Posted on June 16, 2011

China’s “Born in the USA” Frenzy

Zhang Van, Yahoo! News, June 15, 1011

When Liu Li boarded a plane for the United States, she had a little bit of makeup on, was wearing a loose dress, and had her hair up. She tried to hold her handbag in front of her belly in a natural way, just as the middleman had taught her. She was trying to look as calm as any wealthy Chinese lady would look when travelling abroad. But Liu Li couldn’t help feeling terribly nervous: she was six months pregnant when she left for the United States, where she wanted to give birth to an American citizen.

Liu Li knew that going through customs would be a lot easier than obtaining a U.S. visa. In order to obtain the tourist visa that enabled her to go to America for the delivery, she had to carefully choose her clothes, and spend a lot of time practicing her walking and interview techniques. She memorized a host of details about her hotel booking and about famous sight-seeing spots so as to convince the Embassy officer that she was just another Chinese woman going shopping in the States.

The temptation of a ‘born in the USA’ child

Giving birth to a child abroad is not a privilege reserved to the stars and the very wealthy. An increasing number of expectant middle-class parents also fancy giving their children passports that they can feel proud of. “The return on investment is higher than robbing a bank,” the consultancy agent tells women such as Liu. When Chinese children are born in America, they automatically become U.S. citizens. Once they reach 21, their parents will be able to apply for green cards and emigrate.

Those who would prefer a closer destination can go to Hong Kong, whose passport gives access to more than 120 countries without the need of a visa. Advantages include the fact that children will receive bilingual education (which will give them a foothold in the international world), and the fact that they will also enjoy the preferential policies for going to Chinese universities.


The so-called ‘citizen’s welfare’

According to the 14th Amendment to the U.S. constitution (ratified in 1868), anyone born in United States automatically becomes an American citizen and obtains access to public education, university loans, voting, and so on . . . Even so, if one does not work in America or pay taxes after the age of 15, one can only enjoy very limited access to U.S. welfare benefits. “The system doesn’t totally exclude people who don’t pay taxes here, but those who do not pay as much tax as Americans do cannot expect the same benefits. But each state has different regulations,” says Mr. Yang, a Chinese born man who works in New Jersey and has a green card.


10 responses to “China’s “Born in the USA” Frenzy”

  1. June says:

    Fix the misinterpreted 14th amendment. Is American citizenship of such little value that people can just come into our country for the express purpose of producing a new “citizen?” This, as well as elimination of jobs and benefits for those who laugh at our laws by sneaking in, those who overstay their visas and those who gain our most precious birthright by doing the above. This must be stopped. Call/write your reps and demand that we not hand out citizenship like Halloween candy!

  2. Anonymous says:

    This whole anchor baby thing is a travesty.

  3. Anonymous says:

    “The return on investment is higher than robbing a bank”

    “Return on investment” is a frequently used phrase in the Third World in relation to acquiring a Western passport.

    The Times of India once ran a story extolling the benefits of getting Canadian citizenship, telling Indian businessmen how much they could save on their children’s education.

  4. White Guy In Japan says:

    Is that what Chinese do with their high IQ?

    Actually, that is pretty smart. For them.

    Singapore, on the other hand, conducts pregnancy tests on unmarried foreign maids. No leeches allowed.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Why do the Chinese and Mexicans want to come to the U.S. in the first place? NAFTA and Multi-National Corporations have moved all of our jobs to those countries, long ago. Let’s thank Bill Clinton, the Democrats, and sell-out Republicans for that.

    Ross Perot was right. NAFTA did kill jobs, and is grinding down the last of the American Middle Class.

    AS for “grinding America down” that is actually a title of a video regarding “Cultural Marxism” which is available through World Net Buy that video, and sit you kids in front of it, and all of your family members, especially the ones that still have their heads stuffed in their lower regions.

    Yesterday, I read a Bumper sticker that said it all. “Liberals are people that are so open minded that their brains fell out of their heads”.

  6. Sardonicus says:

    This disgraceful racket has been going on for too long. The Fourteenth Amendment was meant to give citizenship to former black slaves, who were not considered citizens. It was never intended to give citizenship to children born to foreign nationals. This would mean children of foreign diplomats would automatically be given citizenship if they were born in the United States! They are not subject to our “jurisdiction”. The Noxious Nine of the Supreme Court needs to put an end to this travesty.

  7. Justin says:

    Does any other country allow this type of thing to stand? I can’t imagine say the Japanese allowing this type of anchor baby tourism to stand in their country. We are truly becoming a nation of suckers and chumps.

  8. white advocate - Canada says:

    “Does any other country allow this type of thing to stand?” Canada does. Of all the immigration outrages this bugs me the most. The cold deliberate planning, government indifference, and the absence of any national benefit make my blood boil. We don’t have the 14th amendment so I guess it is justified some other way. At least there is dissension and debate in the US. Here in Canada there is none.

  9. Anonymous says:

    “Why do the Chinese and Mexicans want to come to the U.S. in the first place? NAFTA and Multi-National Corporations have moved all of our jobs to those countries, long ago. Let’s thank Bill Clinton, the Democrats, and sell-out Republicans for that”

    Another brainwashed CONservative. It was the Republicans who votes 100 % for Nafta. What you call the Liberals were the ones against it. You make it sound like it was a few rogue CONservatives. Every so-called CONservative leader, Rush, Levin, Hannity were full on for NAFTA. When will you so-called CONservatives learn that your leaders are the greatest threat to the White race worldwide. If you read the book “operation setback” written about the 1954 deportation of Mexicans it explains very clearly that it was big business that was against the deportation. Liberal leaders like Hubert Humphery were the one for the deportation. Eisenhower was so frustrated with big business he went over their head and pushed the law. Without big business today illegals would be deported in a New York minute. These CONservative leaders distract gullible Whites about their true intentions. Meanwhile nothing gets done. At least when the liberals are in power are people start to mobilize.Frankly I do not know why these Rush loving types even complain about modern America. It is capitalist heaven. Slave labor and the Wal Mart economy. Endless wars etc. Something Rush Limbaugh has said many times he is all for!

  10. Anonymous says:

    First off, the 14th Amendment needs no ‘reinterpretation’. It needs to have a LOT of _criminal prosecutions_ specific to it’s non enforcement.

    Because the wording of the Amendment is actually _quite_ clear:

    ‘And subject to it’s jurisdiction’.

    Mexicans, Chinese and other nationalities (Turks and other SWA’ians are doing the same thing, on the East Coast) indulging in Birth Tourism are all _citizens of their own country_ at the time they sneak in.

    Indeed, Mexico _says_ that all all Mexicans, whereever they are, are in fact Mexican subjects and their Constitution does not include the right to reject Mexican nationality. To flee China is to risk imprisonment or death if your attempt at asylum is rejected.

    The key examples are Foreign Diplomats and (at the time) Native Americans. If these people (as written into the clause) are not subject to having U.S. nationality for their children, born here, ‘forced upon them’. Then those -wanting- that right are also not eligible for it. The 14th Amendment was written exclusively to ensure the emancipation and basic rights of blacks.

    Our Congress knows this. Our business types, ever eager for more _wage slaves_, know this. There is absolutely NO EXCUSE for what is going on here. It is as illegal as shooting someone for their wallet.

    Don’t allow the lie to persist. And in particular don’t allow people to ‘reinterpret’ what ain’t broke. Or you will not like how they rewrite your protections.