Posted on May 5, 2011

Gradual Islamization of Australia: Auburn Shows the Way

Radhasyam Brahmachari, Faith Freedom, April 27, 2011

Muslims of Australia spray Hindu temple with bullets:

Australia’s oldest Hindu temple, the Sri Mandir dedicated to Lord Shiva, considered as the holiest Shiva-Shakti Peetham, in Auburn, is under siege and its devotees are gripped by fear. On March 19, two Muslim miscreants in balaclavas stood at the intersection of a nearby road, spraying the front of the prayer hall with eight rounds of bullets. The building was unoccupied at that time; otherwise there would have been many casualties. This busy Hindu temple opened in 1977 and is surrounded by a predominantly Muslim population. It is no secret among locals that tensions have been building in recent years, caused by concerns mainly about noise and parking problems.

The trouble began with minor acts of vandalism, including egg throwing and smashing of window-panes, but instead of remaining periodic footnotes in the night log at Auburn police station, the incidents have grown so violent–and the issue is so culturally sensitive–that even authorities are reluctant to speak about them publicly.

“The attacks have been in retaliation for noise and parking problems”, says the Sydney Morning Herald. In reality, they are more likely in retaliation for the Hindus’ irritating refusal to worship Allah alone and acknowledge Muhammad as his prophet. “There is no excuse for the gun attack,” says the editor of Sydney newspaper The Indian, Rohit Revo. “This was not the work of teenagers; neither was it a petty prank. This is part of a sustained and increasingly violent campaign to scare the temple devotees and drive them out. By definition, this latest attack was an act of terrorism”, says Mr Revo. According to the report of another newspaper The Sun-Herald, the ongoing feud has caused disquiet among some of the most senior police in western Sydney. In a rare move, details of the shooting were deliberately held back from the NSW police media unit through concern that publicity might inflame hostilities….Many believe that the Muslims are trying to occupy the temple land by terror and intimidation for building a mosque at the site.

In his article Just Looking Around gradual Islamization of Australia , Wendy Larkson writes, Auburn, located 19 kms from the centre of Sydney, has a greatly diversified population and it is a place with Turkish, Lebanese, Vietnamese, Somali, Sudanese, Bosnian, Afghan, Chinese and Indian immigrants. According to Mr Larkson, the area is gradually becoming Muslim dominated. “If you walk around Auburn you will see many signs in Arabic, African immigrants [who looked to me quite unhappy] and of course many hijabbed women walking past shops with names like ‘Medina Bakery’ and so on”, he says. It is the place where the Gallipoli Mosque is located.

The Gallipoli Mosque in Auburn, a suburb of Sydney, is the first mosque in the locality and was opened for worship on November 3, 1979. Initially, it was a house with internal walls. But later on, the walls were removed to generate open space. The construction of the present mosque structure began in 1986. Its construction and external finishes were completed and officially opened on 28th of November 1999, twenty years after the first opening. Today, the Auburn Gallipoli Mosque is the largest Mosque in Australia.

According to the 2006 census, approximately 340,392 people, or 1.71% of the total Australian population were Muslims. At present, the five most prominent religions in Auburn are Islam (40.9%), Catholicism (15.3%), No religion (10.3%), Buddhism (6.8%) and Anglican (3.6%) and this statistics reflects an influx of Muslims in the area leading to a demographic change over the past decades and also a qualitative social change. In fact, Auburn was the first suburb in Australia in which security guards were introduced into supermarkets to patrol the aisles, because the burqa-clad women were stealing so much merchandise as to make them unprofitable.

Problem with the Muslim immigrants:

The author Larkson also says the he has noticed an unusual increase of Chinese presence in the area that may lead to a territorial battle between the increasing Chinese population and the Islamic groups. He also says that, perhaps these were the people who answered ‘no religion’ in the census. But, most of these Chinese people possibly are Buddhists by religion and it may be certain that they will not create any problem in future. But a large scale increase of Muslim immigrant population poses a serious threat for the non-Muslims of the locality and for the host country at large.

Firstly, the Muslim population grows very fast and faster than any other religious group. How much faster? Journalist Richard Kerbaj, after analyzing the data, has come to the conclusion that the Muslim population is rising ten times faster than the rest of the society (The Times, January 30, 2009). Experts are convinced that the said rapid increase of Muslim population was attributable to (1) large scale immigration, (2) a higher birthrate through planned and deliberate rejection of family planning measures and finally (3) conversions of indigenous people to Islam.

In fact, Islam is a non-spiritual and a totalitarian political creed. Or in other words, Islam is a political party; and each and every mosque is its party office and a military outpost. Furthermore, the religious sermons (khutba) delivered by the imams in mosques after Friday prayers are nothing but pure political lectures. Therefore Muslims, are politically more conscious and active than other religious groups. As a result, as soon as Muslims in a non-Muslim country could sense that major political parties are greedy for their votes and have adopted the policy of Muslim appeasement, they start bargaining to squeeze out as much privilege as possible. And they go on demanding unjust financial, religious or any other benefits and concessions from the government, because they know that government would bow to their most unjust and illegal demands for their votes. In this manner, they elevate themselves as citizens of first category, while the indigenous people of the country reduce to second category citizens.

