Posted on May 20, 2011

Business Booms for Danish Sperm

Paul Henley, BBC News, May 19, 2011

Selecting a potential father for your children, it turns out, is not unlike shopping online.

“A lot of our clients typically want their donor to be at least 180cm [5ft 11in] tall and have blue eyes,” says Peter Bower, director of Nordic Cryobank, who is showing me his database of sperm donors.

Customers narrow their computer search to eliminate men who are under or over a certain weight in kilos.

They can click on a candidate’s profile and, for a fee, download an audio interview and a photograph of him as a baby.

Staff also provide a few sentences giving their impression of donors–a physical description or an illuminating detail, Mr Bower says, such as “that he enjoys chatting in the lab after he has donated, dresses nicely or is very interested in a particular sort of music”.

Insemination destination

But crucially, none of the information will identify an individual, unless he has chosen to be traceable.

In Denmark, sperm donation does not have to come with a name and telephone number–unlike in Britain and in a fast-increasing number of other European countries.

That has made Denmark something of a Mecca for foreign women who want to conceive by artificial insemination, because it has no shortage of officially screened and tested semen.

Danish clinics which provide insemination (often for a fraction of the price of similar treatment in the UK) have three main types of customer: lesbian couples, heterosexual couples and single women. It is the final category which is growing–by far–the fastest.

Peter Bower says single British women are “at the forefront” in choosing this service, but foreign uptake in general is booming. According to the latest figures from the Danish Department of Health, in 2008 2,694 non-Danish women came to Aarhus and Copenhagen for insemination, while in 2010 that number leapt to 4,665.

Samples are delivered from the sperm bank to the aptly named Stork Klinik, across Copenhagen, in the industry’s latest gimmick; a bicycle in the shape of a single sperm cell. Deep-frozen in liquid nitrogen, the samples are stored in the spherical head of the sperm, just in front of the handlebars.

Lilian Joergensen is the nurse in charge at the clinic, where women come to be inseminated.

The premises are the epitome of Scandinavian design chic.

“We want the women to feel like queens,” she says, pointing to a small wooden crown on the wall above the bed where the insemination is done.

“We hope to create a tranquil atmosphere that will give people a good memory of the place where their baby’s story began. Some days we might have 17 inseminations but it’s very important to have the same time and attention for every woman.

“We hear her history, her problems, take her mood into account. She must not be a number in a system. She comes here, uses this room as her own, brings a friend, brings candles, whatever she wants.”

In their home in New Malden in south London, Kellie Lombard and her partner bear witness to the success of the Danish approach.

Ms Lombard had several expensive but unsuccessful attempts to conceive by sperm donor in Britain and one in South Africa.

She and her partner found out about the Danish option on the internet and now have a family consisting of two mothers, identical twin boys who are nearly five months old, and a girl of two, all fathered by the same anonymous Danish man.

‘Tall daddy’

Ms Lombard jokes about the criteria on which their choice of father was based.

“We were originally looking for David Beckham,” she says, “but we also wanted someone with lots of academic qualifications.”

In fact, they know a surprising amount about the man who is their children’s biological father: his age, weight, the fact that he is a medical student, and what he looks like.

Most intriguingly for them, they know what he sounds like as an audio recording was available of him explaining why he was donating–his principal motivation was money–and they thought he sounded like a nice person.

They have now bought up the full legal UK allocation of his sperm. Only a very small number of donations per man are allowed in each country, to limit the chances of half-siblings unknowingly pairing in future.

Ms Lombard’s family is an unusual one, she admits. When she takes her extremely Scandinavian-looking daughter to the park, people often ask whether her “daddy” is very tall. Ms Lombard just replies that he is–6ft 4in, in fact.

If this new European trend in insemination continues, Nordic genes could become more widespread than many would suspect.

Ellen Otzen, BBC News, December 23, 2009

Ten-month old Oscar burps and babbles–like any healthy baby. But Oscar’s origins are unusual.

His father is an anonymous Danish sperm donor and if it had not been for a recent law change in Denmark, Oscar would not be here at all.

For years his mother Abby, a London lawyer who does not want to use her real name, wanted to have a child of her own.

But when she found herself still single at 41, she decided to try for insemination with donor sperm.

After three unsuccessful attempts at her local London hospital, she was told there was no more available sperm left.

Abby eventually contacted a fertility clinic in Denmark.

Following IVF treatment there, she had a positive pregnancy test. She describes Oscar as her “miracle baby”.


A new act from the UK’s fertility watchdog–the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA)–came into force this month.

