Posted on April 6, 2011

President Obama Looks to Rev. Al Sharpton for Help in 2012 Reelection Bid

Jonathan Lemire, Daily News (New York), April 6, 2011

President Obama is making his second visit to the city in as many weeks–and is calling upon an unlikely ally to shore up the support of his political base.

Obama will be speaking Wednesday for the first time as commander in chief at the annual convention of the National Action Network and standing with its founder, the Rev. Al Sharpton–whom the President largely ignored before his 2008 election.

The symbolic speech at the Sheraton in midtown–coming just days after the President held two events in Harlem–indicates that Obama, who is battling slipping poll numbers, is trying to bolster his standing among African-Americans, political scientists said.

“It proves again that 2012 will be very different than 2008,” said Larry Sabato of the University of Virginia. “Then, Obama was very wary of the race issue and of being labeled as a ‘black candidate.'”

“But some of the enthusiasm surrounding that election has faded,” said Sabato. “He needs an injection of energy and Sharpton can provide some of that, at least in the black community.”

Obama and Sharpton have always been uneasy partners.

Sharpton–whose own political campaigns were defined by racial issues–initially questioned the Illinois senator’s qualifications, and at first seemed inclined to support Hillary Clinton.


“This shows clout and power for Sharpton,” Sheinkopf [Hank Sheinkopf, a political consultant] said, “and for Obama the message he’s sending is clear: ‘I’m African-American, I’m protecting my base, and AlSharpton is going to help me do it.'”

“Obama knows he’s going to need the minority voter and the liberal white voter to turn out in big numbers if he has a real opponent next November,” he said.


“Obama needed four out of 10 white votes in 2008, so he had to strike a different tone [than Sharpton] and form a different coalition,” said Sabato.


14 responses to “President Obama Looks to Rev. Al Sharpton for Help in 2012 Reelection Bid”

  1. Question Diversity says:

    What political benefit is there for Obama? He’s already got the black vote in a bag — It’ll turn out as jazzed for him in 2012 as it was in 2008. But pandering to Sharpton alienates white non-liberals, and he can ill afford to lose many of those.

  2. Dave says:

    This is “brazen” at best! I think he really believes that the next election is in the bag. He is using Sharpton to “get out the vote.” Notice that he didn’t start out by courting some white organization. I have never seen a human being more arrogant or deluded in my life!

  3. JP says:

    Once again Obama must call on the haters to turn out the black and liberal white vote. In 2008 it was Rev. Wright and in 2012, Al Sharpton. Can Jesse Jackson be far behind?

  4. sam d says:

    It’s hard to believe that this black anti-white, pro-black demagogue, with his extreme number of incompetent black appointments still has a job approval rating of 47%.

    The reason can only be as one high profile economist has described it: The US has become a nation of out-of-touch white soccer moms, who raise gutless little boys who refuse to get up off the couch and actively get involved in the outrageous deterioration this black demagogue has caused this nation.

    I’m sorry, but I tend to agree with that assessment. People who count and who are concerned are in the minority. They represent a number that has slowly shrunk ever since Bill Clinton’s debacle in office.

    These are INDEED the last days of the Roman Empire. And THAT is no exaggeration.

    Even CNN and MSNBC won’t be able to tell enough lies to cover over the problems that will explode in the coming fiscal year.

  5. Robert Binion says:

    This recalls a beleaguered Nixon’s visit to the Grand Ole Opry in the final days and smacks of desperation. I am sure the President does it only with the greatest reluctance.

    Reporters have missed the significance of his many golf outings and trips to the theatre. These are cues to retrenched consumers, reminding them that all is well. Go forth and spend. It has not worked. Nor has printing of money and spending by government. This is where media–those who bring candles, lotion and Barry White records to Obama’s press conferences?–have failed spectacularly. Other than Mr. Krugman, everyone knows the “stimulus package” to be a failure, but no one tells WHY it flopped. Why were the academics wrong? The best answer I can give is that John Maynard Keynes never had to stand in a long line at WalMart.

    A steep rise in prices could doom Obama’s–I tire of tweaking liberal friends with “Gitmo Barry” and “Ocarter”–chances for another term. Do not be surprised if a portion of the electorate that had to swallow Obamacare has an inflationary shock for him in the winter of 2012.

