Posted on May 31, 2011

Self-Defence or Murder? Outrage as Pharmacist Who Shot 16-Year-Old Trying to Rob His Shop Gets Life Sentence

Daily Mail (London), May 31, 2011

A controversial decision to send a pharmacist to jail for life for shooting dead a young man who tried to rob his store has caused a storm of protest.

Jerome Ersland was given a life sentence for the first-degree murder of 16-year-old Antwun Parker at an Oklahoma court last week.

The 59-year-old pharmacist shot the youngster six times during an attempted armed robbery in 2009, leading jurors to decide he had acted beyond the limits of self defence.

Thousands in the area have, however, reacted furiously to the decision, insisting Mr Ersland had simply acted to protect himself, his store and his customers.

The debate has now moved online, with many joining groups in his support and ones that argue his punishment is deserved on Facebook.

The argument is similarly divided on social networking site Twitter, with thousands sending out messages of support for either Ersland or the justice system.

One group on Facebook, titled ‘Jerome Ersland should not have been found guilty’ has more than 2,500 members.

Others, such as the ‘Jerome Ersland got what he deserved’ group have also attracted much attention.

There have also been petition sites started which hope to send more than 5,000 signatories to the government following the controversial court case.

Support has also come from notable public figures, including Oklahoma State Senator Ralph Shortey.

‘I’m gonna spend the rest of my career, however long it may be, trying to right this wrong,’ he told ABC News.

Dramatic CCTV footage from May 19 2009 shows Antwun Parker and an accomplice running into the Reliable Discount Pharmacy in south Oklahoma City and pointing a gun directly at Mr Ersland.

The pharmacist, who was once an Air Force lieutenant colonel, can then be seen reaching for a pistol of his own before firing at the two young men, with one of the shots hitting Parker to the ground.

After chasing the accomplice from the store, Ersland then gets a second gun before shooting Parker another five times, almost a minute after he fired the first gunshot.

In court, Mr Ersland’s attorneys insisted their client had acted in self-defence.

Defence lawyer Irven Box asked jurors to close their eyes and imagine what they would do if they were confronted with the same situation.

‘He eliminated the armed robber,’ Box said.

Box added to ABC News that the pharmacist had shot repeatedly because he saw Parker was still moving after the first hit so deemed him still to be a threat.

Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Chance, however, argued that: ‘This defendant was absolutely not defending himself or anyone else.’

The jury responded after three and a half hours of deliberation by recommending a life sentence.

Ersland must now be sentenced by Oklahoma County District Judge Ray Elliott on July 11.

If he upholds the jury’s decision, Ersland will not be eligible for parole for at least 38 years.

Ersland’s lawyers said they would appeal the murder conviction.

52 responses to “Self-Defence or Murder? Outrage as Pharmacist Who Shot 16-Year-Old Trying to Rob His Shop Gets Life Sentence”

  1. Anonymous says:

    His conviction is just another tactic in the elimination of White Privilege. Try to defend your property from the black attack, from the Diversity Curse? You have too much White Privilege, obviously, because you have property.

    Give it up, Whitey, and go to jail if you resist!


  2. M says:

    Well, 5 shots for the coup de grace may be a bit excessive by any standards, but so is a life sentence for shooting a would be robber. In the past (some know them as the “good old days”) the case would never have come to charges. A robber was shot, and that would be the end of it. It should be obvious what happened here. The robber was black; the shooter white. Black trumps white in the age of PC. The facts are now made irrelevant.

  3. Mick says:

    Conviction? How about a medal!

  4. Anonymous says:

    It was a cold blooded killing. That doesn’t mean it was wrong.

    America needs to get off it’s sophist high horse and remember that deterrence is the art of making the a would be predator believe that trying ‘just to see if it might work’ is too risky for the fatal cost that failure carries.

    Here’s to you Mr. Ersland, may you be found justified.

    7X the violent crime rate.

    8X the property crime rate.

    36% of the prison population.

    3% of the population (Black Males 18-44).