It allows people who were conceived with donor sperm to identify any half-siblings they might have.

But it does not address what has been described as the most pressing issue–the shortage of donor sperm in the UK.

Abby is not the only woman who has conceived with donor sperm from outside the UK.

With more and more women deciding to have children on their own, hundreds of British women are now travelling abroad for insemination.

Denmark, as home to the world’s biggest sperm bank, is a popular destination.

The Danish spermbank Cryos exports sperm to 60 countries around the world. Its slogan is “Congratulations, it’s a Viking”.

Unlike the UK, it allows donors to be anonymous as well as paying them for their donations.

Since 2005 men in Britain have not been allowed to donate sperm anonymously, and demand in the UK now outstrips supply.

While the UK has ended the right to anonymity of donors, the Danes have been liberalising.

In 2007 it it became legal for Danish doctors to perform IVF on single women using sperm from anonymous donors.

No waiting lists

Insemination has become good business for Danish fertility clinics.

DanFert clinic in Copenhagen is now treating around 50 British women each year–in 2007 it saw only 20.

And Copenhagen’s Vita Nova clinic has seen a 40% increase in the number of British women coming there each year since the clinic opened in 2005.

“In many of Denmark’s neighbouring countries they have changed the laws so that donors can no longer be anonymous,” said Sophie Bugge, head midwife at Vita Nova.

“This change in the law makes the waiting list for donor semen a lot longer.

“Women who have decided to have a child don’t feel that they can wait two years, if there is a two-year waiting list.

“That is the most common reason to choose treatment in another country.”

As well as the UK, the clinic also treats women from Germany, Sweden, Norway and Italy–a couple of women have travelled all the way from Uganda and Australia for treatment.

Casual donor

For Abby in London, travelling out of her own country for the insemination was a difficult experience.

“It does seem ludicrous that one has to travel so far to have a child when the law is framed in a way that should allow it to happen here,” she said.

It is clear that the changing of the law has diminished the number of men who are prepared to volunteer to be donors her.

The casual donor–the student who did it for his beer money in the 1970s and 80s, doesn’t exist any more,” she said.

But that casual donor does still exist in Denmark.

Jonas, a 24-year-old science student, has been a sperm donor for 18 months.

He does it for the money and to get a health check a couple of times a year.

Would he carry on donating sperm if he could no longer be anonymous?

“Probably not, because I don’t want anything to do with the children that grow up and want to find their father,” he said.

He receives between 300 and 1000 Danish kroner ($60-$200) for each donation, depending on the quality of the sperm.

Meanwhile, the Cryos sperm bank is thriving.

In 2007 it opened a franchise in the US.

Last year, another franchise followed in India.

“Because of the recession, we are actually seeing a rise in the number of sperm donors coming to us right now,” said Cryos CEO Ole Schou.

In Britain, HFEA has recently said that a longstanding ban on paying sperm donors should be reconsidered to address the donor shortage.

But until the law changes, British women will have to keep travelling to places like Denmark for help in conceiving a baby.

24 responses to “Business Booms for Danish Sperm”

  1. highduke says:

    So much for the underconfident fools or trolls on both Left & Right who buy the lie that Black men are more attractive than Whites, especially the AmRen trolls who take every opportunity to extoll how White men are intellectually superior even if Black men are better looking – as if AmRen readers dont know about articles posted here analyzing dating-website interactions, sperm-bank transactions, numerous surveys etc plus the obvious lack of Black men in modeling even compared to women.

  2. Anonymous says:

    “a couple of women have travelled all the way from Uganda and Australia for treatment.”

    “Last year, another franchise followed in India.”

    These statements are cause for concern. Many browns and blacks want to ‘improve’ their bloodlines with white genetics. It’s known as mejora la raza, or “improving the race” in Latin America. In India and Iran, light skin is associated with high caste status. One only has to observe the eagerness of East Asian women to marry white, to get a foothold in white destiny.

    The consequences of half-white offspring are a disaster if too many successfully claim white history, culture, territory, and intermarriage as their birthright.

  3. John Bell says:

    English people already have a fair amount of Danish blood from the 9th century Viking invasions and there are parts of the country – Yorkshire most obviously – which were so intensively settled that the local dialect in its broadest form is really an Anglised Danish. Further, the genetics of the earlier Anglo-Saxon settlers cannot be distinguished from Danish genetics. So whatever one may think of the morality of the artificial insemination of Lesbians, or of the absurdity of the UK’s pernickety rules which so deter English donors, there can be no objection on racial grounds – in fact quite the reverse, the widest possible spread of good quality Nordic genes through white populations and through white babies who otherwise could not exist can only be a very good thing.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Oprah had a show with women who all chose a donor based on his Germanic looks, and they ended up having a reunion party of some sort when they found out they all used the same one.

