Posted on May 20, 2011

Hate Speech Against New Georgia Law Tarnishes Civil Rights Ceremony at Braves Game

Roy Beck, NumbersUSA, May 16, 2011

Rock guitarist Carlos Santana may have reached a new low in hate speech against American workers when he took to a microphone on the field before the Atlanta Braves-Philadelphia Phillies game yesterday.


His voice echoing through the stadium sound system, Mexican-born Santana told the pre-game baseball crowd in Atlanta that they should be ashamed of themselves for allowing their state officials to enact a law that requires businesses to use E-Verify to ensure that jobs go to legal workers.

“I represent the human race. The people of Arizona, the people of Atlanta, Georgia, you should be ashamed of yourselves.”

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that Santana met with media after the game started and expanded upon his hatred of unemployed Americans. He said Georgia’s new E-Verify law is based on racism and economic anxiety.

“This is about fear, that people are going to steal my job. No we ain’t. You don’t clean toilets and clean sheets, stop shucking and jiving.”

Wow! First, I’m impressed that he uses the “we” to identify himself with the illegal foreign workers. And he uses the “you” to address the Black, Hispanic and White Americans who are unemployed and are complaining about an estimated 425,000 illegal foreign workers and dependents in Georgia competing in the labor market.

But Santana, {snip} doesn’t know that the majority of hotel housekeeping employees are Americans. He doesn’t know that the majority of custodial workers are Americans.


Let’s take a look at the Americans Santana is calling racist for wanting laws to keep employers from keeping Americans unemployed by hiring illegal foreign workers.

Of young American adults aged 18-29 with only a high school degree:

* 40% of all these young adults don’t have a job.

* 43% of the Hispanic-American young adults don’t have a job.

* 50% of Black Americans of this group don’t have a job.

But Santana says these Americans don’t deserve any sympathy because, according to him, they are just “shucking and jiving” when they complain that they should have jobs instead of the illegal foreign workers.

About Georgia’s mandatory E-Verify law, Santana said:

“It’s an anti-American law. it’s a cruel law, actually. If you all remember what it was like here with Martin Luther King and the dogs and the hoses. It’s the same thing, only its high tech. So Let’s change it.”

The dogs and hoses were about keeping AMERICAN CITIZENS who were black from enjoying full rights, including full participation in the ECONOMY.

Georgia’s new law is about protecting AMERICAN CITIZENS, who disproportionately are black, from being barred from economic participation by employers who prefer illegal foreign workers.


23 responses to “Hate Speech Against New Georgia Law Tarnishes Civil Rights Ceremony at Braves Game”

  1. Miss Whitey says:

    I am sure that a lot of white people bought Carlos Santana’s records and CD’s throughout the years. This is the thanks that he gives them.

    This only goes to show: Latinos are only for their own kind. We Whites must be the same way.

  2. Question Diversity says:

    NumbersUSA is a pretty useful if not totally perfect organization. They are pretty much the “Go To” for grading politicians’ immigration records.

    But once again, they are starting something that they don’t know how to start, much less finish.

    Don’t they realize that what Carlos Santana said and did at the Atlanta Braves (now annual) “Civil Rights” game is perfectly consistent with the vision of “civil rights” promulgated by the many black civil rights leaders, Martin Luther King included, whose careers were based in that city? In the American experience, “civil rights” means almost nothing more than hating white people and dismantling white culture and institutions. Why don’t they think that tan people should be able to get in on the same “fun” that black people can?

    Don’t they realize that they’re being too clever by half when they try to use the left’s language against the left itself? All they’re doing is endorsing the left’s game and ground rules. That, and not the red herring about “video editing,” was my big beef with the whole Breitbart/Sherrod controversy — Breitbart’s big screw-up was trying to accuse the NAACP of the same kind of “racism” of which the NAACP accused the Tea Party Movement just days before. Breitbart just endorsed the NAACP’s and the entire left’s moral authority to throw around a meaningless and vacuous term. When in reality, Breitbart should have said “Racism Schmacism” (I know, it’s copyrighted, but I don’t think he’ll mind.) Two simple words would have worked a whole lot better and had absolutely no blow back on him.