  5. Anonymous says:

    I wouldn’t have convicted the guy and I am a gun owner who is 100% for self defense, but in that video he doesn’t come across as in fear for his life. I think in that situation, to the extent possible, these days someone has to be thinking of how that will look to a jury, particularly in a racial circumstance like this. Act for the camera if necessary, don’t look calm, look like you were being threatened or were afraid. I don’t doubt the prosecutor and jury felt pressure to convict this guy because he is white and thug Antwun was black (I remember an article on his mother calling him a “hero” and screaming racism).

  6. Anonymous says:

    These are the articles that fill me with deep rage. Rage against the multicult hellhole this country has become and rage against the saps – especially whites – that enable this multicult hellhole to continue or bless it with this astonishing verdict. I think I better get offline and relax. My blood is freaking boiling!!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    This will not be popular, but facts are facts, although not everything is clear.

    The 3 videos (on Live Leak) show the shooter take down one robber. It must be noted that some reports indicate this one was unarmed. The shooter then chases the other robber out of the store and down the street. He comes back to his store, is seen methodically walking past the downed perp, then turns his back to the floored robber, and walks off camera. A few seconds later he methodically walks back, aims at the floor (the bad guy who is off camera) and fires several times.

    When using deadly force one can only use as much deterrence as necessary. You cannot, for instance, chase a robber down the street-especially with a gun in your hand. Also, once a robber is down (and presumably out) you cannot “finish him off.”

    No one has any sympathy for these robbers. But this guy should have stopped when he was ahead. Please note that I am speaking from a legal, and not necessarily a moral standpoint. It is 2011, not 1811, and if one is going to carry a weapon one must understand the law in order to protect themselves.

  8. GreatNorthWoods says:

    The New World Order grows bolder by the day people. Race is, and always has been just, one more chess piece used by the power structure elite to dissempower those who remain financially independent of government, independent thinkers, lovers of freedom & our Bill of Rights, non- pagan worshippers and the like.

    Mr. Ersland’s conviction is just an example of theatre, directed at the general populations of industrialized nations, as a means to socially engineer such populations into frightened, compliant sheep no longer capable of independent though or actions. We’re now in the beginning stages of 1984! Orwell was off about 25 years.

    But it’s true that whites are catching the brunt of this power elite powergrab. After all, we whites have the most money/assets, brainpower, tend to think for ourselves and have guns. No other group potentially posseses as much threat to the Fabien Socialists NWO plans as we! So that’s why they must come down hard upon upper- middle aged pharmacists with guns.

    Money and pure raw- power is their end game and have been trying this in one form or another, since the Middle Ages. Race means nothing to these people, but you can bet your last worthless greenback that there isn’t any racial diversity in the NWO inner circles.

    The Bilderberg Group, Tri- Lateral Commission and Councel on Foreign Relations(CFR) and all the other powerful, namless, faceless stringpullers behind the curtain, are populated entirely by whites and some Jews. What race you are doesn’t really mater to them: white man, Black man,yellow man,–enslaved Man!

    The courts who convicted Mr. Ersland. . . that’s just one of the managerial classes of the NWO and not the real power.

    I believe it was Nathan Rothchild in the mid 1800’s responsible for the following quote:

    “Men are machines, women are but playtoys” —

    Yes, that’s how they view mankind. The quote says it all.


  9. olewhitelady says:

    Unbelievable! When I first saw the site from which this article was taken, I thought it must have happened in Britain! How a jury in OK could do this is beyond me! It’s not like OK City is full of blacks and Hispanics, either. How can this be explained?

  10. Mike H. says:

    If a big enough stink is raised, his appeal will be successful or he’ll end up pardoned.

    I would suggest e-mailing, calling and/or faxing the Oklahoma’s Governor’s office and telling them just what you think about this travesty. I know I will.

  11. Follow The Light says:

    This man was not really retired from the military. He continued to protect and serve against enemies,in this case a domestic enemy. The military gives medals for such heroism. The day will come, but only after many more injustices against our people.

    I saw the light.

