Posted on May 6, 2011

Sarrazin Blasts SPD Immigrant Quota Plan

The Local (Berlin), May 4, 2011

Former Bundesbank executive Thilo Sarrazin has made further inflammatory remarks about immigrants just days after he was given a reprieve by his own Social Democratic Party (SPD).

In his first public comments since the centre-left party decided to drop its efforts to throw him out, Sarrazin spoke out in characteristic blunt style against his party’s plan to introduce an “migrant” quota for senior positions.

“Intelligence doesn’t depend on whether or not you’re a migrant,” he said Tuesday night at an event in Waltrop in the Ruhr region of North Rhine-Westphalia.

There were already prominent party members in Berlin of foreign ancestry, he said.

“The more migrant-minded these people are, the less inclined they have been to see problems or difficulties objectively,” he said.

SPD leader Sigmar Gabriel and general secretary Andrea Nahles announced on Monday the party would introduce an immigrant quota–widely seen as a reaction to criticism the party received after its leaders announced the were dropping procedures to kick Sarrazin out. Some 15 percent of leadership positions in the party will be prioritised for people of non-German backgrounds.

The decision not to eject Sarrazin has sparked a backlash. Nazim Kenan, 26, a rising SPD star in the state of Hesse of Kurdish background, announced he was quitting the party, citing the leadership’s “opportunistic approach” to the affair.

Sarrazin has consistently courted controversy with his provocative remarks about immigration and Muslims, most acutely last year when he published a best-selling book on the subject. Among other things, it suggests that certain ethnic groups, notably from Muslim countries tend to be less intelligent and are therefore holding Germany back when they migrate here.

Sarrazin said in Waltrop that anyone denying the hereditary nature of intelligence was “vacuous or criminally lazy-minded.”

In his statements to the SPD leadership, he did not recant any of his statements on immigration, race or intelligence.

12 responses to “Sarrazin Blasts SPD Immigrant Quota Plan”

  1. A Ph.D. who can Think says:

    Well, let’s hear it for Sarrazin!!! All the PC sniveling in the world will not change the fact that race matters. If it’s intelligence you’re looking for, you won’t find it in the African races as a general rule. Look for it in Asians predominantly, and in the white races generally. Physical prowess is to be found in the black races. We know this, it’s been proven over and over, only to be ignored and denied by the PC crowd. It doesn’t mean that all members of a given race match the general tendency, but it does mean you want to apply a single standard to all, and hire only the best. Muslims? Any horse, dog, or cat breeder can tell you that inbreeding weakens intelligence and physical ability. So these people (may Allah grant it and soon) will probably breed themselves out of viability in the near future. That plus the truth that the biggest enclave of Muslims, Indonesia, is sinking – should drop the number and power of that group drastically in days to come.

  2. Gavrick says:

    What a great idea! The SPD wants to reserve 15% of its seats for minorities? That should cause them to lose considerably more members.

    NDP, anyone? I’m sending them a donation today!

  3. Franz says:

    @ A Ph.D. who can Think

    As a compatriot of Thilo the Great, I have to concurr with most of what you said.

    However, the credit you give to blacks for “physical prowess” is somewhat flawed. True, they LOOK very muscular and their abundance of fast twitch fibers makes them singularly suited for the useless showboating performances that are the NBA and NFL.

    In the real world however, the muscular LOOK of young black bucks has earned them no martial glory whatsoever. A current example of this is the composition of American special forces. Where are the blacks?

    What honors were earned by black troops in profusion of wars during the last century? (I am referring to real accomplishments, not the ones made up post 1968)

    Despite being the cheapest labor imaginable, why is it that Africans don’t perform the grueling sweatshop work that was the basis of the new fangled Asian prosperity? Should their “physical prowess” not enable them to do so with ease?

    Why is it that in the dog-eat-dog world of organized crime Latin Americans, Russians and Italians still call the shots, whereas blacks are merely slinging dime bags?

    I have seen black people on three continents and I assure you that when picking a companion for either physical work or for a fight, I might be looking at many people of different backgrounds but won’t be blinded by the black facade of bulging muscularity.

  4. Dave says:

    decision not to eject Sarrazin has sparked a backlash. Nazim Kenan, 26, a rising SPD star in the state of Hesse of Kurdish background, announced he was quitting the party, citing the leadership’s

    Sure there will be lots of wet hankies and boo-hoo-hoos at hearing this. Mind, in the UKistan, Sarrazin would have been out on his ear for even hinting at what he has so blatantly said in his own country.

  5. ATBOTL says:

    Keep in mind that Sarrazin is Social Democrat, not any kind of conservative.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Seems to me the SDP needs Herr Sarrazin a lot more than Sarrazin needs the SDP. Anybody else in that party — whether a real German or someone from the party’s now-mandated 15% quota for foreigners — capable of writing a book that goes to #1 on the national bestsellers list? Anybody else in the SDP whose name is known even here in far-off America? Didn’t think so.

