Posted on May 20, 2011

Obama Gas Station in Columbia Raising Eyebrows

Brandi Cummings, WCSC-TV (Charleston, South Carolina), May 16, 2011

A gas station on Columbia’s North Main Street has been renamed and redecorated after President Obama.

Two gas stations sit at the corner of Columbia’s North Main Street and Prescott Road, the El Cheapo and another station with a new name–Obama.

“I see more people come in excited with the name,” said owner Sam Alhanik, who got the idea from a friend who created an Obama Gas Station in Michigan.

Alhanik has only owned this station for two months. Although born in Yemen, he says he supports America’s president. “It’s the first president of black people,” he said. “It’s our president. We like him.”


One that’s great for frequent customers like Larry Nelson, who says his stops here more often because of the president’s picture. “I feel like it does support him by coming here,” said Nelson.

Alhanik spent $4,000 to change the name and the look. “I think it’s a good marketing tool,” said Chiquita Burton, who owns Salon 5710 on North Main.

Burton says the gas station name change has prompted discussions in her hair salon, but she does not like the idea. “A lot of people think that it’s morally and ethically wrong to have the president beside beer, wine and cigarettes,” she said. {snip}

16 responses to “Obama Gas Station in Columbia Raising Eyebrows”

  1. Jupiter7 says:

    Foolish Native Born White Americans…millions of them. For years and years, it has been an out-of-sight…out-of-mind mindset. I mean, it is just complete childlike magical thinking. The high fertility post-1965 nonwhites may have been out of site for awhile. But they have been entering America by the thousands every year and breeding and breeding and breeding some more. Now they are making their way to greener pastures deep into the deep South. The people of Charleston SC shouldn’t be shocked. The invasion of SC by Muslims and Sihks was completely avoidable. All you folks had to do was be highly vigilant, and agitate to shut all post-1965 nonwhite immigration down to 0. Instead, you engaged in childlike magically thinking. In a few decades, your fate will be in the hands of post-1965 high fertility Muslim “Americans” and other post-1965 nonwhites.

    As I have written many times before:if the 1965 Immigration Reform Act had not been passed…and if there had been a national origins immigration policy in place that completely excluded Muslims…there would be no Muslims in Michigan,SC and America…and 9/11 and the earlier bombing of the Twin Towers on a snowy November in 1993, never would have occurred.

  2. highduke says:

    He’s using ‘Black’ as code for ‘Muslim’. Yemenis may have some Afro blood like the Portuguese but both groups are generally racially aware of what Africans are like and would never identify with them.

  3. Tim in Indiana says:

    Seems fitting to me. After all, the high gas prices are largely Obama’s doing.

  4. Anonymous says:

    “Seems fitting to me. After all, the high gas prices are largely Obama’s doing.”

    No, the high petrol prices are due to our planet having a very limited finite supply of this natural resource, that is quickly being depleted.

    Cutting immigration, cutting non-whites’ high fertility, cutting foreign aid, and cutting welfare would all help delay the problem, but it can’t stop the problem.

    Relying on petrol is just as unsustainable as our current immigration and multiculturalism policies.


    Consider it a security precaution.

    The latest trend among young black thugs is to swarm into a convenient store and steal everything they can carry.

    This likely won’t happen at the Obama Gas Station.

    I get gas from Obama. How appropriate.

  6. rdc75 says:

    @2: Yemenitis are much closer to blacks than even the african muslims in Egypt.

    Yemen also scores last on pretty much every measure that compares the development of Arab states.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Jupiter 7…has it exactly right. Race trumps all cards.

    When Muslims and Third Worlders come to the USA they will rebuild the Third World in a First World country..until the First World is so compromised it cannot defend itself. The percentage of population to effect this destruction is incredibly low. Muslims are about 1.5% of the US population. How much of our GDP is spend on mega agencies like DHS or TSA trying to protect ourselves from consequences of that 1.5%.?? How much of our once sound confidence in the future is lost? How has MultiCulturalism turned our own children against their culture? The political pandering towards minorities has already changed the system utterly.

  8. Anonymous says:

    As a business tactic, naming your gas station “Obama” might work with nonwhite motorists. But for most whites, anything with Obama’s name (and face!) on it will have only negative associations. “Obama Gas”? Sounds to me like a place where I’d get lousy service and also be overcharged.