  12. Bandmo says:

    And they still wonder why “Whites only and Colored” businesses in the 50’s and 60’s. Thank you very much Rosa Parks, can’t even (if White) ride in a city bus now in any major city after 6 PM, or noon for that matter.

  13. Fritz says:

    I am a conservative, middle aged white male, member of the NRA, and I agree with the jury.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Take a close look at this video.

    I live in one of the more draconian states where it is dangerous to defend oneself with lethal force. And seeing that video, it is crystal clear to me, that even, here, it meets the guidelines for reasonable force.

    This supposedly happened in a “stand your ground” state. Briefly summarized, you have a right to keep pumping bullets into a person, if you, personally, have a subjective fear of harm. A very loose standard indeed.

    Yet he was convicted, not of manslaughter but of first degree murder. There is no evidence whatsoever for that crime. First degree murder implies an specific intent to set out and murder someone that day, usually for a specific gain. Example, you strangle your wife for the insurance money. The standard for that type of crime is incredibly high. And it obviously was not met in this instance.

    Which means he was convicted for other reasons. Railroaded if you will.

    My point is the rule of law is breaking down in the US….BIGTIME. Where you live is all important. It’s extremely dangerous to live anywhere the majority of your neighbors don’t think criminals should be shot on sight.

  15. Anonymous says:

    This man protected his life and the lives of his employees,he deserves a medal.It is our duty to support this man in every fashion.I am asking you the reader to do your part.ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

  16. Anonymous says:


  17. Sonya says:

    While I 100% agree with what Ersland did I have been following this case on other websites and I think he lost this case due to a bunch of pointless lies that he told after the incident.

    I do believe the lies sealed his fate. He claimed he was shot by the robbers even though he had NO bullet wound and no bullet was ever found, then he apparently went to a doctor 2 months later and asked for medicine due to the “bullet wound” which was apparently two tiny metal shards that he removed himself.

    Worse yet he claimed the kid was sitting UP when he shot him, and that probably sealed his fate. The kid was lying flat on his back with a pool of blood under his head, the kid did not move when taking the additional 5 shots, if he had been sitting up the angle of the bullet wounds and the pool of blood would have proven it. If he had just said “the robber moved” without elaborating he would have probably gotten off.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know the racial composition of the jury? I hope the Governor (a Republican) pardons him. It’s just a dream though. I don’t think there is even one politician who would ever do anything to help a white victim who fought back against blacks or hispanics. It seems that law enforcement and district attorneys often go after our people who fight back. I think that is one reason why we so often don’t fight back. Just imagine the support a politician would get who took our side. Just imagine the support the Governors of Arizona and Texas would get if they sent the National Guard to the border. If they’re not allowed to do that, send them to infiltrated areas. They would immediately become heroes.

  19. rjp says:

    Shoot them in your premises, clean up, put body in dumpster somewhere else after dark.

  20. Karl Ketzer says:

    Anyone who deserves to be shot once deserves to be shot six times.

  21. Chicagoan says:

    This is utterly flabbergasting. A sentence for protecting himself and society is really grotesque. An Air Force veteran getting such shabby treatment in today’s America is more than I can comprehend.

  22. Jeddermann. says:

    This is obviously not first degree murder. The man was acting in self defense. It is debatable that he should have gotten the second gun and shot the miscreant, but that was heat of the moment stuff and not pre-meditated.

    Obviously a miscarriage of justice.

  23. Tired of It says:

    This is one of the most despicable rulings I’ve ever heard. A law abiding citizen is not allowed to defend his and his employees lives. You better believe the last thing I would be worried about when confronted by a robber with a gun would be the number of times I shoot him. Standing, lying on the floor, it shouldn’t matter-you shoot until you feel there is no more threat.

    I’d love to see these incompetent jurors face the same situation. I hope Mr. Ersland’s lawyer can get this overturned on appeal. He will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  24. Wild Bill says:

    This is obviously a conspiracy between the black district attorney, the black judge, the black jury, and the black power structure in general to deny the white man his civil rights.

    When will the whites ever learn?

  25. Middle American Jew says:

    If this is not a reason to consider breaking the US into new countries and changing the status quo then I don’t know what is.