    And don’t they realize that responding to Carlos Santana is doing nothing more than giving that old washed up guitarist credibility? Hell, he’d be an even bigger nobody today if it weren’t for that dozen-year old song he did with the overrated Rob Thomas of the overrated Matchbox 20.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Well, Carlos, I cleaned plenty of toilets, dug ditches, mixed cement, mowed lawns, washed dishes, flipped burgers, laid carpet, and many more “menial” jobs growing up.

    I made pizzas and delivered them in college, and worked full time as a retail salesman (worst, most demeaning job ever) in graduate school.

    I have also been a lifelong musician, and I started playing the bars at age 16. One reason my day jobs were often low paying , is that I had long hair, so I was flatly, openly denied more visible jobs. But I didn’t try to start a revolution, or rail against the system, see, because I’m not a WHINING BABY!

    Oh , one more thing CARLOS. My parents were actually wealthy. Rich, in fact. But I had my first job with the family at age 13, and my first job outside the family at the age of fifteen, whilst going to high school, and playing four sports a year – and running eight miles a day. Because my parents , though they took great care of us, did not completely spoil us.

    YOU sound like a brat, whatever your upbringing was. You sound like an enormous hypocrite. You are wealthy. You worked hard for it, I know, but where the HELL do you get off!

    Sounds like you need to go back to your roots, your beloved Mexico, and lecture THEM.

    Go now, and don’t let that screen door hit you on the way out. We officially despise you now. Go now, and never let us hear of you again.

  4. Jupiter7 says:

    As you can see, for, Native Born White Americans don’t exist and therefore can not be harmed by high fertility post-1965 nonwhites …even though the exact opposite is true…Native Born White Americans are massively harmed by post-1965 nonwhite immigration , and have the most to lose. It doesn’t get more racist than this. I mean, Carlos Santana at least acknowledges that White Americans exist..he just doesn’t like them. But for…Native Born White Americans are completely Whited out of America!!!! Why does anyone send this miserable organization even a penny?

    If anyone is doing the bashing, it’s the Hispanics, Asians, Muslims and other high fertility nonwhites.

  5. Lauren says:

    Santana…. I remember that name.

    When my Parents speak sarcastically about their Trailer Trash cousins (to whom we pretend to have no relation), ‘Santana’ is one of the words, along with ‘Trans-Am’, ‘Camaro’, ‘Lavalamp’, ‘Velvet Elvis’, ‘Pothead’, ‘Blacklight’, and ‘K-Mart Halter Top’, that pepper their explanations about why we’re all going to miss the “Wrong-Side-of-the-Family Reunion”…or the funeral…or the wedding.

    “Honey”, my Mama will explain, “These are people who got their children’s names off Fleetwood Mac albums! You don’t want to ever, EVER, meet them. Hopefully, they’ve never heard your name, and so can’t be runnin’ around the Delta saying their your Cousins!”

    So, that’s what the name ‘Carlos Santana’ means to me.

    My vision of him is of a face on an old record album…on which sits an Doobie-holding Ashtray and an Incense Burner (incense with that gag-inducing Cotton Candy stench that knocks you down, when you have to buy gas at some convenience store, out in the Boonies)…in a Doublewide, somewhere in the Ag Belt…anywhere from the Mississippi Delta to Minnesota.

    Am I wrong? Does this person have any current relevance, outside the white/offwhite/brown Agricultural Poor of the Heartland? I mean, that element, to me, would be what he “represents”.

  6. Tim in Indiana says:

    “It’s an anti-American law. it’s a cruel law, actually. If you all remember what it was like here with Martin Luther King and the dogs and the hoses.”

    It’s disgusting how this demagogue stoops to the lowest form of racial resentment by bringing up such a thing. I’m surprised he didn’t also bring “Nazism” and “Hiroshima” into the mix.