  5. ciccio says:

    Last year there was a court case in Sweden where, as in the above story, two lesbians arranged to have a child by a sperm donor. All went well, the child was born, the mothers were happy – for a time. Then they split up and the one who gave birth and landed up with the child sued the donor for child support – and won.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Keep in mind that the gender selection of a baby can be effected by selective abortion of the undesired gender. Perhaps these women want a white female infant, and keep getting inseminated until they get one. This is only a speculation, based on my observation of women’s attitudes.

  7. Beowulf says:

    Cavalli-Sforza’s definitive work on the genetic distance between contemporary populations found the smallest difference between Denmark and England. Later studies trying to find the traces of Viking invaders in Britain were able to locate the areas of Norwegian settlement, but not the areas of Danish settlement–the Danes and English were too similar, thanks not only to Viking immigration, but also to the fact that the Angles and Jutes came from Denmark. So this talk of Nordic? Sounds like sperm-bank marketing. Good Anglo-Saxon stock is no different that Danish stock.

  8. sbuffalonative says:

    This is a double-edge sword as post #2 points out.

    This would be wonderful news if this genetic resource was going to the people to whom it belongs.

    If other races are corrupting, adulterating, and defiling our white genetic line, this is nothing more than petri dish miscegenation and a blurring of the color line.

  9. Mike H. says:

    @ 2): Honestly I’m surprised it took them so long to open up a franchise in India. Even a cursory glance at the country would have told them they could make a killing there.

    If we can somehow get an egg donation bit going as well(to be fair, it’s a lot more complicated than a sperm bank) then there won’t even be any half breeds, but fully 100% Europeans.

    Non-whites have always wanted to be us(their hatred is no doubt based on a deep seated envy), all we have to do is give them the opportunity. Genetics is the key.

  10. White Old Broad says:

    Hey, if I was at the childbearing age and wanted to conceive, the Danish option is more than likely what I’d go for. Less chance of hereditary disease (physical and mental), more chance of having an attractive child, which would enhance the child’s self-esteem, and a chance to contribute to the propagation of my own race. Hmf. Too bad this wasn’t available back when I could have done it!!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Last year, another franchise followed in India.

    Really? What on earth for?

    Rajeesh, Indian Guy, et al. continue to tell us repeatedly how Indians are superior in every way to Whites, especially intellectually. Why would India want to “dumb down” its high IQ genetic stock with inferior quality, lower IQd White European genes?

  12. T P says:

    Looks like the prediction that blonds will go extinct may have been premature.

  13. NAVY says:

    In the United States a blonde, blue-eyed man is arrested for impregnating over 20 women then gets sent to jail.

    But here an international corporation can offer a woman a baby without later giving the child a knowledge of who its father was.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I1 haplogroup will carry on!

    We are survivors! as research has speculated that when the hoards of R1b/a (celtics/germans) came from central asia they almost wiped us Norsemen out. With an average of 99% death rate about 5000 years ago.

    Now we make up about 40% of Scandi/Iceland.

    In the old English Empire it was encouraged for English officers/soldiers to marry local women of their Indian Colony, But with that in mind that was a time when Whites not only wanted to but,where willing to rule the World. Our dominance was assured.I am not so sure anymore.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Hidden BBC anti-British propaganda. Everytime they insist there is no such a thing like British.

    In fact, Danes, Germans and eastern English are genetically indistinguishable.

    I’m actually happy with more white babies but what would happen once the children start looking for their fathers?

  16. george00 says:

    This is exactly what the white race needs to increase their birthrate. Breeding up instead of breeding side ways.

  17. Bon, From the Land of Babble says:

    T P writes:

    Looks like the prediction that blonds will go extinct may have been premature.

    Don’t get your hopes up too high! In California, my family and I are looked at as if we are zoo animals, the red heads most of all. I’ve had non-Whites lean close to stare into my “color” eyes as if I’m an alien. Nevada too.

    We are still being out-bred by non-Whites:

    US fertility is highest for Hispanics at 2.9 children per woman, compared with 1.8 for non-Hispanic Whites, 2.0 for blacks.

    Ay, There’s the Rub!

    Repeat after me: Demographics is Destiny. Demographics is Destiny. Demographics is Destiny!


    Rara Avis in Terris

  18. Mighty says:

    “I1 haplogroup will carry on!”