    This is not justice. This is not civilization. This is something out of an African nightmare.

    Sooner or later it will be an incident like this that will spark a white revolt. Be prepared.

  26. Anonymous says:

    It is better to allow the robbers to steal and kill you than to defend yourself.

    Something is really wrong with the “justice” system.

    One of these days things are going to come around and when it does it will with a vengance.

  27. rockman says:

    I am reminded of a black man shooting a white man in the south three times in the groin. the white man had a combo tool in his pocket so the jury considered him armed. laying on the ground the white man used the N word and the black man shot him ten more times. This was called self defense and the black walked. what did you expect was going to happen in either case?

  28. Kenelm Digby says:

    I remember a few years back an English farmer named Tony Martin was imprisoned for killing a burglar fleeing from Martin’s house after having robbed/invaded it.

    I also well remember the furore that surrounded the case, many Americans, in particular, were adamant that Tony Martin would never had been convicted if a similar action had occurred in the USA.

    Evidently, this is not true.

  29. Sybille says:

    Lemme see.. armed robbers storm into his store willing to kill him if he resists. He manage to get the upperhand and kills one of the robbers who was a clear and present danger to him while alive. Also.. this happens while he is clearly under stress as he just nearly lost his life. The man is innocent, what a travesty of justice to jail him for not offering up his LIFE to criminals. The jury should all be jailed.

  30. kgb says:

    Dramatic CCTV footage from May 19 2009 shows Antwun Parker and an accomplice running into the Reliable Discount Pharmacy in south Oklahoma City and pointing a gun directly at Mr Ersland…

    That’s the end of the issue, as far as I’m concerned. I wouldn’t even JOKE about doing that in someone’s store.

    But let me guess — he was a “good kid, never got into any trouble…” or else he was “trying to put his life back together…” after some run-ins with the law….

  31. Anonymous says:

    We will never know how many people this aspiring armed robber would have eventually murdered. But I suspect Mr Ersland has saved quite a few innocent lives with his actions.

  32. Zach Sowers says:

    The pharmacist violated the civil rights of this child. Committing armed robbery is just one of the rights of passage to adulthood in the urban community. His mom said he was a ‘good key-yud’ and wouldn’t harm a fly. A promising rap career has been cut short by entrenched white racism and privilege. Antwune deserves a statue in his honor on the District of Columbia mall, a national holiday and mention is black history curriculum. Surely his bones will be interred next to Rosa Parks in the nation’s Capitol.

  33. Recovering Republican says:

    Any word on the make up of the jury? I could guess.

  34. Tim Mc Hugh says:

    I don`t know about the sentence but I will say the shooter could have done things differently and should have. His family still wasn`t inside the store or never was, and the perp was down. He should have stayed outside and called the police.

    Also I`m surprised at the pharmasicists initial restraint. Most people would have emptied the gun at the kid who had him in his sights right at the git-go. Then gone after the first one. Even though we can`t see if the robber was still moving, Which I thought was a point for the defense, any rational person on a jury has to wonder how a guy can go to Defcon One, Back to Defcon 3 then back to One again…

  35. Question Diversity says:

    To me, this is a matter of “but for the Grace of God go I.” Anyone can sit in a secured courtroom and claim that five shots after the initial knockdown was excessive, but walk in Jerome Ersland’s shoes and see if you wouldn’t do the same thing when you thought your life was on the line.

    As for a Gubernatorial pardon — Don’t bet on it. Mary Fallin was once Lieutenant Governor under Frank Keating, who did his best to stifle and stymie every state-level investigation of OKC that tried to arise. Being as Keating was ex-FBI, he probably had an incentive to peddle the laughable “official” story.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Welcome to the New Amerika. Where are all the WHITE protesters? Why are we raising cain like blacks do all the time? Because we are “civilized”? Civilized people would never let this injustice occur in the first place.

    We WERE such fools to put up with this never ending nightmare of black/nonwhite violence against ANY White person in the first place. Our “justice” system is wrought with PC garbage and blacks should NEVER be allowed to (be jurors, period) decide OUR fate. Are we really that stupid? Looks like it more every day.

