Posted on May 16, 2011

Atlanta Shines As Civil Rights Game Host

Alden Gonzalez, Major League Baseball, May 15, 2011

When it came time to vie for hosting the fifth annual Civil Rights Game, Braves president John Schuerholz recalls sharing a very simple, yet very direct message with Jimmie Lee Solomon, MLB’s executive vice president of baseball development, and his group.

“I said to them there’s no better place, more appropriate place, than the birthplace of the Civil Rights Movement, Atlanta, Ga., to host the Civil Rights Game,” Schuerholz said. “And so I told them, ‘Once we get these games, I’m not so sure you’re going to want to take them anywhere else.'”

Well, it eventually will be taken somewhere else.

But as part of a two-year agreement, Schuerholz can be certain it will be back in Atlanta for 2012.


Academy Award-winning actor Morgan Freeman, Grammy Award-winning guitarist Carlos Santana and Hall of Fame player Ernie Banks were a key part of the weekend’s festivities as Beacon Award winners. Hank Aaron, the Braves legend who received tributes during the Beacon Awards Banquet and the pregame ceremonies to the Civil Rights Game, was also a large part of the weekend, as was iconic rapper Ludacris, who performed the postgame concert on Saturday.

Sprinkled in were some notable former players, including Frank Robinson, Earl Williams and Bobby Bonilla. Several key social activists–like Rev. Al Sharpton, Rev. Jesse Jackson and former Atlanta mayor Andrew Young–also made their presence felt.

The Civil Rights Game–which celebrates those who fought for civil rights on and off the field–began as exhibition games in Memphis from 2007-08, then moved to Cincinnati as part of the regular-season schedule for the next two years before heading south.


21 responses to “Atlanta Shines As Civil Rights Game Host”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Not mentioned is the fact Santana pointed the finger of shame at Arizona and Georgia for immigration-related purposes.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I can understand race hucksters Sharpton and Jackson inviting themselves. But Carlos Santana? And then he proceeds to lecture the crowd about anti-illegal alien laws. Why any white would attend a baseball game after this is beyond me. Baseball is now worse than the NBA. At least we can hope that the NFL lockout ends their upcoming season.

  3. Bernie says:

    In brighter news, the Tampa Rays are in first place and start 9 whites and one black in their starting lineup.

    Guess Tampa won’t get the next “civl rights” game.

  4. Robert Binion says:

    Appropriate indeed, thousands of Atlantans would medal in the two hundred yard purse snatch and dash.

  5. Anonymous says:

    “But Carlos Santana? And then he proceeds to lecture the crowd about anti-illegal alien laws.” poster 2.

    Aren’t all nonwhites the same? I don’t care who they are, they will always side against Whitey. You can bank on it. Time for Whites to play the same game and MEAN IT. Without White racial awareness, the race will just wither away. Other races know this so why don’t we?

  6. Question Diversity says:

    Civil Rights Game?

    Hasn’t April 15 passed, the day we have to bow down to Jackie Robinson every year?

    Four years ago was the 60th anniversary of Jackie Robinson breaking into the major leagues. Yahoo Sports re-published some major newspaper and news service articles about the Dodgers game on April 15, 1947. In every single one of them, Robinson being the first black to play in a major league game was almost at the end of the article, and presented as nothing more than an afterthought. The New York Post even called Robinson a “colored boy.” Just a wee lad of 28, for sure. Beginning to cut his teeth on life, don’t you know?

    That’s how insignificant that news was on that day. Now, to hear it told, you would have thought that some messiah was born that day.

    Likewise, the reality of the 1966 NCAA basketball national championship game and the 1971 football season at T.C. Williams H.S. in Alexandria, Virginia, was way less provocative than the way they were presented in Glory Road and Remember the Titans. SBPDL has more:

  7. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think that anyone is truly serious about race realism if they give one hoot about the NBA, NFL, or any other professional sport. I often notice that the postings fall off on weekends. I think this means that whites, even racial realists are far too fat and happy to really do anything but play behind their computers, posting hyperbole and attitude that is far out of line with their real lives.