    If there is a mis-match between Sarrazin’s views and the SDP’s, then HE should leave THEM — rather than him waiting around to see if they will continue to tolerate his presence. I’m sure there must be another party in Germany that would benefit enormously from Sarrazin’s public defection from the Social Democrats.

    And if no such party currently, then he should form a party of his own. Polls in Germany have indicated that a Sarrazin-based political movement would enjoy very considerable support from the voting public.

  7. Mee says:


    I think you are referring to the NPD ? Don’t donate to them, they are antisemitic, antiamerican, antiwestern, propalestine and socialistic crackpots.

    Whoever wants to donate money to a Germany party should do this to

    Partei Die Freiheit (leaded by Rene Stadtkewitz)


    pro Deutschland (leaded by Patrick Brinkmann)

    I personally prefer Die Freiheit.

    Furthemore, you may consider donating to Geert Wilder’s PVV.

    Greetings from Germany, which will never be part of Eurabia !

  8. ATBOTL says:


    Why would we want to give money to Wilders when has has repeatedly denounced white nationalists and denied that race has any importance?

  9. Gavrick says:


    As you say, it IS NPD. I always seems to reverse those two letters for some reason or another.

    But, I find them, (or at least their writings on the internet), not to be crackpot at all. And there is considerable reason to be anti-American (the source of much multi-kulti influence) these days. Living where I do in Hessen, I see plenty of Eurabia already. Die Republikaner also seem quite reasonable, to me. The FDP is too globalist, and supports immigration of cheap and willing workers.

    That said, I shall look into the party you mentioned. As I will be eligible to renounce my US citizenship and take up German citizenship in a couple of years, I am VERY interested in the future of Germany. No one in their right mind would want to become a citizen of Eurabia.

    As far as anti-semitism goes, I don’t believe there is any such thing. I support and like Jews who are conservatives and race-realists, like “Jew Among You,” a truly wise and wonderful fellow. As to the leftists destroying Western culture, my hatred for them is not based on their ethnic, religious backgrounds. But you’d better believe that they will try to make it about that.

  10. Franz says:

    @ Mee

    I share your scepticism of the NPD. I’d certainly not want to exchange on bunch of lunatics for another.

    Where I live, I’m able to vote for Pro NRW. Seems like a decent group of people as well.

    An hopefully you are right about Germany vis a vis Eurabia. If not, there’s always Austria for us.

  11. Sardonicus says:

    Keep in mind that Sarrazin is Social Democrat, not any kind of conservative. ATBOTL

    The future of the white race is more important than any political labels or ideology. If the left embraces restricted immigration and indigenous rights for Europeans, I will reluctantly support them. You don’t care who hands you the live preserver during the shipwreck. I don’t care for the SPD overall but Sarrazin makes me like one of them.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Saying the obvious is one thing. Acting on what you know, that’s another matter entirely. I want to see Mr. Sarrazin put forth some policies and get them adopted.

    Ethnic Germans don’t want to breed with near-European Turks, let alone ‘further East or South’. As a result of being asked to support these populations as a separate, permanent, underclass; they are instead choosing to flee Germany altogether, for places like Switzerland and Brazil before having families. This for the simple reason that their own government does nothing to encourage -their- generational continuance within German society as it does all these endless hordes of poor, stupid, foreign ethnies.

    What this means is that what began as a hairbrained excuse in the 1960s to ‘make up for’ Germany’s wartime population losses in a cheap EC manufactured goods market is now an ‘economy divided by Bell Curve and paid for by the dispossessed indigene middle class’.

    Where a high priced First World existence can only be paid for by high value technical innovation and the high IQs that make it happen you have a real dilemma for a country whose smart young people are fleeing in droves and whose smart elderly are preparing to leave the workplace.

    It is an issue one whose ethnic/racial basis is _not_ going to be resolved by ‘assimilation’.

    At it’s most basic level, assimilation is marriage and mergence of economic pie slices. If one side of the culture clash brings next to nothing to the economic table on that, looks ugly and has terrible ‘cultural traditions’ (like necklacing women who don’t wear burkhas) besides; there will be no peaceful outcome.

    There will be race war or there will be paid repatriation. And the sooner the Germans suck it up, tighten their belts, break the EU stranglehold on immigration and _reclaim Germany for Germans_, via their wallets, the better.

    That said, if Germany -can- do this, with their 1940s record, so can we, as the official saviors of WWII Europe.

    Only 3% of the South owned slaves 150 years ago and the far more immediate and turbulent (compared to Europe) economic status and crime rates of places like Mexifornia, Mexico, Detroit, Chicago and Atlanta, should leave nobody feeling any guilt whatsoever for taking back America from the Blacks and Hispanics.