In addition, they also intensify their jihadi and other unlawful and terrorist activities, knowing well that the government would turn a blind eye to those activities for the fear of losing their votes and the recent terrorist attack on the Hindu Mandir at Auburn is manifestation of this attitude. In another development, three men have been found guilty of plotting a suicide attack on an army base in Australian city of Sydney.A Melbourne court has found them guilty of conspiring to commit a terrorist act. Two other defendants were acquitted. The five men, all Australian citizens of Somali or Lebanese origin, were arrested in Melbourne in August 2009. They were accused of targeting Sydney’s Holsworthy military base. Police said the attack would have been the worst in Australian history.

A rise in Muslim population also poses a serious threat to the culture and social fabric of a host Christian country. This is because Islam is fundamentally a totalitarian political creed disguised as a religion and its followers reluctant to get assimilated with the mainstream population and hell bent on for retaining their Muslim identity. It is now well known that the aim of Islam is to destroy all other religions and establish Islam as the supreme religion over the entire world (see Quran 8:39, 2:193).

So, Muslim immigrants, who come to work as a labour in any foreign country, also come with the desire in the core of their hearts to conquer that country for Islam and to rule that country and, thus, to replace the present Judeo-Christian culture of the host country by Arabian religio-political and cultural order. In other words, they aim to turn that country into a colony of Arab religious imperialism. These Muslims do not have any loyalty to the host country. They are loyal, firstly to Allah, then to Allah’s messenger Muhammad and Allah’s book Koran, and finally to the holy places Mecca and Medina. From this viewpoint, each and every Muslim immigrant entertains hostility toward the host country so long it remains under non-Islamic rule.

It has been mentioned earlier that the Leftist political parties around the world are generally found to be more sympathetic to the Muslims. Following this trend, the Labour Party of Australia is showing more sympathy toward Muslims, simply to earn their votes. And as a return, Muslim immigrants pretend to be more loyal to the Labour. Commenting on this Muslim-Labour alliance, particularly in the UK, political observer Nick Spencer writes:

“There are good demographic and socio-economic reasons for that support. British Muslims are disproportionately younger and more urban. They come from lower-income households and experience higher levels of unemployment. These factors traditionally edge voters to the left. Perhaps the Muslim vote is actually made up of cross-currents of wider and more powerful demographic and socio-economic trends.”

In the 2010 federal election, Gillard Labor government has been elected to a second term over the Coalition opposition, led by Tony Abbott. It has been mentioned above that, according to the 2006 census, approximately 340,392 people, or 1.71% of the total Australian population was Muslims. But the Labor Government, led by the Prime Minister Julia Gillard, has started to appease the Muslims nakedly for votes of that hardly 1.7% Muslims. We hope to discuss this matter in a separate article.

11 responses to “Gradual Islamization of Australia: Auburn Shows the Way”

  1. Question Diversity says:

    What bothers me about the tone of this article is that someone named Radhasyam Brahmachari thinks that the only non-white minorities in Australia that is problematic are the black and Arabic Muslims. Honestly, someone named Radhasyam Brahmachari doesn’t deserve to be an “Australian” is no more an Australian than good ole Mohammed-al-Terroristiqua. He rightly complains that Muslims consider non-Muslims to be dhimmi-like second class citizens, but he himself won’t mention the interests of native born white Australians in all of this.

    I read a story in the SMH last week where rents in Sydney are getting to be so high and keep climbing so high that more and more people (reading between the lines, mostly native born whites of middle to lower income) are becoming homeless.

  2. Bill R says:

    Say what you will about the Indians, it only takes one incident of gunfire toward a hindu temple for them to figure out what Islam is all about……or maybe it’s because India is right next to Pakistan and they have had “history” with the “religion of peace”.

    We, on the other hand, have a barracks blown up, an attempt on the trade towers, several ships attacked, a successful attempt in bringing down both towers, two flying bombs targeting Washington DC, and various unsuccessful attacks known and unknown…..and yet WE still call Islam a “religion of peace” and pander to those who universally cheer, world wide, whenever we are blown up by the so called “handful of extremists”. A handful which seems always to be replaced quite readily and quickly from the maddrasas of the “religion of peace”. In Vietnam the politicians told the Army they had to hit the individual VC on the Ho Chi Minh trail, not destroy the nest. With the “war on terrorism” we are told we have to target individual “extremists” by name, rather than destroy the nests producing them. We lost the Vietnam War. If you are going to go to war, GO TO WAR. Otherwise, bring them home and protect our borders from the more immediate threat to our south. Which, by the way, allows who knows how many cell leaders and cells into our country to bide their time. We call Pakistan an “ally” and Saudi Arabia an “ally”. Saudi funds the terrorists. Pakistan harbored Bin Ladin in quite a nice (for that part of the world) condo with Pakistani military security right nearby protecting him. FOR SIX YEARS. Duh. Our politicians are either retards, or they are willing traitors. Pick one.