    That “dogs and hoses” image was made iconic by the MSM, but what’s less well-known is the image of white pupils being forced at gun point and at the point of bayonets to attend a racially integrated high school at Little Rock, Arkansas in 1957. No, that picture is not nearly so famous. I wonder why?

  7. rjp says:

    Georgia’s new law is about protecting AMERICAN CITIZENS, who disproportionately are black, from being barred from economic participation by employers who prefer illegal foreign workers.

    Hispanics work harder than Blacks for less money.

    Whites need more money to work as hard as Hispanics.

    Whites in the past were more likely to be pro-union than Hispanics (the past …. Hello SEIU that literally offers your members no real benefits) which meant that their level of output would eventually be unacceptable.

    Blacks need BLING in life & The right to be Black.

  8. Tim Mc Hugh says:

    “To pretend we have no relation…” Lauren

    My problem Lauren, is when meeting MY cousins at 52 for the first time , was to pretend we DID have relation! Funny that…

  9. dulouz says:

    How does this work? If Latinos don’t give Latinos jobs, its OK….if Whites don’t give Latinos jobs its called racism. Thats a pretty smooth deal Carlos.

  10. Anonymous says:

    While I sympathize with the out-of-work Americans and believe the immigrant laborers descendants will bring disaster to America; I do agree with Santana to the extent that Whites and Blacks generally are in no hurry to accept jobs cleaning toilets and washing sheets. And not all illegals are paid sub-market wages either. Many are hired because they are much harder working than teenagers or the unskilled-Americans who would otherwise accept those jobs. America does not have a labor shortage, but it does have a shortage of determined workers who will vigorously perform undesirable, low-paying jobs necessary in the economy. Yes, a smaller labor pool will increase wages and make those jobs more desirable, but that creates a host of other issues. This is a cultural problem that e-verify will not solve.

  11. Robert Binion says:

    Lauren, culture shock is to drive in Alabama past a rusty trailer with “Kucinich for President” placard in the front yard.

    Multiculturalism is the ’74 Camaro on cinder block that we shall “fix up” one day.

    Yankee progressivism is detritus from the Sixties: the Great Society, universal brotherhood, hippies prancing wildly at Woodstock. (Actually, to be fair, I still dance in this manner at the liquor store.)

  12. Jupiter7 says:

    Native Born White American Patriots should never allow the race-replacement enthusiasts to use a severe labor scarcity as an excuse to justify race-replacing the Native Born White Majority with high fertility post-1965 nonwhites. Severe labor scarcities are wonderful thing. Severe labor scarcities are an opportunity to drive the real wage upward. Anyone who is serious about a high wage labor market for Native Born White Americans must be in favor of shutting all nonwhite legal immigration down to 0…and this means 0 tolerance for a moratorium…shut it down to 0 for ever.

    There has never been an instance in American History where a severe labor shortage has been harmful to Native Born White Americans.

    There is no economic argument for race-replacing the Native Born White American Majority with post-1965 nonwhites.

    Carlos Santana was speaking directly to the Native Born White Americans who were sitting in that sports stadium. For to respond about blacks being harmed by immigration is complete nonsense. Blacks, along with thousands of post-1965 nonwhites were able to outvote White Conservative Republican voters in the 2008 Presidential Election and install Barack Obama-a well known immigration and race-replacement enthusiast-as President of “America”. Blacks are very happy about this state of affairs. Carlos Santana was just stating the view of the Dear Leader on immigration policy. Black Americans are very happy with the Dear Leader. So Blacks have nothing to complain about…in voting for Barack Obama, they voted for importing millions of nonwhite scab workers. And they voted for this because it gave rise to a massive anti white voting block.

    Why doesn’t give Blacks a lecture about how voting for Barack Obama was a vote for post-1965 nonwhite scab labor competition and how this harms Blacks. Well, here is the obvious answer:if ever did this, it would provoke a very hostile reaction from Black Americans. And a direct consequence of this would be that Black Americans would no longer give permission to speak on their behalf.

  13. Anonymous says:

    The Wall Street Journal had an article last week. New college graduates with BAs who got jobs befroe graduation got jobs with salaries averaging $27,000 per year. 56 percent of those scheduled to graduate in a June have no jobs.

