Posted on May 10, 2011

Obama Courts Latino Voters with Immigration Speech

Michael D. Sheer, The Caucus, May 10, 2011


Now, facing a re-election campaign next year, the White House is embarking on a public relations effort to reassure Latino supporters who say they are frustrated by the president’s failure to deliver on his immigration promise.

On Tuesday, Mr. Obama will travel to the United States border with Mexico to kick off a series of community conversations about the need for immigration reform. In a speech in El Paso, Mr. Obama will urge Congress to act, though officials said he would not unveil legislation nor demand a specific timeline.


In his speech, Mr. Obama plans to issue what officials said will be a “call to action” in which he urges Americans to pressure Republicans in Congress. The officials said the president will lay out his administration’s efforts to secure the border and will promote the economic benefits of a comprehensive immigration overhaul.


White House officials said Mr. Obama would offer a “blueprint” on Tuesday for making progress toward an immigration overhaul and said it would look similar to the statements he has made over the past year.


12 responses to “Obama Courts Latino Voters with Immigration Speech”

  1. John Engelman says:

    Everything else liberals want to achieve is jeopardized by a high rate of immigration.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Today there was a story reporting black employment is at a record low, and on the same day obammaba is giving a speech in texas to illegal aliens, about how he wants them to become citizens. the funny thing is, if illegals get amnesty, blacks will never work again, the new citizens will be picking off better and better jobs, working their way up, and the blackman will be the biggest casualty, and once in place the new “immigrants” will push blacks out in favor of their family and friends, using their language as a tool to lock out blacks (when the crew speaks spanish and you don’t, you are not long for that company). and who will blacks blame? YT of course! If obammaba gets his way, blacks will lose whatever they have achieved over the last century and and will once again occupy the bottom rung of the economic ladder

  3. Anonymous says:

    This amnesty drivel would be the death of what’s left of White America. We know there HAS to be at least 40 to 50 million illegals in this country now, not the 12 million they have been saying for 10 years or more! That means they will bring in all their families, extended families and all will be on welfare and SSI. So expect at the least 100 million MORE mexicans.

    God is our ONLY hope to do a mega intervention for the White race to take all of our nations back. If not, then just kiss our race goodbye. OUR own people sure won’t do anything to stop it, they are to busy promoting our demise. Only Whites like ourselves and God are the only hope for our terribly lost brethren..

  4. WR the elder says:

    “Comprehensive immigration reform” is and always has been a euphemism for illegal alien amnesty. The Democrats want illegal alien amnesty because they know that native born white Americans won’t vote for them. Thus they plan to vote in a new electorate.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone noticed that Obama and many other politicians (excuse the bad word) only ask for “Latino” votes? I haven’t heard anyone ask for “American” votes. So…they sure won’t get mine.

  6. Vito Danelli says:

    I recently came across a GAO report regarding Immigration. Look at the date of the report:

    Immigration: Need to Reassess U.S. Policy

    GGD-76-101 October 19, 1976

    link to Full Report (PDF, 78 pages)

    Excerpts from the report:

    –Many nonimmigrants, such as foreign students, are here

    illegally, that is, they are violating their conditions

    of entry, such as being employed and not departing when


    –Professional smugglers, illicit documents, and schemes

    to obtain legal resident status are undermining U.S.

    immigration efforts.

    –Aliens entering illegally with the assistance of

    smugglers have on occasion received inhumane treatment

    (leading to death in some cases) from their “benefactors”.

    Page 11 of the PDF:

    Most illegal aliens apprehended are Mexican–about 89 percent.

    Page 11 of the PDF:

    ..Gallup poll ..showed that 74 percent of the people surveyed thought the illegal alien problem serious.

    Page 18 of the PDF:

    Although the magnitude and social and economic effects

    of immigration in our country have not been fully measured,

    the situation is serious. Fot example,

    –Estimates on illegal aliens in the United States

    range up to 12 million.

    –An independent study done for INS in 1975 indicated

    that illegal aliens cost taxpayers $13 billion or

    more annually (public assistance programs, increased

    medical and educational costs, etc.).