  8. Greg says:

    It was a good game, with Atlanta winning 3-2. I’d like to point out both starting pitchers in the game(Roy Halladay of Philadelphia and Tim Hudson of Atlanta) are outstanding, ace pitchers. And both are white.

    Unlike some on AmRen, I don’t care if people of color play and excel in sports. However, I do not enjoy seeing old white dinosaurs (like Bud Selig) cower to these ballplayers as if they are gods. Hank Aaron, a genuine and decent black man who was excellent at baseball, is no more a symbol of moral excellence than any white player is. Yet it is people like him old white men bow down to. What message is being sent to younger whites and blacks? That whites should be submissive and praise any black man who was called a few names forty-fifty years ago? (To be fair, Aaron did have his life threatened by anonymous cowards, but of course was never in any real danger)

  9. Anonymous says:

    RE “Grammy Award-winning guitarist Carlos Santana”

    Oddly enough Santana lives in Marin County CA



    Robert Binion wrote at 7:42 PM on May 16 wrote,

    “thousands of Atlantans would medal in the two hundred yard purse snatch and dash”

    Very funny.

    I suppose one could add more events, such as fastest time two dozen Atlantans could storm a convenient store and a Chuck E Cheese brawl event.

  11. Cousin Charlie from TN says:

    I stumbled across this game on TV. First I noted the testosterone-challenged uniforms. Then I heard “civil rights game”. Started rant. This is a marketing gimmick. Blacks don’t currently and maybe never have liked baseball. So these type of promotions are rubrics for increasing market share among blacks. End of story.

    Re: poster #2 “anonymous”: Maybe you should watch a ML baseball game sometime. Few if any blacks in the stands or on the field. Please don’t tell me how that Dominicans or Puerto Ricans are “blacks”. Not!

    As far as Santana, he’s a non-playing overhyped darling of the PC California hippies. Knows about 4 licks; you’ll know them too if you listen for more than 30 seconds. Should be rated somewhere at the bottom among the top 5,000 famous guitarists ever. As irrelevant musically as he is politically.

  12. Douglas says:

    But for all his white American fans, who have spent millions on his albums thus making him wealthy, Santana may still have been at that game in Atlanta. As a parking attendant, hot dog vendor, groundskeeper, custodian,etc.

  13. White, Jewish, and Proud says:

    What a waste of time and energy was this “Civil Rights Game!”

    I go to a lot of Phillies games — and I mean a lot. At each and everyone of them the fans are subjected to the same tripe on the huge score board about how Jackie Robinson broke the “color barrier” in baseball. This is followed by the obligitory interviews from black players and how much Jackie Robinson’s “achievement” meant to them.

    The “color barrier.” You might think the guy invented the wheel or discovered fire, for heaven’s sake.

    You should hear the moans and see the eyes roll as this huge, overwhelmingly white, captive audience is subjected to this tripe, night after night.

    The tide is rising. I can sense it. White people have become sick unto death hearing about blacks, civil rights, minorities, illegal immigration. It will take time for that tide to rise high enough to wash all this nonsense away.

    But it is on the rise. In that I take heart.

  14. We Deserve Better- make White Privilege work! says:

    College students applaud all the Civil Rights noise.

    Whites who are assaulted constantly with the “narrative” are also assaulted daily by black culture, be it too many black faces on TV, in public places, and at our jobs.

    Soon, every time Whites are confronted with another ceremony for Civil Rights, we will all rise up together and demand the blacks explain to us 1. exactly what they did to EARN their civil rights from us Whites, and 2. where in Africa did the White authors of civil rights go to get their ideas?

    When will we demand that blacks start behaving like English Lords and Ladies in order to qualify for continuation of what we’ve given them? When will we do the right thing and start withdrawing some of our generosity in recognition of our failures to understand blacks as they are, and their failure to change enough to become eligible for more?

    TRANSCEND DIVERSITY, EMBRACE WHITENESS, BEWARE AND PREPARE, because you really do know what’s coming next, but before then, RENEGOTIATE EVERYTHING- citizenship, equality, integration, civil rights, affirmative action, diversity, transformation, etc.