    My haplogroup is I1, although, I have auburn hair and brown eyes …

  19. Anonymous says:

    At least three problems here:

    1. If a woman ‘wants a child’ and can afford insemination, she can find a donor from her own country. The old fashioned way works so long as the woman pays her own way with the consequences. OTOH, a male who wishes to -father- a child is SOL if the woman has already bred out of the immediate population group because she is not interest in bearing his children or, demands that he support both, equally. This is a great way to utterly divide the genders and drive white males to finding lower quality females from other races.

    2. It thoroughly messes up the cadre` sequencing. If you have ONE child at 41, you have not only betrayed your racial group (two to tango at replacement levels, one leaves someone without a chair as the music stops) but you have created a two-generational gap in the youth who come up to fulfill starting and then advanced workforce positions. Which is ‘fine’ because it simply gives the government an excuse to import more HFNWs instead with the result that, when your child goes to find work, he will discover reverse racism as entire job categories, including high qualification professions, will be filled for 20+ years _more_ by non-whites. And it will be a never ending cycle because non-whites will have more kids and choose non-whites over whites to employ if there are not exigent circumstances demanding them (specialst skillsets or reverse discrimination laws) to do so. The white ‘excellence’ economy cannot survive multiple skip-generation intervals between whites entering the job market. It just can’t.

    3. Since Terman’s Termites shows that high-IQ individuals also tend to be taller and more beautiful/handsomely formed, you are also risking the creation of a mega elite who will, thanks to the ease and prevalence of these artificial insemination groups _only_ breed to other high-IQ people. Eventually impoverishing the shrinking white base group with inbreeding and lack of cross-class access to better genes. While this is good for our pride, it ultimately will be bad for our race because too few numbers of supragenius’ will lead to inundation and replication through genetic engineering as other countries will SEE the success of these minority whites and want their own piece of the pie.

    Mike, you are definitely wrong about widespread, ‘remote control’, miscegenation being the way to go. Because black and hispanic and asian genes won’t disappear. They pop up, often generations later, see the white South African couple who had a black baby. Genetics via microsurgical implants of key DNA sequences, yes. Because then you can specifically address issues like low intelligence -within- a group without having to cross breed. Cross breeding is a permanent loss for us because you will never get the admixture back to a pure state and too many who are not (one half the donais is not white) will feign being white to the detriment of their victim partners and their children, simply because they equate acceptance with real equality. It’s not. We are a unique race and should guard against exogamous pollution of our genes. At least without a real understanding of what the human genome holds for -all- peoples.

  20. Anonymous says:

    poster # 15

    You mean distinguishable?

    For further reading check out the book by bryan sykes : Saxons, Vikings, and Celts: The Genetic Roots of Britain and Ireland.

  21. Anonymous says:

    “The fact is that the Angles and Jutes came from Denmark. So this talk of Nordic? S Good Anglo-Saxon stock is no different than Danish stock.” — #7

    “In fact, Danes, Germans and eastern English are genetically indistinguishable.” — #15


    True. They are overdoing this Danish thing. The modern Danes seem about as mixed as any other European populations today… certainly in Copenhagen anyway. I didn’t see anything there that was especially notable. They could have been anybody, anywhere.

    Sorry to burst the Nordicists’ bubble. The genetic/racial characteristics of the Scandinavian countries, as home of the Nordic peoples are rapidly vanishing. Unfortunately, but true. (No doubt a conscious program of their Marxist governments.)

    The fact is that good genes can be found scattered all over Europe. They are not limited to any geographic place or country. They can also be found in the US, and Australia, and South Africa too. And elsewhere.

  22. A. Windaus says:

    “But when she found herself still single at 41, she decided to try for insemination with donor sperm.”

    I wonder why she was still single at age 41?

  23. Anonymous says:

    #22 A. Windaus: I can imagine that this woman was still single at 41 years old, due to the amount of self-centered idiots she has met at the usual Bars, Clubs, and Parties, which, contrary to popular myth, is exactly the wrong place to try and meet a potential spouse.

    Now that the Sperm Clinics are doing well, and many White women are deciding on having babies of their own Race, let’s see if we can’t stop White women from having abortions, too. It would be better if they didn’t want their baby, to offer it for Adoption to a good White family, that would love to raise their child as their own.

    Please visit Grassfire and sign the current petition which asks our Congress to get out of Abortion funding with Taxpayer dollars.

  24. namirembe fatuma says:

    im ugandan lady who wants sperm donor of a white guy hiv negative,any one around?