Posted on May 6, 2011

Mob of Thieves Swarms Las Vegas Convenience Store

Aaron Drawhorn, Chris Benka, and Guy DeMarco, KLAS-TV (Las Vegas), May 5, 2011

Caught on camera, a mob of young people bombarded the City Stop convenience store on Sunset Road and Pecos Road and stole $600 in merchandise.

“It became a feeding frenzy,” said City Stop owner Jon Athey. “They were in the store for three minutes and 30 seconds. . . . It’s a pretty scary thing.”

Athey says the crowd darted in and snatched numerous items from the store. “Beer to jerky to candy bars to soda, whatever hit their fancy. . . potato chips,” he said.


If you walk into a convenience store, you expect every move to be recorded on camera. Surveillance cameras in every direction, however, didn’t stop this crew.

“Now, you’re seeing droves swarming in the front doors–right here–as fast as they can come in,” Athey said as he watched the surveillance video. “You can see them milling around by the beer doors. Now, you’re going to see them start selecting products they’re putting in their coat pockets. They’re putting it down their pants.”

The crowd started walking out without paying, only to return. “Here it is, two minutes into the deal. They’re all coming back for seconds,” Athey said.

Seconds later, they grabbed more beer and the clerk’s cell phone. They then rushed back out the door.


Metro says this crime is being investigated as a burglary and grand larceny. Investigators are taking a close look at the surveillance video. Some customers may have also recorded the thieves’ license plate numbers.

Source: KLAS-TV,

Length: 2:38

37 responses to “Mob of Thieves Swarms Las Vegas Convenience Store”

  1. Tim Mc Hugh says:

    “Investigated as a burglary and grand larceny”

    The last time I was in Vegas I made the mistake of standing in line for coffee after an all nighter behind thirty construction workers. After talking to one for a moment, I told him I was on vacation time and just gonna walk to the front, flash my coffee and throw down two bucks on the counter.

    He told me, “Don`t do that!! In Nevada they treat every candy bar stolen, shoplifted or not rung up correctly as a felony. They want to cure you of the habit of picking things up that aren’t yours BEFORE you move up to Casino chips…” I don`t know if it`s true or not but it sounded good and gave me pause to think.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The big guy in the orange shirt is the ringleader. You see he doesnt take much, but makes sure everyone gets theirs, and he is on the phone constantly through the entire thing. One more thing that will never be seen on mainstream media. Note the white patron on the video gaming machine, who goes into baby deer mode and freezes. The entire event goes right past him.

  3. Jeddermann. says:

    This sounds like the sort of thing gypsies are famous for. A mob of thieves all acting in concert. That acting in concert makes this a racketeering conspiracy and arrests should be charged as such. Three times the normal amount of punishment.

  4. June says:

    I saw a replay of these disgusting thieves. There were about 12 to 15 teen aged black males and one white girl. The fellow running the store was lucky not to lose his life. They had no fear nor did they seem to know or care if they were being photographed. I hope they’re all caught and do a long stretch in jail. They were so professional, it probably wasn’t the first time they’ve done this. I’ve heard about this “swarming,” and if they catch this goup and give them stiff sentences, it may make others think, but I doubt it.

  5. Rick says:

    You know, the egalitarians are gonna say, “whites do this too” and all of their usual excuses. But it’s funny, because I have NEVER seen or heard of whites doing this type of activity, but I have SEEN blacks do this many times. The brazen impunity with which they conduct their actions never ceases to amaze me!

  6. Phillip McKann says:

    “mob of young people,” today’s euphemism. Is anyone keeping a scorecard?

    Let’s see:

    Group of Suspects Rob Hudson Avenue Store

    Mob of Teens Rob Dupont Circle Store

    Teens use ‘mob theft’ to rob St. Paul store

    Mayfair considering changes after teens storm mall

    Flash Mob Shoplifters Rob Michigan Ave. Gap Store

  7. Tim in Indiana says:

    Are mob-type events like this happening more often since Obama became Prez, or am I just seeing it more often?

    In any event, it must be due to “a deep sense of despair” caused by “hundreds of years of racism and oppression.”

  8. PincheGabacho says:

    This is becoming a common occurrence. They’re using phones to create flash mobs. They did the same thing in Venice beach a few weeks ago, and someone was shot.

