Posted on May 19, 2011

Attorney for WFU Basketball Players Implicated in Sexual Assault Allegations Says Players Are Devastated

Michael Hewlett, Winston-Salem Journal, May 19, 2011

Former Wake Forest University basketball players Gary Clark and Jeff Teague are reeling from the resurfacing of a 2009 sexual assault allegation that they thought was resolved when no criminal charges were filed, their attorney said Wednesday.

“It’s just devastating to them, especially having gone through this two years ago and having been open and honest about it,” said Mike Grace, a Winston-Salem attorney representing the two players. Clark says the sexual encounter was consensual.

Grace also said the student who accused Clark of forcing her to perform oral sex in a hotel bathroom had sex hours earlier in another hotel bathroom with a male cheerleader within earshot of other students, then talked about it afterward.

The student’s attorney on Wednesday called Grace’s statements a “gutter-level smear campaign” that is a typical defense strategy of blaming the victim in a sexual assault.

The student, who is appearing on NBC’s “Today” show this morning, told police in Miami that Clark sexually assaulted her while Teague stood outside the hotel bathroom in the early morning of March 21, 2009, after the team lost during the NCAA Tournament there. The student says Wake Forest told her it would deal with the players but did not take any disciplinary action against them, according to an organization working to reduce violence involving athletes.


Grace said Wednesday that the student exercised poor judgment in her actions, including her sexual encounter with the male cheerleader three to four hours before the incident with Clark and Teague.


“It doesn’t mean she’s promiscuous,” Grace said. “It just means she made poor judgments.”


“That kind of gutter-level victim smear campaign is one she will never engage in,” Clune said of his client. “This story is about universities’ poor handling of campus rape and how young women speaking out can bring change.”


Grace said Clark and Teague thought the allegations were behind them after being cleared by the Miami Police Department and an internal Wake Forest judicial hearing.

Clark finished his senior season with the Wake Forest basketball team this spring and graduated with a degree in mathematics, Grace said. Teague now plays for the Atlanta Hawks in the National Basketball Association.


The National Coalition Against Violent Athletes is helping the student. Kathy Redmond, the founder, said she wouldn’t comment specifically on the student’s case until after the “Today” show segment airs.

But Redmond has told WGHP/Fox 8 that the student delayed filing charges because she was told that Wake Forest officials would take care of it and discipline the players. When that didn’t happen, the student filed a complaint in Miami, she said.


11 responses to “Attorney for WFU Basketball Players Implicated in Sexual Assault Allegations Says Players Are Devastated”

  1. Henry Clay says:

    The Raleigh News and Observer did not point out that the players were black and that the female band member bringing the charges is white. You can bet that if it were the other way around–race would be the number one issue, with protests, chanting, and pot banging by liberal (what other kind is there?) faculty.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What a disgusting &#@#ing society we have created or allowed to be created in this country!

    We send our children to college where they engage in all manner of dabauchery and licenscious behavior. Our young White girls have wounded their parents and betrayed their race. What have we neglected to instill in offspring these days? Is this what the college experience has become? Cheerleaders are now playing the role of unpaid prostitutes for the so called athletes most of whom are not college material at least when it comes to football and basketball. Some colleges and universities use attractive coeds to service prospective athletic scholarship recipient in order to encourage them to sign up and these girls willing consent to it. Don’t parents talk to their kids about self respect and personal honor?

    Hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent on college degrees these days, the rewards of which are dubious at best and non existent at worst.

    There’s a old joke about two guys who meet at a party and the discussion turns to the merits and negatives of various colleges and universities . At some point in the discussion a particular college comes up. Let’s call it Benedict Arnold University. One of the fellows declares,”BAU? All they graduate from there are football players and sluts!” The other guys responds angrily, “Excuse me. My WIFE graduated from BAU!” The other guy realizing his tactless faux pas quickly responded with, “Oh really? What position did she play?”

    It must be heartbreaking for a father to be awakened to the fact that his “little princess” is away at college fellating functionally illiterate athletes in her free time while he’s ponying up one hundred grand at a minimum. She used “poor judgement”. If boys or girls haven’t developed any judgement vis a vis character and personal honor by eighteen, perhaps they shouldn’t be in college.

    Little Missy after having explored the great Black bamboo mystique will graduate with a degree in some nothing field such as sociology and will meet a nice clueless White guy with whom to settle down.

  3. Cid Campeador says:

    It’s sad that the liberation of women had to entail the abandonment of one’s self respect and miscalibration of one’s moral compass.

  4. sbuffalonative says:

    “It doesn’t mean she’s promiscuous,” Grace said. “It just means she made poor judgments.”

    Yes, she used poor judgment. She partied with the wrong guys.

    You have to wonder what she was thinking; that this was all going to be good clean fun?

    I watched the NBC report before I left for work and they actually featured other white girls who used poor judgment.

    Play with fire, get burned.

  5. WHC says:

    We are certain that the victims of these athlete rapists are more devastated than the two criminals above. I gave up watching big time college basketball & football due to the nasty entitlement “I can get away with anything” mentality of so many of the black athletes. I don’t want to contribute in any way to these schools or professional teams that protect and extol some of the most depraved among us. Don’t send your children to the football and basketball powerhouse schools. You are sending your children into a lawless and corrupt environment where outlaws, like these two sex offenders, roam freely with no concern of being held accountable for their actions.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Surely there is a single white man in that community with the spine to do something about this.

  7. SKIP says:

    So what if she had sex with 23 other men in the next room, rape is rape and no means NO!

  8. mark says:

    With numerous stories of blacks assaulting/raping white girls, one question comes to my mind. What happened to real white men? What happened to older brothers of these girls? Or fathers? I know exactly what i would do had this happened to my sister.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Who is the Maggie Hurt in the second pic? Couldn’t find any reference to her here or in the original link.

    Hope she was not the victim of the sex attack.

  10. Anonymous says:

    You have vaginal or anal rape. Why dont they it oral rape? Some label it sodomy.

    Could anyone imagine if white athletes disrespected a black female is such fashion even once? This is so common its on the back pages on daily newspapers. Forget the daily rapes, murderer, robberies, assaults etc and this is a race who has only 13% population or 6.5% male population and half of them are already in prison.

  11. sbuffalonative says:

    What happened to real white men? What happened to older brothers of these girls?

    Because of the ‘feminist revolution’, women have been freed of the oppressive control of men. They are now free to make these kinds of choices and men, fathers, brothers, husband, etc, are not allowed to stop them or judge them.

    This young woman didn’t need to tell any male family member that she was a basketball team groupie because she’s an independent, liberated women.

    How does a family member defend their daughter or sister when that daughter or sister is acting independently and feels no responsibility to report her actions to her father or brother?

    I’ve said it before. What the women’s movement did for women was give them the freedom to act like tramps.