seems to be to me. good on him for taking a stand and trying to fix up his neighbourhood. we all know how badly blacks (and whites too imo) need good male role models.

    this man shouldn’t be mocked for what he is trying to do.

  15. HH says:

    I didn’t think crack was even still around?! Leave it to the African-American Community to keep such a wonderful part of society alive and kicking!

  16. Sardonicus says:

    Black people have to finally face their own problems. White people can’t solve black social pathologies. A good start to solving problems would be to recognize the problem of disproportionate black urban crime. The community minded black citizens in this Detroit neighborhood are doing just that. I commend them for their efforts.

  17. white is right, black is whack says:

    Blacks have to be grown up and responsible and quit blaming whites or looking to us to solve their problems. “You white folks don’t be having no problems. Yo’ be privileged.” That’s right. We don’t have the same problems as you, like out of wedlock children, dropping out of school, joining gangs, and looking to the government to take care of us. We also do a better job of planning ahead and delaying gratification. We ALSO don’t fixate on the past and use that as a crutch. Something blacks (and hispanics, somewhat) might want to consider.

  18. Carnifex says:

    @ #16 Sardonicus

    You are completely correct. The only hope for black integration into normal western society has to come from themselves. I think after decades of government handouts its about time for the illiberals to admit “this ain’t working”. Surprisingly, one of the few black groups suggesting such a solution is the Nation of Islam. While I disagree wholeheartedly with most of their tenets, this is one I can support, even though their reasoning is erroneous. I know some black people who are the nicest, hardest working people I know, their kids are successful too. They all reject this “My N**” mentality that has been foisted on blacks by liberals.

  19. John Engelman says:

    Today, as I walked along a busy street in the predominately black neighborhood where I live, four black teenage boys walked in my direction. I got into the street to let them pass. One pulled a knife on me and demanded money. I backed away to a distance where he could not stab me, and got out my pepper foam. They kept walking in one direction. I walked in the other direction. I don’t care if blacks take crack. I want them to stop robbing so many people.

    You should avoid the approach of young black men you do not know. Cross the street. Change direction. Do not worry about hurting their feelings. Worry about being beaten and robbed. They probably won’t kill you.

  20. Alexandra says:

    @Middle American:

    Sounds like Dequindre was named after the road that separates Oakland County from Macomb County!

  21. Michael C. Scott says:

    Drug-testing every welfare recipient and revoking benefits for those who fail would end this sort of infestation immediately, but the courts will always rule that crackheads have the right to get high on your tax dollars and the right to produce drug-addicted kids on your tax dollar, and they will rule this way right up to the day when Civil War Two kicks off.