  9. Middle American Jew says:

    The video is like a visual metaphor for what has happened to the nation thanks to the absolute lunacy of liberal whites and diversity-crazed politicos. The store is the country, circa 1955. Quiet, plentiful, and peaceful. The white patron, the citizens if you will, is simply going about his business. Then, “civil rights” laws open the door and look who floods in – taking everything and contributing nothing. And the white citizens just sit there and do nothing because it is too late. Criminal blacks were kept outside the door in 1955, for good reason. Just watch the video.

  10. NBJ says:

    Let me rephrase this headline to accurately portray this video.

    “Mob of black thieves swarms Las Vegas Convenience Store”.

    The audacity of these people boggles the mind, but then again… look who we’re talking about here. BTW, the store clerk’s warning bells should have went off as soon as he saw how many there were.

  11. Baron says:

    Had I been the clerk in this store, as soon as I saw, say perhaps the 4th or 5th black walk in the store (based upon their loathsome appearances and demeanor—even visible on this video), I would have been on the phone to the police or activated “whatever” silent alarm that may have been available.

    Then, after this fiasco was over, I would have quietly sought employment elsewhere.


    If I had a boss who was open to the prospect, I would request that classical music be played quite prominently whenever I worked. Works like a charm from what I hear.

  12. MadMac says:

    These things are starting to look like dry runs for bigger and better things. Perhaps we are supposed to just get used to this and then when small businesses are shut down the big boys dig in and hold on with both hands.

  13. olewhitelady says:

    #9 Middle America Jew is absolutely right. Blacks were historically banned from or restricted in many public places simply because so many of them behaved badly–not because of hatred of dark-skinned people or disdain for former slaves.

    Now, I believe they’ve become even more emboldened since the election of Obama. I’m often reminded of Radical Reconstruction in the South, when blacks began to take elected office and generally run roughshod over whites. One of their first proposed laws was one allowing interracial marriage–which exhibits blandly what base motives they had.

    Hopefully, Obama’s presidency will be a wake-up call for most white people and cause them to vote next time as a bloc.

  14. Ted says:

    What I sense here is Pure Racism.

    Just because you have a group of fine church going YOUTHS, hepping themselves to some Free Goodies you call them criminals.

    Heck their momma does this raiding of the system every month when she heads to the Welfare Office to pick up her reparations, excuse me I meant to say Food Stamps and she isn’t called a criminal.

    White folks are just too hard on these YOUNGSTERS who want a little candy, beer and soda and are not of the mind to pay for it. This is just black youthful fun, isn’t it?

  15. Detroiter says:

    Happens here in Detroit as well. A store owner chased them out by calling 911 and waiving a gun. As the “youths” left, they badly beat a white guy on the pay phone outside then threw a brick through a moving car windshield down the road.

    This happened in a mostly white area. I encourage everyone to get a license to carry a pistol for personal protection and join the NRA.

  16. Chicagoan says:

    This has been going on big time in this city for some years now in the nicer and tourist areas. It’s happening every single weekend, and some weekdays too. The police are having trouble containing the mobs of hundreds of blacks roaming around who assault whites and flash-mob rob stores. It’s a huge number of blacks who have been pouring into the whiter areas just for the fun of destroying, robbing and attacking whites, many of them tourists.

    They make this video clip look puny by comparison.

    The media have said nothing, as if it doesn’t exist. There must be a general agreement to maintain a silence about this.

  17. Just Noticing says:

    A “frenzy” is exactly what this is not. Notice how calm everyone seems for the first part of the video. Also notice how well dressed & groomed about half of the guys are: Fraternity stunt, maybe?

  18. Anonymous says:

    This is a trial run of flash robbery. If there are no prosecutions, the mobs will be more emboldened.

    The next step in this escalation will be the flash home invasion. One or two invaders to gain entry by breaking in, grabbing somebody from the yard, or trickery at the door.

    Then the invaders will call the entire flash mob over for a looting, raping, robbing, torturing and killing “party.”

    This will happen. It’s coming.