    –States say their medical, welfare, educational, and

    other related costs are soaring as a result of illegal

    aliens. States have passed or introduced laws, such

    as prohibiting the employment

    GAO report July 31, 1973:

    “More Needs to be Done to Reduce the Number and Adverse Impact of Illegal Aliens in the United States”

    GAO report August 30, 1976:

    “Smugglers, Illicit Documents, and Schemes Are Undermining U.S. Controls Over Immigration”

    GAO report February 4, 1975:

    “Better Controls Needed to Prevent Foreign Students From Violating the Conditions of Their Entry and Stay While in the United States”

  7. Anonymous says:

    Poster #2 says

    If obammaba gets his way, blacks will lose whatever they have achieved over the last century and and will once again occupy the bottom rung of the economic ladder


    Nope! Only Whites will lose! Any time millions more nonwhites come into our America, it is only Whites who will lose! This is OUR country, not a black country. I don’t care about what affects blacks because blacks sure do not care one iota for Whites, do they? As long as Whites are paying their taxes for blacks and Mexicans to eat up, they are happy while they stab us in the back.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Obama has time to go to El Paso to push for amnesty but apparently had no time to visit states that are being flooded.

    Thousands of people in many states are losing everything

    in a disaster that is worse that Hurricane Katrina.

    However, Obama is much too busy running for reelection to be bothered with this disaster. His push for amnesty is just another part of his campaign and obviously trumps the flood disaster victims. And, the MSM will never say a negative word about Obama and allow him to tell lie after lie with impunity. However, the people can tell when he’s lying when his lips are moving.

  9. Bon, From the Land of Babble says:

    John Engelman writes:

    Everything else liberals want to achieve is jeopardized by a high rate of immigration.

    Except their desire to destroy White America.


  10. Anonymous says:

    First rule of war: Mass your forces.

    Second rule of war: Deal with your enemy in detail.

    Third rule of war: Intelligence (spies) beats battlefield


    That means you don’t attack the enemy by dealing with his main forces but rather by destroying his enablers. His logistics and commmand and control. As an inside job.

    We don’t need an act of God because acts of God can never be owned by the people. What we need is a political strategy which disenfranchises the elites through the revealing discreditation of their owned politicians.

    Wikileaks comes to mind here.

    The easiest way to get the initial penetration to do that is to create a Separatist Party and _mean it_ in terms of physical and societal resource reallocation so that power is offered to keep them from losing the silent majorities’ economic muscle.


    Create local currencies, it is legal if it’s done as ‘bonds’. Work together with other states to bypass ‘Federal Funding’ for key things like transport infrastructure so that there is no way for anti-white legislation to be rammed down our throats in the name of big-stick Federalism.

    Refuse to notice Federal authority in things like Interstate Commerce when they refuse to ACT on their fiduciary responsibility to defend this nation from all threast, foreign and wanting to be domestic. And use political and legal clout to force the issue by raising it simultaneously in the Courts and in the Congress so that you create virtual pluralities of attack method and _awareness_ in the public mind.

    Gaining accredited radio and TV licenses _within the States_ that will support us. Breaking FCC control over the subject and polarism of reporting. Even if we have to change frequencies or go to cell-phone type ‘podcasting’ to stay legal within State lines. Because intra-state communication leads to extra-state EML.

    What’s a good subject to start with?

    How about this- Even with the slowdown and improvements in coverage in the past few years, the BP is still catching only 2 out 3 three illegals entering the U.S.. If they catch 1 million that means at least half a million more are making it past.

    That is the equivalent of 50 WWII divisions, invading our country, every year.

    Now reveal the welfare status and criminality of this population using Maywood California as a starting case point.

    Being white-centric should not be a crime. And the easiest way to prove that is to show how high the propensity for REAL felonious conduct is in the other races.

  11. d=a from the Bayou says:

    I like your comment #10, please email me about local currency bonds.

    As for Soetoro/Obama Jr., he is ignoring the flooding of Morgan City in the effort to “lessen the strain on the Baton Rouge and New Orleans levees from the higher waters of the Mississippi River” in other words: sacrificing Cajuns to dave Blacks. Figures. White relatives of someone I know live in Gibson, one of the flooded areas, many blacks live there too, but they are less important than big city blacks.

    Our local newspapers are The Lafourche Gazette in Larose and The Daily Comet in Houma. (Pronounced ‘la-foosh’ and ‘ho-ma’)

    Go to for info on the Bayous. Thibodaux (‘Ti-be-dough’) is full of blacks and Houma is worse. Most of those in the newspaper arrest reports are from Thibodaux. But Soetoro Obama cares more about the Latino vote than the African vote or the American vote. He knows the fish is in the boat for black votes, and these days, getting too many white votes might be “raciss”. (After all, his ‘black’ half is not of the slave tribe in the new world, but of the slave trader tribe in Kenya that is of Arabic mix.) Full Arabs look down on Arab -African mix, but more so on pure Africans.

  12. Question Diversity says:

    11: Sounds very much like what the Army CoE did up river — Flood Missouri farm land, (white-owned) to “save” the almost all black town of Cairo, Illinois.