    My husband the electrician made $19,000 the year we were married when he was 21 years old. That was in 1973. Wages are going down and down because of immigration.

  14. Zizlack says:

    You mean the idiot Carlos Santana that wore a Che t-shirt to the Oscars? Che would’ve put a bullet in the back of Santana’s head faster than you could say “Oye Como Va”. When Carlos was informed of the murdering exploits of Che he replied “your getting all hung up on the facts ,man”. Pretty much sums up the Liberal thought process doesn’t it?

  15. Lauren says:

    Thanks for the chuckle, Tim McHugh! And thanks for jogging my memory, and making me remember the OTHER thing I associate with Carlos Santana.

    For a while, that name was really hot for naming little girls who didn’t get named ‘Amber’, ‘Bryaaaaaaaaaanon’, or ‘Tawnya’. Usually, the name would be paired with a ‘blendy name’ for greater effect: “Amber Dawn”, “Amber Michelle”… Yeah. You guessed it. I will momentarily be sharing something I had apparently pushed to the back of my brain.

    We were in a dying Delta town, sitting in someone’s BMW SUV, with really dark windows, and there were these scary offwhite kids looking the vehicle over…an experience sort of like going to one of those Safari Parks, where the animals come up to the car.

    Mama, in her most sarcastic Dixie-Carter-as-Carlotta-Beck voice droned, “Oh look, Lauren, it’s your lovely and talented little Cousin, Santana Delite (‘Delite’ is made-up, to protect the innocent)…six-months-pregnant, and still looking lovely, in that K-Mart Halter Top, with that bare belly hangin’ outa those Acid Jeans.”

    Grandmama turned, got a look, and from deep in her throat came this Crow-like cawing sound…the sort of thing you’d expect to hear from Barbara Bush.

    I think Santana Delite’s parents would nicely illustrate what sort of people revere Carlos Santana.

    I would add that we are not exactly White. So please don’t blame this sort of thing on real White People. We’re ‘part Indian’, and though the mixing happened before Mississippi was a State, we still are faced with the problem of occasional relatives “taking after” the less brilliant element among our Ancestors.

    And even those of us who “take after” the Scots and Jews who preceded us, are aware of cognitive limitations which seem seldom to be visited upon genuine, pure Europeans. I fear that once the evolutionary ‘Gene Associations’ (only now being studied and understood) are scrambled by miscegenation, they can never be unscrambled.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I am coming back to take another bite out of Carlos Santana’s lousy hide.

    That ingrate! Would he be worth 40 million dollars if he had stayed in Mexico?

    Has he any clue that white Americans (including very successful ones) have cleaned many toilets, moved tons of furniture, carried cinder blocks, done back- breaking, dangerous labor in factories? I sure did! So did my parents.

    My family is just fine on the socioeconomic ladder, but that never stopped us from working in meat packing plants. Or maybe I should say, we were NEVER above working in meat packing plants, which is one reason we’re doin’ fine!

    Of course, since meat packing plants have all been staffed by the cheapest illegal (or legal, no difference) immigrants available, nobody in my family could afford to do that work anymore.

    But I’d guess even STINKY CARLOS knows that. He doesn’t give a rat’s arse about labor, or fairness. He’s just an anti-white Mestizo chauvinist.

    Well Carlos, there’s a place for people like you. Go there now, and bask in your millions. Go to Latin America and abuse your own countrymen. You may be a naturalized citizen here, but we don’t want you, thanks to your hatred of us.

    And lastly, you talentless senile old fart: We don’t shuck and jive. That’s YOUR deal.


  17. Svigor says:

    If American entertainers weren’t such a pack of traitors and Uncle Toms, they’d retaliate in kind for this insult. Mexicans are big consumers of American entertainment and there’s ample opportunity for “our” entertainers to respond in kind.

    Of course, they won’t.