    Good thing El Cheapo is still there on the same corner. If I’m ever in Charleston, I’m filling up at El Cheapo.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Only in America…

    Would an idiot spend 4,000 dollars he could pocket or put into -something- investible, just to ensure that he will be spending ANOTHER 4,000 to change it all when the man is soundly kicked from office.

    We hope.

    What bugs me is that these folks are buying the koolaid by the case.

  10. Bill R says:

    Really Anon#4? That’s your rationale? Obama has done all he could to reduce our ability to acquire our OWN oil in our OWN territory. Moreover, he wants to entirely eliminate COAL as a fuel. You know, that little item we have plenty of right here in our own country? That fuel that provides half or more of all our energy needs? It is all about destroying our economy so Marxism can rule over it all as the “savior”. Nothing else makes sense. We have plenty of oil on our own. Can’t drill it, he won’t allow it. No, we have to buy it from Muslim nations who want to destroy western culture and replace it with their own 7th century ideology. We have plenty of Americans out of work who are willing to work. But no, we import illegal aliens by the millions, and import non-white legal immigrants at the same time. Chinese and Indians to take the high tech jobs. Mexicans to take all the rest of the jobs. We are spending trillions on “wars against terrorism” and on DHS and TSA etc. But we leave our borders wide open, we continual to import muslims of all skin tones, and Obama turns on the ONE ally who probably has better intelligence on muslim terrorists than any other nation. And you think that’s NOT a plan? You say the price of oil is because it’s running out? Get a clue. Affluent (meaning reasonably well paid) White Americans are the main enemy in the drive to make this a Marxist totalitarian State.

    Destroy that White middle class, and walla. THAT’S what it’s all about. Put the pieces all together and you can’t help but see the goal they are pushing toward.

  11. NAVY says:

    HighDuke wrote:

    He’s using ‘black’ as code for ‘Muslim’. Yemenis may have some Afro blood like the Portuguese but both groups are generally racially aware of what Africans are like and would never identify with them.


    Yemenis, like those who came alongside the USS Cole and blew up the ship are African.

    The gas station owner is actually speaking the truth.

  12. Walt says:


    Just so folks know. Exxon/Mobil has developed an algae that will be grown in sea water, harvested, processed, and turned into genuine black gold. Surely most remember that most liquid oil is brought to the surface by natural pressure. This pressure is normally exhausted before all the oil has pumpted. Some methods to recover this vast residue has included ping pong ball, foam water. Invent a way to recover this oil and become filthy rich.

    This is to say that most wells of this type leave between 60% and 70% of the pool remaining in the earth. Buy some oil stock (Exxon/Monil, etc.) and see just how much oil acturately remains.

  13. LOUDMOUTH57 says:

    That gas station looks like something that belongs in North Korea,China or a banana republic run by a dictator.If this was not so sickening it would be hilarious.

  14. SKIP says:

    “Good thing El Cheapo is still there on the same corner. If I’m ever in Charleston, I’m filling up at El Cheapo.

    Next time you fill there though, it may well be “Al Cheapo)in the islamic way…El Cheapo being the illegal alien way

  15. Anonymous says:

    If they would lower gas to 99 cent a gallon they can name every gas station in this hellhole called America for him.

  16. Texas Rebel says:

    Much of the propaganda of depletion of oil resources is a myth to keep wealthy investors in oil commodities, hedge funds and stocks well healed. The big oil giants, like Exxon/Mobile, love it because they can harvest obscene profits and make gullible Americans think that they are trying to do something by developing alternate energy resources- which they have been doing for years but have yet to bring anything to the market place. Four years ago, just as oil prices were beginning their rapid climb past $100 a barrel, I went to work for an oilfield company doing well hook ups. The first well I worked on in east Texas was producing not only natural gas but also produced a fine honey crude. The field was so vast that while we were completing the hook up on the first well they brought in a crew to begin work on a second well right next door to the first. In fact there were a number of wells going in all over a four or five county area from Jasper to Beaumont. What most people don’t know is that there are viable wells all over that area in Texas that were decommissioned in the eighties when oil prices plummeted to below $50. These wells were producing a sulfur rich crude that refineries couldn’t make a profit on at that price per barrel. Some of those wells have begun producing again. The fact is that we have no shortage of oil reserves and if they were all exploited we’d be back to $1.00 a gallon gas again in no time. But Wall Street and our good friends in the Middle East wouldn’t like that very much.