Posted on April 6, 2011

Trial Set for 2nd Woman in ‘Exorcism’ Death

WANE-TV (Fort Wayne), April 6, 2011


Natasha Hawkins, 31, is accused of participating in the death of her roommate’s son in November 2009. Hawkins allegedly suggested that Latisha Lawson, 31, feed her kids olive oil to rid them of demons.


The trial date has been set for Hawkins. It will be a three day trial in August of this year.

6 responses to “Trial Set for 2nd Woman in ‘Exorcism’ Death”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Clearly the article missed the key point, did it work, were the demons exorcised??

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is probably a woman suffering from Psychosis. If so, it does no credit for it to be posted here. Schizophrenia affects blacks too.

  3. Jeddermann. says:

    “Hawkins told police she never called police or emergency medical services to seek help for Jezaih and after his death home-schooled her children”

    I bet these kids got some really good learning. Home schooled in what exactly? Probably NO schooling at all other than just sit in front of the TV all day.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Diversity. I’m lovin’ it.

  5. The Bobster says:

    Another example of how the Afrovoodoos involve their chilluns in their rituals:

  6. Michael C. Scott says:

    Oil and vinegar? I wasn’t aware giving kids salad dressing got rid of demons; I thought you were supposed to pour rum on their heads and set them on fire. That’s how they do it in New York, anyway (see article above).