Posted on May 11, 2011

Immigration Reform and Border Security: Obama’s Standards

Editors, Christian Science Monitor, May 10, 2011


In a speech today in El Paso, Texas, he [President Obama] suggested that the border with Mexico is secure enough for Congress to pass immigration reform. For those in the US illegally, that would mean a “pathway to citizenship,” as Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano calls it. And the flow of new migrants could be contained by the tighter border security, the president implied.


Alas, despite the billions already spent, the 2,000-mile southern border is not secure. The General Accountability Office (GAO), the chief watchdog agency for Congress, has found less than half of it to be under operational control. With that news, and with Mr. Obama seeking Hispanic votes for his 2012 reelection, the president had decided to reframe the meaning of border security.

On May 4, Ms. Napolitano announced an effort to create a “border security index” by next year that would “comprehensively and systematically” measure the effects of law enforcement along the border with Mexico.


She declared the term “operational control” to be archaic while seeking to go beyond statistics such as apprehensions of illegal aliens or drug and cash seizures. Such statistics can fluctuate, depending on the state of the US economy as a magnet for border crossers (down, with high US joblessness) or the spillover of Mexico’s violent drug wars (up).

The proposed new metrics would tally up the quality of life along the border, such as crime levels, calls from hospitals to report illegal aliens, impacts on property values, and other economic measures.

The problem with such benchmarks is that they might deflect attention from adding resources to enforcement. And given the political impetus to win the Hispanic vote, it’s not at all clear whether the Obama administration will sustain enforcement efforts.

Sustainability of border security has yet to be proved. At present, there are only about two agents per mile (per shift) along the southern border.

Any further efforts must be coupled with catching “overstayers,” the 40 percent of illegal immigrants who obtained a temporary visa but remain undiscovered by authorities.

Obama has been too overtly political about immigration, seeking to appease one ethnic group (Latinos) rather than uniting the country behind adequate enforcement of immigration laws. {snip}

While Obama has also increased deportations of illegal immigrants (mainly those who commit other crimes), and cracked down on employers who hire them, the main task of a secure border has yet to show effective results and, most of all, to be long term. The GAO’s benchmarks should remain the standard.


5 responses to “Immigration Reform and Border Security: Obama’s Standards”

  1. Alexandru says:

    “For those in the US illegally, that would mean a “pathway to citizenship”

    I am from Romania, and I worked very hard and spent much money and time to become a USA citizen in 2008. I wish that it had been so easy for me. I love my country the United States of America, and am so mad to see Obama treat citizenship like it’s cheap. He should feel a shame. If my wife or I had been such illegally, we would have been shipped back to Bucharest! And will the illegally ones pledge allegance to the flag as did I? I think a big NO!

  2. One of you, but not among you. says:

    Considering that the U.S. is now on the verge of societal collapse(first economic, since if you actually look at the data you have to believe in miracles to think that the U.S. will crawl out considering the intellectual quality of the people under 25, the youth, right now in this country) I don’t really care even if they give amnesty.

    The fact is that these people are here now and will stay here because it is impossible to send them away, because the MSM is deeply entrenched with the notions of Europhobia, which is why things like ‘white studies’ is just anti-white racism(same with ‘critical race theory’ which only focuses on whites) and of course mass immigration is the blunt weapon to achieve this end.

    As the U.S. starts it’s slow collapse, which will unfold during this decade, it will be disintegrated quickly along racial lines.

    Whites still have a seizable demographic advantage, and even if many whites, especially younger whites, are brainwashed many of these illusions will quickly be destroyed as the conditions of Katrina will be replicated thousands, indeed millions, times over all over the country.

    There will be some loss of life, but nothing extremely major. After all, whites still control the military which always gets the last word in any civil war. True, there are a few AA black generals but the intellectual quality of these is pathetic and should not be an issue. The danger will be from within, especially braindead white liberals that will become increasingly radicalised and eventually do anything to stop whites because they truly believe that all racism IS the fault of whites, so if whites are being targeted by black and hispanic mobs, then that is because of the fault “that whites have to blame themselves”.

    This amount of pure lunacy, because that is exactly what it is, is not new. Look at what happened during the communists or indeed the nazis. Once you are ideologically brainwashed it’s no longer a matter of intelligence but simply that of psychology: can your brain handle to be independent? Most people cannot, and this is true even among the most intelligent of us.

    However, during life and death situations, most people’s psychological weaknesses will be devoured by events and allow them to think truly critically of the genocidal hate literature they have been accepting as fact for most of their liberal(and in some cases conservative) life, and act as they should to preserve not only their own lives, but feeling instinctively that they will survive much easier with a group, they will work towards the goal of their group: i.e. whites(I am using the real definition here, people of European origin. Jews may be white but not all Jews are white, but all Europeans are white, and those who are not are guests).