  19. Bubba says:

    If this gets out that this is a common occurrence could it hurt Las Vegas tourism? Is their still a mob influence in Vegas? I would suspect that they would not let stuff like this go on very long without exerting some pressure on the “mob of thieves”.

    My concern is that if this is not dealt with we will start to see these “mobs of thieves” direct their focus on private residences.

  20. generalquagmyer says:

    Wonder how many of these blacks are transplanted from LA, driven out by Hispanic gangs. I’ve noticed an increase in the black population of Southern California desert communities like Blythe and Palmdale, probably for that reason. The funny thing is, as soon as they’ve fled in terror to a nicer (whiter) place, the crime rate quadruples and they go right back to walking five abreast down the middle of busy streets, screaming and hollering at all hours of the night, and just generally making pleasant communities unpleasant.

    It goes to show that there are really only two scenarios to being around blacks. Either they live in terror, or they terrorize others.

  21. Arizona is the Future says:

    On a most popular website, only two uploaders got (collectively) about 200 hits on this video. In the MSM, of course, no one will air this; no one will write about it.

    If I count the handful of entries here on AMREN and throw in another 100 blogs I’ve read on other sites regarding this video … how many Americans will see this insanity? Hundreds? Thousands?

    How many White Americans, left and right, are still cheering the son-of-an-African-Muslim who has usurped the Oval Office and who has played this bin-Laden thing exceptionally? Millions and millions? I saw two of the most celebrated White conservatives on a most popular right-leaning news network PRAISING Osama–I mean, Obama; they were close to tears, almost effusive. Bravo, Mr. Usurper/President! You are a master of deception.

    I never, never, never look to anyone in the MSM (left or right) for real NEWS and genuine information. The number one rule in the MSM is ostensibly to hide the truth about racial/cultural inequality from the masses, to protect theblack mobs. I look to bloggers for the truth.

    According to the MSM, our president is black, and this black male has done that which our former White president could not. Thanks to AMREN, I don’t have to drink that new-and-improved kool-aid.

    The truth is that young, patriotic White SEALS put their lives in harm’s way to protect the rights of all Americans, including the blacks in the above video so that the whining race can continue to rape and rob Whites and destroy Western Civilization.

    Those “youths” appear to be college-aged. I have taught college composition for more than two decades in several American states. All black men whom I have encountered in my classrooms are slothful, insolent, nihilistic, conspicuously anti-White, and incapable. I am sure that those “youths”, those “teens”, are over the age of 18, and, therefore, they are adults and should be arrested and tried as adults. And if they are “students”, they are underperforming, and YOU are paying for their “education”.

    Some other recent stories involving “disadvantaged” “youths” and “teens”:

    The multiple gang-rapes of an 11-year old girl in Texas

    The gang rape of the 16-year old cheerleader in Texas

    The U.S. Supreme Court’s unfair ruling about TX cheerleader

    The gang rape of an 11-year old girl in Moreno Valley, CA

    The routine “flash mobs” of blacks all around the nation

    The transgender beating at McDonald’s in Baltimore

    etc. etc., ad nauseum

    Only AMREN and a smattering of other sites will tell us the truth about blacks while the MSM is sedating America. To all White Americans who have a thing for Oprah, Kobe, and Barry Soetero (yet who do not see videos like the one above), you’ve been played, suckers!

  22. Wayne Engle says:

    Detroiter, No. 15, is exactly right. Be prepared — be armed. I’ve never owned a firearm, but I’m considering buying a small but lethal, easily-concealed revolver and carrying it any time I go out after dark — and I live in a small Midwestern town with relatively few blacks!

    And, by the way, the silent alarm is an excellent idea for stores like this. It must be located where it can be activated unobtrusively and immediately by the clerk, and there must be an understanding with municipal government that when it is activated, police swarm the area immediately! Not 15 minutes later, when the thugs have all gone on their merry way. One cop pulling up leisurely to ask, “What’s going on?” because he sees nothing going on, just doesn’t cut it. One of the saddest endings to news items like this is, “By the time police finally arrived …”

  23. Anonymous says:

    I think now that blacks realize we are afraid of them in numbers these events will be common place. These are not poor welfare blacks, these are college kids. Notice the girls with the perfect hair and hair coloring, everyone wearing nice new clothes. Either welfare pays a lot more than I thought or … these are kids on their “I’m black gimme lotsa free money for college”

  24. Anonymous says:

    The thing that impresses me is their absolute lack of fear. Anyone knows that what they are doing is wrong but they are totally apathetic toward the criminal act they are doing. When laws or common decency no longer matter then society is falling apart.