  18. Anonymous says:

    10 — Anonymous wrote at 12:05 PM on May 21:

    While I sympathize with the out-of-work Americans and believe the immigrant laborers descendants will bring disaster to America; I do agree with Santana to the extent that Whites and Blacks generally are in no hurry to accept jobs cleaning toilets and washing sheets.


    I am SICK of hearing this lame nonsense! Please do NOT lump Whites in with the blacks when you talk about LAZY!

    WHites don’t take these jobs because they will NOT be hired in the first place! Haven’t you noticed that all these hotels/motels are run by ARABS now? As for the mexicans being such hard workers, don’t give me that ole lie! I watched them “work” and what White would even want to work in places filled with mexicans and illegals? The Whites would be run off the place of employment in no time by these fine upstanding mexican workers WHO bring down our wages to where we cannot even pay our rent in America! We don’t want to live like mexicans do in their self made barrios, that IS 3rd world thinking. WHY should we revert to 3rd world lifestyles since WE built this nation for OUR own people?

  19. Anonymous says:

    Give one man an inch.

    And someone else will ask why he doesn’t get his own.

    And sooner or later, you have that mile…

  20. Anonymous says:

    Number 10.

    As far as your statement that Whites don’t want cleaning work, since when have those jobs been availiable to Whites? Those jobs are never advertized. Those jobs are never put up on the unemployment office bulletin boards.

    Recruitment for those jobs it totally hush hush and for either illegals or citizens still living in hispanic countries. There are thousand of 800 numbers advertized in newspapers, radio and posters all over hispanic America for them to call.

    They get the jobs right at home in Salvador, Mexico or whereever.

    The employers pay the contractors who deliver them to the job.

    I work in a big hospital. The cleaning and laundry work is contracted out to employers of illegals who won’t even hire illegals already here.

  21. Anonymous says:

    There is and never has been a severe labor shortgage. My sister and I are baby boomers who finished college in the late 1970’s when graduates were having a hard time finding jobs due to the sheer numbers of Americans reaching adulthood.

    People our age were competing against our parents in their 50’s who had 10 years to go before retirement and against the older baby boomers who graduated in the early 1970’s.

    I well remember my sister saying to me “Our kids won’t have this same problem because they won’t be baby boomers. Thank God women of our generation aren’t getting married and having lots of kids like Mom and all the neighbors did.”

    Little did we know that our children would be competing against the entire world for jobs.

    By the way, I am old enough to remember when virtually all cleaning and janitorial work was done by White and Black Americans and everything was as clean if not cleaner as it is now.

    Difference is that the black and White American cleaners lived and raised their families on their wages. They did not need section 8, food stamps, free childcare and all the other tax payer funded money the hispancs need nowadays because the employers don’t pay them enough to rent in private housing or feed their kids without food stamps.

    Conclusion: The government pays the basics ( rent, food, medical) for the hispanics while the employer pays them just enough for clothes, entertainment and transportation to get to work.

  22. Soprano Fan says:

    I note the article says Carlos Santana is Mexican-born. I always thought he was born in San Francisco, CA. His ex-Santana bandmates Neal Schon and Greg Rolle went on to join Journey.

    So which is it? Was Santana born in Mexico, or San Francisco?

  23. Anonymous says:

    “While I sympathize with the out-of-work Americans and believe the immigrant laborers descendants will bring disaster to America; I do agree with Santana to the extent that Whites and Blacks generally are in no hurry to accept jobs cleaning toilets and washing sheets. ”


    My response to this statement: That is a standard liberal lie.

    It is constantly parroted back even by the most conservative (often with the “family-oriented, moral character” lie). Obviously you haven’t been up close and personal with these moral “hard workers”. They are NOT like Betty Suarez’s family (the TV show Ugly Betty). But don’t worry, the way the population is going, there will be no place for you to hide in the future and remain ignorant. The hard-working decent Hispanics are not the ones coming to our country.

    I have lived in an Hispanic neighborhood (I’m not rich and I had some hard lessons to learn) and worked around Hispanics and have done volunteer work with the Literacy Council as well as other socially helpful organizations (the majority of the people we tried to help are Hispanic).