    What lies ahead for the U.S. is chaos, but slowly, as more and more die, there will be a need to understand that the only way to save the nation is through partition. And I suspect that this will happen unless the blacks continue to murder and attack. Alas, blacks are blacks and hispanics often are loyal more to Mexico(at least the mexicans) than to the U.S. so it would only a matter of time before a new war would erupt because they won’t be able to feed their population without relying on whites or asians.

    But by then, as whites are much more concentrated in their own communities and are hardened by their experiences, the multicultural dream will long be gone and the ruthless strand in our nature, as evidenced in the original ethnic cleansing of America and Latin America, will be seen. It won’t be pretty and I will rue the day when it will come, but it will come and we will have been forced to take that position because our enemies, both outside and inside our communities, have made sure that that is the case.

    Because if history teaches us anything, it teaches us that diversity is not strength, nor that peace is war or that freedom is slavery. It teaches us that multiculturalism is a poison that only works as long as the nation slowly crumbles to disunion before there is an event, a major war like World War I or the fall of the Soviet Union, before the peoples living together under much stress and pressure, break off and often war and ethnic cleansing(see parts of Yugoslavia, Africa) break out if no peaceful solution is possible.

    As I see that increasing resource scarcity is coming to bear, especially with regards to oil(hence the high oil prices, forget excuses such as ‘speculation’, look at this video for more info:, which means that not only does the U.S. face financial meltdown but it also will face resource scarcity. As the centralisation disintegrates and effectiveness with it, it will be harder to feed the population, which will force people to be violent because people will do almost anything to stay alive, that much is clear from studying conflicts where hunger is a factor.

    Darwin teaches us that one of the two primal principles of evolution is adaptation and competition under resource scarcity, that’s why we have kin selection(known to the modern reader as ‘racism’) because it helps to survive in a group that we know.

    Well, the past 150 years have mostly been an exception to that rule. Looking forward, kin selection will be mandated, not an option, if you want to make it through. And our people have been well adapted to those conditions, where fierceness when necesarry and sacrifice during stress, as well as a high intelligence, are musts.

    The future is turbulent but certainly, in our long-term interest, much brighter than it was 20 years ago. America’s current shape will not survive much longer as it is today, and therefore these news will not make much of an impact, because there are much larger things looming on our common horizon which will nullify the petty events of our daily lives, the last dying days of a dying dream. ‘Out of many one’ was always misunderstood.

  3. Memphomaniac says:

    Obama mocked those who have worked for border security for decades. He said they cannot be satisfied, not with a fence, or a higher fence, or a moat, or aligators in the moat.

    Of course, those who push for immigration enforcement are never satisfied because NOTHING IS EVER DONE….not about the border and more particularly no interior enforcement. The Feds seem to believe if you can get past the Border Patrol and get a few miles from the border, then you are home-free and cannot be chased or apprehended or deported. Tens of millions of illegal aliens are in this country, but only a few hang around the border areas. WE NEED DESPERATELY TO ENFORCE THE LAW IN THE VAST INTERIOR OF THIS COUNTRY. Chicago is as far away from the Mexican border as you can get without being in Canada, but they have plenty of Mexican illegal aliens.

    Mr. Obama is correct. As long as he fails his duty to enforce the laws of the United States, we will continue to be dissatisfied. We will never be happy, Mr. Obama, until you do your job correctly.

    November 2012 cannot get here soon enough.

  4. Anonymous says:

    “Any further efforts must be coupled with catching “overstayers,” the 40 percent of illegal immigrants who obtained a temporary visa but remain undiscovered by authorities.”

    Half of which came over on student visas. The other half came over on family visits and are now working in immigrant businesses while getting between $600.00 and $800.00 per month in SSI.

  5. TeaMan says:

    Obama came to El Paso to stump for his Mexican-voter-winning immigration plan because it was a political sure thing. He was preaching to the choir. El Paso is probably the most porous spot on the border, with 5 bridges connecting it to Ciudad Juarez. Every Mexican “American” in El Paso has relatives in Juarez, or farther down in Chihuahua State. Obama knew he’d get nothing but cheers for suggesting that El Pasoans’ relatives could just come over the bridges and hang around until they got amnesty. Many El Pasoans already have their illegal immigrant relatives here, anyway.

    El Pasoans *always* vote for Democrats, even when the rest of Texas votes Republican. They’d vote for Satan himself if he ran as a Democrat!

    Now, what would be interesting would be to see the reaction Obama would get if he gave the same sort of speech in a small farming community in Nebraska…