    If the police allow these acts to go unpunished by this group, how do they morally stop the next? If laws are only enforced on the ones that obey it, how long before no on obeys the rule of law? These question should be answered by police departments and prosecuting attorneys very soon or there will be a rise in vigilantism the likes of which has never been seen before.

  25. Anonymous says:

    #12: “These things are starting to look like dry runs for bigger and better things.”

    I really doubt they’re that smart. Most of this stuff is impulsive and disorganized, not planned out like art heists. One or two well-armed citizens (a la Bernie Goetz or Koreans in the L.A. Riots) could easily stop such assaults if not for fear of the police/the DA/the Feds showing up and charging the defenders with “civil rights” violations.

  26. Jack in Chicago says:

    Wayne Engle wrote at 3:56 PM on May 7:

    Be prepared — be armed. I’ve never owned a firearm, but I’m considering buying a small but lethal, easily-concealed revolver and carrying it any time I go out after dark — and I live in a small Midwestern town with relatively few blacks!

    JR responds:

    I caution against going right for the gun self defense. Whites need to learn how to fight, how to respond to very predictable situations with groups of Blacks. I’ve lived in New York and Chicago in the roughest years, in rough places and I notice that certain Whites are not afraid of Blacks – they’re not necessarily huge, super fighters, they are just experienced in handling situations.

    The key with Blacks is to never show fear or indecision. Get some practice in this area by doing something like being a substitute school teacher – few teachers are killed or seriously injured, but almost all are challenged, threatened, messed with.

    Learn how to use improvised self defense weapons, like canes and umbrellas. My personal favorite is the $12 T-ball bat from Target.

    I’m a tennis player, so I like the one handed club – a tennis racket works fine to the neck. But the $12 T Ball bat is the best.

    When you find that certain working class, younger White guy who just is good at fighting and actually enjoys mixing it up with low life Blacks, adopt him, help him in every way, they are worth so much more than Cowardly rich conservatives talking endlessly about economics.

  27. Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous 6:11 –

    What you call a “video game” is a slot machine. They have them at convenience stores in Nevada. Also laundromats, check cashing stores. Many supermarkets have gaming licenses which lets them have 25 or more machines.

  28. Oops, the brainwashing wore off... says:

    I first saw this on a popular “conservative” website which I visit at work while I wait for the computer to complete some time-consuming operation (in other words, no, I was not “goofing off”). The post showed only the headline and first few lines, and conspicuously omitted exactly the significant element of description that regular posters here would expect.

    It’s sad, and telling, that actually seeing who the perps are is kind of a yawner. The usual suspects doing the usual thing, busily reinforcing a “stereotype”, equals “dog bites man”, as they used to say, equals no story at all, really. It’s hardly “news” to people who have been paying attention.

    Of course, it would be news if the perps were to face some real justice. But I can predict that even if they did, we would not hear about it, except maybe as a sob story about some “young people” having “made a mistake”.

    I’m reminded again of Sam Francis’s bullseye concept: “anarcho-tyranny”.

  29. Anonymous says:

    15 — Detroiter wrote at 9:00 AM on May 7:

    “Happens here in Detroit as well. A store owner chased them out by calling 911 and waiving a gun. As the “youths” left, they badly beat a white guy on the pay phone outside then threw a brick through a moving car windshield down the road.

    This happened in a mostly white area. I encourage everyone to get a license to carry a pistol for personal protection and join the NRA.”

    IT happens here in the People’s Republic of NJ as well but it’s almost impossible to get a CC license. Therefore I encourage all White people to become proficient in the safe and responsible use of a handgun and to carry it license or not. Your eulogy won’t include a reference to your integrity because you never carried an inlicensed firearm.

    We DO have a State Senator Jeff Van Drew ( a Democrat believe it or not) who has been fighting for a concealed carry law). Any AMRENERS who live in NJ should write him and express your support for this. I believe he’s in Cape May County.