    We are in for even worse times in our own country (just read all the articles on amren today) if you are White, and we are reaping what we have sown for the last several decades.

  37. Kit says:

    No justice for White America

  38. idareya says:

    “It’s not like OK City is full of blacks and Hispanics, either. How can this be explained?”

    The explanation is simple. It is BECAUSE OK City is not full of blacks and Hispanics that a jury would find this man guilty. If they had to deal with blacks and Hispanics on a daily basis, they would have had a different view.

  39. Anonymous says:

    I agree with the poster who said one must play to the audience.

    Once you’ve shot the adversary, remove his weapon out of reach and call for police and an ambulance. If it’s feasible, give some kind of first aid.

    This advice should be given to all gun-owning citizens. The incident isn’t over until the law is applied.

  40. Periapsis says:

    In that guy’s place, I would have shot the one threatening me with a gun or knife, then the other one if he made any move at all to suggest he was about to fire at me. I would have kept shooting both until they were dead, because if a black robber is shot and wounded, he will sue a white defending himself and others in court. I would not have chased the other guy outside of the store with a gun however, nor would I have lied to the police.

    Still, I would not convict this guy, he did the right thing killing a dangeous person who would have murdered scores of whites. Convicting him of first degree murder is a mockery of the law and justice, if he’s guilty of anything it was using poor judgement and perjuring himself. He was definitely not planning to kill these blacks for some sort of gain or goal. Already an appeal is underway, let’s hope this conviction is thrown out because there is no evidence that warrants a first degree murder charge, let alone conviction. I think it’s time for whites to start refusing to convict other whites for killing non-whites who threaten them and their families or co-workers. If blacks can refuse to convict other blacks who are beyond any doubt guilty of murdering or raping whites, so can we!

  41. Tyrone says:

    believe that once those robbers entered his store – with their threat to kill, the employees/owner had every right to kill them. Each person handles the threaten of death directed at them differently, and it is not something that you practice. It is obscene that the jurors would convict the owner. Its to bad he did not kill the other boy also.


    Tyrone Jackson

    P.S. And yes I am black

  42. Anonymous says:

    David Prater is the Oklahoma County, Oklahoma D.A.

    Contact his office at 405-713-1600, respectfully tell this elected official how you feel.

  43. Tim Mc Hugh says:

    One thing I disagree with in the side bar of self defense from the original article is this. “It is permissible to use deadly force against an attacker using deadly force but not against one using non deadly force.” Okay, What if I am verbally threatened and in fear of an attack by a guy or two men, so I produce a firearm. Upon seeing it the unarmed but agitated and aggressive man or men say, “I`m gonna take that gun from you and $*@# you with it!!” Then advance toward me while I hold a gun on them…. Well, he`s gonna get about halfway to me before the inevitable happens…

  44. Gloria says:

    I agree with Anonymous @ 8:09 PM. The first degree murder charge is ridiculous. I could see sending him away for a year or two for voluntary manslaughter, but that’s all. As a jury member I would cut him slack for the fear and confusion that must be inevitable in this situation.

    One thing that always angers me about the NAACP types in these cases is their assumption that a white guy is somehow capable of keeping his wits about him at all times, no matter how chaotic the situation. They make all kind of behavior demands on the white victim and none whatsoever on the black people who decide to assault someone else. It’s almost like they’re saying that black people are incapable of thinking logically or methodically, isn’t it?

  45. Cogitator says:

    Isn’t this the way the cops do it. They fire about 15 rounds and hit the subject once or twice and maybe a few bystanders. The only apparent difference here is that Ersland connected with all his shots.

    An example of how cops do it.

  46. Anonymous says:

    The d.a. is another Mike Nifong, catering to the black community. Anybody in the military or were in the military and has been in combat will tell you that you don’t take the time to count the bullets you have fired when face to face with your enemy who is trying to kill you. You make sure your enemy is DEAD!

  47. Anonymous says:

    I have only one question for those of you who think this was a just sentence.