  3. SavetheWest says:

    This is not as far-fetched as the average culturally unaware American might think. The problem that Muslims will one day have with this ideology is it will create a racial caste system. Arabs will be considered the top of the food chain. Farsis, Turks, and Berbers will havee some power. Whites will have to assimilate to Islam, blacks will forever be enslaved no matter how many are in the Nation of Islam. African blacks are being bred out in Sudan & Egypt by Janjaweed. Although the Arabs should be careful of the black women they rape. AIDS is so prevalent that it’s been estimated that 40 million blacks have died from it in the last thirty years.

  4. Anonymous says:

    For some reason, this article reminds me of the European colonists in America during the 17th and 18th centuries. The French, English, Spanish, etc. were often at war with each other. Sometimes they temporarily allied themselves with the indigenous tribes, but sooner or later the aborigines were eliminated.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I can’t see how muslim immigration is good for any country in the world. Muslims are simply TROUBLE.

  6. Jeddermann. says:

    “We hope to discuss this matter in a separate article”

    “We will HOPE to do so!

    “In a rare move, details of the shooting were deliberately held back from the NSW police media unit through concern that publicity might inflame hostilities”

    Right. Don’t say anything. That will only make them madder and they are likely to do something worse. YOU just don’t want to make THEM mad. The news blackout and the gag order. Sounds like the U.S.

  7. d says:

    In the recent NSW state election, the ALP was voted out in a landslide. The only community who voted for them were the Muslims of south west Sydney (and a couple of other suburbs with high welfare dependency).

    “Many believe that the Muslims are trying to occupy the temple land by terror and intimidation for building a mosque at the site.”

    Of course they are. This is typical of their tactics everywhere they settle. Most of the drive by shootings in Sydney are carried out by Lebanese Muslims, usually in south west Sydney.

    “conversions of indigenous people to Islam.”

    What conversions? The ‘conversion’ of indigenous Australians to Islam is minimal.

  8. Anonymous says:

    2 — Bill R wrote at 8:21 PM on May 5:

    Before some blogger plant starts mouthing off that neocon FOX and Friends manure they peddle, this is an IMMIGRATION problem not an imperative to bomb, bomb, bomb the Middle East. I’ll repeat, this is an IMMIGRATION problem brought to you by the Australian government and every other Western government that muslims live under. Any regime killing should be directed towards your government and the politicians who are doing this.

  9. SKIP says:

    ” Our politicians are either retards, or they are willing traitors. Pick one”

    Bill! I’m gonna have to go with a proven quality here and go with WILLING TRAITORS. I really feel it isn’t going to be long before the government (that would be OUR OWN DAMNED GOVERNMENT) begins serious attempts and acts to take weapons away for American citizens. Like someone famous said, ARMED people are citizens, UNARMED people are SUBJECTS! See England and France.

  10. Zach Sowers says:

    Got Moslems attacking Hindus in Ozzy?

    This could be viewed by some as a windfall down under. And it reaffirms the self described ‘religion of peace’ as the breadth & heidth of sheer bogus whimsy-foolishness, to put it kindly. Do Aussie East Indians sign up for the Australian armed forces in large numbers? Maybe the spot-heads could be induced to being airdropped over either Iraq or Ass-Crackistan to fight Johnny Islam on his home turf, eh?

  11. Jack in Chicago says:

    I like the article – and believe it is fine, 100% right to make arrogant, ugly, aggressive NW Muslim immigrants the propaganda enemy that we Whites must rally together to oppose, fight, keep out etc.


    Stop trying refight World War II or be super fair to Palestinians or some decent Muslims somewhere in the world who oppose porn, feminism, gay marriage.

    The NW Muslims have many, many countries of their own that are exclusively Muslim – no White Western person of any nation is allowed to live in a Muslim country/society and cause any trouble, make demands – our women can’t even show their faces in public without being assaulted/raped.

    When you/we make NW Muslim immigrants “the enemy” Whites from Left, center to right respond very well – liberal Whites do not like the Muslims oppression of women/gays, Conservatives don’t like Muslims because they join Leftist parties and abuse the welfare system and make conservative political party victories impossible.

    The anti White, Anti side that shuts us down just by shouting “You’re RACIST NAZIs” has a much harder time shutting us down when they are defending radical Islam that wants to wipe Israel off the face of the earth and slaughter most Jewish people.

    So again, go with what works.

    Make NW Muslim immigrants the propaganda enemy.