    1. No – they are not harder working than Americans. PERIOD.

    2. Their morals are WORSE than the average American.

    3. They are VERY VERY RACIST.

    Regarding the “hard-working” propaganda: First of all – before being inundated by these “hard-working” illegals, do you suppose our sheets never got washed and our bathrooms cleaned before they came? For anyone who traveled in the past, our county has some of the cleanest standards in the world. The work got done, and done well, without them.

    Their work quality is deplorable. Americans, in general, do a much better job on all levels (this includes mopping floors and cleaning bathrooms). If they cared about quality and getting the job done, Mexico and much of South American wouldn’t look like a trash heap (remember the old proverb: cleanliness and poverty have no quarrel).

    They also can’t keep a job – they despise working consistently (they work for a time and get fired or just quit and spend the next 6 months partying, drinking and sleeping until they are out of money and have to find another job for a while). They get fired for doing slip-shod work, getting in fights, or not showing up if they don’t feel like it. Or for sexually harassing females (usually American females).

    Americans get up every day, year after year, and go to work (regardless if it is raining, cold, or they have a hangover). We don’t not show up because we don’t feel like it – we too would get fired. And we only get about 2 weeks of vacation per year.

    During my volunteer work, I got to know and see the lives of the Hispanics we worked with up close. They would work for a while, save their money and then disappear back to Mexico for six month where they often as not owned homes – they basically lived by working half the year here in the states and vacationed half of the year (can you imagine a six month vacation every year)?

    Where I live (in a large city) they go on huge shopping sprees (at Target not Neiman Marcus) and load up with more stuff than I have ever seen Americans buy in one event. They are ALWAYS shopping. They have the money – not only from jobs but from our government and charity organizations. And they don’t have to work as hard as we do.

    Also another factor – When whites slack on the job they are accountable both personally and culturally – and they don’t have race as a backup, with racial arrogance, hatred and disregard for the white boss either.

    In my volunteer work with the Literacy Council, almost all the “students” were illegals. Not only could they not learn English, they were illiterate in SPANISH (they couldn’t speak it well, nor read or write well in Spanish). I began to learn Spanish to try to communicate with them. In the end I could speak Spanish better than they could speak English. They didn’t learn, partly because they were lazy. I suppose they thought just warming a seat would cause them to speak English. The other reasons? Who knows but how can you adequately learn a foreign language when you can’t even learn your own native language?

    Finally, they are racist. They are taught this anti-white racism and jealousy in their home-country schools and almost before they can walk – and it centers on the US as the bulls-eye, of course. The feel entitled to our civilization. They think it is only a matter of time before it will all be theirs. Facts and our history and heritage mean nothing to them. This rabid racism combined with jealousy, lust, and a huge sense of their own inferiority next to us (not to mention a totally inflated and dishonest “history” for themselves) makes for a very sick way of relating to us (and a violent one).

    The Plan of San Diego (illegal immigration (invasion) and genocide of whites) is old. They tried it before: Our nation had to deal with this in the past (the Mexican-American War, the Hidalgo treaty, and the Alamo).

    They failed because our ancestors were made of tougher stuff and wouldn’t put up with this kind of stuff (and the US deported millions of illegals back then).

    Many if not most, seem to bear us ill-will. Example – where they live and work invariably has to deal with not only roaches but bedbugs (don’t be fooled by the cutesy name – they are much worse than roaches). Instead of wanting to be free of the bugs and the violence of their neighborhoods, they get incensed that Americans (whites) do NOT have these problems too (how dare we…). Rather then try to get rid of the pests and violence, they would prefer that we better have it TOO!, and they proud to be the ones to bring it to us…

    This is closer to reality than how all the cliché liberal slogans and the nice Hollywood movies and TV shows portray the illegals crossing our borders.

    Any people on earth who would not only passively allow this to happen to themselves, but be willing to go to war with their own people who would dare to have a problem with it (as the liberals do with their conservative counterparts) are not only insane but psychopaths (lovers of hatred and death).