    The American Colonization Society had the right idea, but sadly, they didn’t get the job done. Sending the blacks back home to Africa depends on us. Withdraw all support for blacks, transfer that money to all White police forces and all White neighborhood militia, and then let the blackafrovoodoos self-deport back to Africa where they can use what we’ve taught them to get restorative justice by exploiting the natives and the abundant natural resources.

  15. jdavis says:

    Not one penny nor one minute of time will be wasted on packaged ethnicity programming. Vote with your real dollar…your money and your attention span.

    I see these people all over TX wearing cowboy jerseys and hats, praising the “boys” and for what?

    No one penny nor one minute.

  16. Anonymous says:

    To #11-Cousin Charlie – some Dominicans and Puerto Ricans are black. Jose Reyes, Carlos Delgado. Actually, many Dominicans are black. Many Dominicans and Puerto Ricans are mixed race. Same with people from Colombia, Venezuela, Panama, etc.

  17. Dixie Bell- ring it louder! says:

    Civil Rights touting Whites in Atlanta are so emasculated and miserable that they don’t even know how to recognize and complain about the horrifyingly hostile and dangerously anti-White environment that surrounds and attacks them daily.

    White parents who raise their White children in or near Atlanta should be arrested for child abuse. Or should they?

    Maybe they should be given a race credit achievement award for raising their children where “appreciation for diversity” will naturally become “reasonable and justified apprehension of diversity”. Maybe Atlanta’s traumatized White children are our best budding Race Realist ever.

    Atlanta’s Civil Rights Legacy- robbing your of your God-given and well-deserved White Privilege through shakedowns and violence. Are you an Atlatna Whitey? You are targeted. Beware and prepare.

    Civil rights center closer to goal

    Criminal justice reform panel named

    Car break-ins near Atlanta airport

    Couple shot leaving club in Midtown

    Midtown stabbing death remains a mystery

    Nearly 70 prostitutes, johns stung in APD operation

    Specific numbers on gangs sketchy

    Roundup targets 30 Deep gang members

    30 Deep gang dangerous and prolific, police say

  18. Anonymous says:

    I sympathize with both sides of the question on whether a white man should support professional sports. In my case, I never attend games or buy franchise products, but I do watch pro football on television. I played in on a HS football team that would have made diversityites happy: whites, blacks, hispanics, an oriental, upper, lower, and middle incomes, various ethnicities, lifestyles and religions. It was in the 1950’s, so we didn’t realize how special we were; all we wanted to do was win. In order to win, we had to work together, and we did. When we weren’t playing or practicing, we mostly went our seperate ways. This is the attitude that I take today as a fan: when the game is on, all that I look at is the color of the uniforms.

  19. Anonymous says:

    The purse snatching event was pretty good – kudos.

    I am from Iowa, living in Atlanta, looking for work. I think it is so entertaining to watch the nightly news, black on white, black on black violence is the norm. Last night there was an uproar over a 60 year old black substitute 4th grade teacher who exposed himself in front of the class, to urinate into a trash can – brilliant behavior, truly. – and VERY telling.

    On the ‘civil rights’, even in a city as black as Atlanta, civil rights and fairness only exist for blacks.

    Two days ago there was an uproar at a public school that employs ONLY blacks. They fired some poor staff and hired one WHITE man, to cover themselves, in case of a government audit !

    The fired teacher- female black, is of course, suing.

    C’est la vie.

  20. diversity = adversity says:

    I never really cared for sports before. When I did start looking, I saw sports as a manifestation of tribal instincts. Then I saw cultural aspect of sports, how games derived from our cultural values. When it became clear that culture is a racial expression, I began to care a bit more. But I never cared much for major league sports as they are all pageant shows for diversity”. Local sports tends to be better even if not as flashy as major league sports. Particularly in places where local schools are predominantly White. Private and charter schools are usually good about that.

    As far as sports goes, though, it’s better for you if you just play a game you like in your yard with your friends and neighbors and not watch TV. EVER.

  21. Larry says:

    I think that Commissioner Selig and the management of the

    Braves are delusional if they think that this event will

    generate a black fan base. Baseball is the antithesis of

    hip-hop culture, and so each year there are fewer American-

    born black players and almost no such fans in the stands.