    Here’s a link:

  30. Tony says:

    When I first saw the headline I thought it must be those Scandanavians causing trouble again. When I saw that the perps were of African descent I was shocked, shocked I tell you.

  31. MrAUDU says:

    Had the store manager shot one he would be ontrial for murder. I don’t recall a mob of white kids doing thid sort or thing before. It remindsme of the Dayton OH. fire dpartment firmans’ exam. Black stealing jobs without paying the price of actually passing the test. I f enough do it at the same time, then they can escape retribution!

  32. Anonymous says:

    Don’t agree that they’re college kids. Nicely-dressed? Sure. Even the kids at our school district who take home taxpayer-paid backpacks full of food every weekend (no school meals then, you see) are always dressed more expensively than the teachers. They’ll take whatever they can get for being “deprived” and “opressed,” but they make fun of anyone not in the proper brand names.

  33. Anonymous says:

    And what about this video makes you people think that ‘when the time comes’, having a personal gun will make any difference at all?

    Twenty people came through that door. If half of them have guns too because it’s a ‘free country’, you are looking at potentially 110 bullets, without a backup mag.

    You draw, and fire four aimed shots.

    Half of those who are armed draw and fire four -unaimed- shots back.

    Because they are just thugs whose idea of deliberate violence comes from TV and what they watch their parents do to each other.

    But because _five people fired four times each_ ‘in your general direction’, the volume of space in which you stand or kneel (there is no cover here, only concealment) has TWENTY BULLETS pass through it.

    And statistically, the distribution of those projectiles through a 6X2X1ft spatial volume ensures that one or more hits you, leaving you down and vulnerable to the remaining 16+ youths, even if you killed with every one of your own trigger pulls.

    Twenty bullets is also the same as the number of people who entered the store to begin with. Making it as if ALL of them fired once. Which is why it only takes a few armed shooters to empower a mob.

    As soon as this bunch began entering the store, it was too late to intervene while avoiding casualties if that is what they wanted. And blacks are notorious for destroying what they cannot hold onto so that nobody else gets it.

    This is why we need our own space. Our own country back. Because when the time comes and the USD crashes as the oil runs out, the ethnies will destroy what they cannot hold onto.

    But if they weren’t allowed to be there, the -expectation- deriving from their organized massing of forces (the one thing that differentiates as mob from a military) would itself be a justification for our own ‘with extreme prejudice’, preemption.

    Deterrence begins with a hard no-go line, beyond which a violent response is justified, just on presence.

    And that cannot be in a society where we share close proximity with brutal and barbaric primitives.

    You think about that when you tuck your son or daughter in tonight. Because it’s their future you must provide for.

  34. Californian says:

    Anyone have any criminal justice statistics on the percentage of these flash mob type crimes broken down by ethnicity of the perpetrator?

  35. Simon Jester says:

    Wonder how many of these blacks are transplanted from LA, driven out by Hispanic gangs. I’ve noticed an increase in the black population of Southern California desert communities like Blythe and Palmdale, probably for that reason.

    There’s been a huge influx of blacks into the Phoenix metro area of late, and I think it’s for the same reason–an unwelcome side effect of SB1070. My neighborhood is now infested with thuggish blacks when just a couple of years ago, you literally never saw one here. Also, California is a three-strikes state, and I think a lot of these guys are two-time losers looking to avoid a third strike and life in prison. Little do they know that the reason we don’t have a three-strikes law in Arizona is because we don’t need one, because our judges have enough sense to lock up violent recidivist felons for a long, long time without having the legislature force them to do it. Also, we have excellent gun laws here and a lot of people pack heat. Hopefully, after a few of these thugs wind up dead or buried under the jailhouse, they’ll see that this isn’t the place for them and move on.

  36. Anonymous says:

    They do this on beaches in Brazil and at festivals or in large crowds all over the world. In London they call it ‘streaming’ where a large gang of blacks charge through a crowd snatching whatever valuables they can get their thieving hands on. Different places, the same technique, always the same race.

  37. Ed Ruffin says:

    I think blacks are de-evolving at such a rapid rate that even liberals within a decade will see they are not fit for human interaction. It appears to be the 5th generation of welfare that causes the crossing over from human to barbarian.