    Do you think this man is a rabid murderer, serial killer, or psychopath hunting victims for fun, profit or just out of insanity or rage?

    No? Well, guess what. You’ve been brainwashed. You think ideals, some sinister social scientist who wants to exterminate whites, came up with, are important. You weigh nonsense in your head in order to rationalize what should be easy to see. You want to be “fair” and are willing to hurt good people in order to enforce that arbitrary set of rules. You’ve forgotten that people are important. That not everyone is the same. Most people, especially those defending themselves when attacked by a criminal, are good people. Good people deserve your loyalty and protection…..not a knife in the back when you they do something unimportant you disagree with.

    The men who entered his store were evil. That’s why they came to kill and rob him. They deserve death. Not a long, rationalized process but a swift hanging or a bullet in the head by the next good person who crosses their path.

    Anything else is sick. Blaming the victim here is sick. The rule of law you claim is moral and should be obeyed without question is sick, depraved and evil. It treats the good and evil as no different. Victimizes the innocent and enables our enemies….as it was intended to.

    If you can’t see that….you have alot to reflect on. I recommend spending an extended period of time in places like Detroit, to learn why…..really get WHY it’s wrong to be “fair” and have justice that is “blind”.

    Maybe this guy did break the letter of the law (although I doubt it). It does not change the fact that his arrest, trial, conviction and punishment are wrong.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Today..any act has to be done with one question in mind..”How will this look on camera”. If Erslund had let young Antwun

    bleed to death….nothing would have happened.

    Always ask…”where is the camera….how will this look”

    You can use the camera to you much the better.

  49. Anonymous says:

    Don’t forget, Antwun died a hero.

    Up is down, black is white and wrong is right in the new America.

  50. Anonym says:

    Standing one’s ground should only apply to the extent that the other party is able to leave.

    It is likely that the other guy was unable to leave. For this reason it is wrong to use the fact that you own the property and want to traverse it freely as an excuse to remove the threat he poses.

    The pharmacist should have just stayed out of that area of the store, and called 911 .

    I don’t know, though , maybe the guy was still a threat and would have gotten up and killed the pharmacist. Maybe the pharmacist thought he was faking somewhat. Maybe the justice system works so poorly that it is actually at the point where the moral thing to do is to take the punishment into his own hands.

    The pharmacist was probably guilty, but I still have reasonable doubts.

  51. Anonymous says:

    Reply to Rockman:

    Can you or anybody else provide any sources for your claim?

  52. Salt says:

    As I count down the weeks until I get my Pharm D … I’m extremely sympathetic to the thought that I might have to defend myself against people seeking oxycontin, oxymorphone, amphetamines, other drugs, or cash; that these folks might not be nice about it, might start plugging the customers, my coworkers, or me. This is a guy with some type of back brace on, he isn’t going to be doing Chuck Norris style moves. Adrenaline is a major factor when confronted with the rage of being robbed, and someone sticking a pistol in your face. No one knows how anyone will react to that until they are there.

    When I worked for a pizza delivery chain I drove through a group of people that tried to rob me with a shotgun, were firing into my car, and bashing the windows out with baseball bats. Logical? No, but adrenaline took over, and I plowed through him, the car of his co-assailants, and I even took another pass at them to try to mow them down. Adrenaline is a part of being human, and unless you are trained for dealing with it daily, it takes a good 20 minutes for someone to truly settle down from an event like that.

    Do I think 6 rounds into the guy is perfectly reasonable? No, but its reasonable enough given the circumstances. Someone sticking a gun in your face is a long way from someone griping about their health insurance not paying the full amount of a prescription. The law is being misapplied here, and expecting someone to be beyond human. If this were a manslaughter conviction I might not have quite as much issue with it. I expect by the time this works through the appeals process he will get another date, and likely face that charge included. Given the location of the store, he will likely face a city jury, and there will always be an element of racism against whites when dealing with a city jury — so I don’t think his odds of walking away free are very good. Its the climate we live in, and we need to be proactive about it as much as we can be. It might be one of us having to make the same decision down the road.