  6. proactive says:

    Obama is a liberal black. That means he’ll always promote and vote for “his people” to live on the welfare plantation. He doesn’t have to go to any black neighborhoods to speak and get black support. All he has to do is go on TV and say, “I’ll make sure you won’t have to work for a living, qualify for a job or even study in school, homies! Vote for me for free money. I am down wit da struggle!”

    He is so IN among the vast majority of blacks that he’ll be wasting his time in front of any black crowd – except the conservative ones, all 1 or 2 of them.

  7. Peejay in Frisco says:

    If president Obama makes use of the race baiting Sharpton, it will cost him more white votes than he will gain or retain among blacks.

  8. John says:

    sam d wrote at 8:00 PM on April 6:

    It’s hard to believe that this black anti-white, pro-black demagogue, with his extreme number of incompetent black appointments still has a job approval rating of 47%.

    Huh? Sam. 85% of Obama’s adminstration is White. In fact, Clinton had more Blacks in his administration that Obama. Some of you need to do your research before you post inaccurate, overemotional posts on this board.

  9. olewhitelady says:

    I don’t know–the ghetto folks still haven’t gotten their “Obama money”, government-paid mortgages, or free SUV’s, let alone their reparations! They might just stay down in the projects on election day and chill. Ya feel me?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Remember when Republicans could win the presidency in a landslide? Even with this loser, the election will be very close. Decades of white children brainwashed in the government schools who say and believe the most ridiculous things. So sad. And the importation of third world immigrants and encouraging them and blacks/hispanics to have kids they can’t afford, even sadder. When half of the voters don’t give a damn about this country and have no skin in the game, just want more free stuff, it’s soon going to be almost impossible for a Republican to become president. And their ranks grow every day. Obama will probably get reelected.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Guys and gals, I REALLY want Obama OUT…but here’s a sobering wake up call for us all.

    The Republican House just unleashed a move to cut Social security (SSDI), Medicare and Medicaid.

    I’m not a socialist, but we have contributed to this system, and it is OURS.

    We have …HOW MANY WARS GOING, and how many on deck?

    They cost HOW MUCH??????

    Either the house Republicans are CRAZY, or this is a dog/ pony show, or they are stupid beyond recall.

    This will, and SHOULD fail, as it will.n They will split the so- called Tea party bloc, as most of them are beneficiaries of these services, for which they paid for decades.

    They talk trash on fixing the borders, then THIS is what they run up the flagpole?

    Let all the illegals- and legals come to replace Americans, then yank the PAID FOR safety net out from under said real Americans.

    These people are vile, or stupid, it doesn’t matter.

    They just signed their “I’m not getting re- elected” warrant for 2012.

    And gave the big socalist his best chance.


  12. Jeddermann. says:

    “He is so IN among the vast majority of blacks that he’ll be wasting his time in front of any black crowd – ”

    I guess the idea here is to prevent complacency and get out the vote, that sort of thing. Most Bantu are jaded now toward that whole “voting thing” now that we have had the first black man in the White House?

  13. Anonymous says:

    He is desperate.

    No white votes in 2012. Why?


    Its over.

    Bush was the worse president in US history.

    Thanks to daddy bitch.

  14. True Blue says:

    “Bush was the worse president in US history.”

    I beg to differ (and I absolutely cannot stand the idiot son of a shrub) but OB has managed to make even Bush look good.

    Let us not overlook that (aside from Ron Paul -whom the media deliberately maligned and killed) OB was running against a stuffed shirt in the (un-electable) form of McAmnesty-McCain. For that matter, John Kerry was an unelectable strawman candidate when he ran against Bush’s second term. In fact, almost every election of the past three decades has been a named candidate vs. a Strawman. You have to wonder who will be running against the Chicago Machine this time -Palin? Give me a break.

    If he is openly courting the likes of Sharpton, he must have recieved the word from the Bilderburgers that there will be no serious competition for the ’12 election -at least none for whom the media will have any “tingles” running up their legs.

    In the 1912 election, Woodrow (Federal Reserve, inflation and theft) Wilson gained his election through exactly such manipulation- spurrious, unelectable candidates ran against him in order to divide the vote, both sponsored by the same camp that wanted Wilson elected. It is all a big dog and pony show for the great unwashed.

    Someday in the future, a Gibbon-esque scholar will compile an encyclopedia sized volume about the decline and fall of this Empire. I only hope Our People survive to read it.