O.C. Family Arrested on Suspicion of Arranging Fake Marriages for Illegal Immigrants

Los Angeles Times, April 6, 2011

Three members of an Orange County family were arrested Wednesday on suspicion of arranging fake marriages for illegal immigrants who paid up to $60,000 apiece for documents.

The family owns an immigration-consulting business that caters primarily to Indian nationals who sought marriage certificates and work visas, according to federal authorities.

In all, 21 suspicious visa petitions were traced back to the business, MPEagle Consultants, which charged from $15,000 to $60,000 for its services, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency said.


{snip} In some cases, the same “spouses” and marriage witnesses were used, according to authorities.


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  • Jupiter7

    Numbersusa.com would have us all believe that the Hindus in our America are innocent bystanders who are being harmed by post-1965 immigration policy. But this news story and many others posted on American Renaissance over the past four years provides an avalanche of evidence that this is a bold-face lie. The Hindus in our America are very clearly doing every thing they can do to race-replace the Native Born White Majority in America street by street,town by town and state by state. And what goes hand-in-hand with this race-replacement is a corresponding war of economic terror against the Native Born White Majority…see Brenda Walker’s Victims Wall to get a feel as to how severe this economic terror can be..it really is a form of economic violence…and my Native Born White American family has experienced this economic violence first hand. Tell the truth about Hindu immigrants in our America.

  • Anonymous

    By obtaining citizenship, wealthy Indians realize they can save thousands of dollars on their children’s education, not to mention the long-term returns.

    $60,000 for U.S. citizenship is a pittance.

  • Anonymous

    Why should it be illegal?

    Beyond the obvious ‘procedural issue’ (gamesmanship as paper chase bureaucracy) our government does not care nor likely even conceive of a higher crime inherent to constant immigration as a means to replace or genetically and economically degrade the culture which brought advanced society to the world.

    They just cannot admit to a higher purpose or reasoning behind the race issue and so have no moral authority in enforcing the notion that this is a crime of more than virtual bigamy or exploitation of ‘the working poor’ who have ponied up funds in a private transaction which undoubtedly are not _taxed_ as ‘fake marriage application’ to their actual purpose.

    But otherwise our own leaders have no objection to the dilution of America as belonging to the dreams of it’s indigenous white people. And not some globalist enterprise.

    And that is what is really wrong here.

  • Chicagoan

    They sure charged a lot. Their clientele must have been planning on making a pretty good living here to make it worth their while. The illegals from south of the border pay a lot less, just the cost of getting here. They can live here with impunity and have their cohorts and supporters lobby for a blanket amnesty. Africans often get a student or other type visa then marry some unsuspecting citizen in order to get approval for residency; most probably are already married but the spouse lives in Africa so no one here is any the wiser. Pregnant “tourists” who give birth while here, mail order brides who come here and then leave their spouses when they’re no longer needed, welfare recipients who marry in return for cash, the list is endless. Citizenship or legal residency is worth a lot to many people and that’s one reason it has to be guarded, to avoid having the US become just another third world dumping ground.

  • Browser

    Before the momunental changes in immigrationn policty that began in 1965, it was a great rarity to see an (East) Indian here. Actually, it was such a novelty that it was a little bit of a thrill to see a turban or sari on the street. (“Oh, look! There’s a turban!”) They were welcomed then, because they were so rare.

    In those days, the only Indians who made it here were either diplomats, a rare student, or probably members of the maharaja class. Getting to the USA was totally beyond the means of the ordinary Indian. And (very importantly!) those who were here were not here as immigrants with the intention of getting jobs and settling down. They were here strictly as VISITORS who would complete their business and then go home. There was simply no option of settlement.

    All of that changed dramatically in 1965, though it took us another ten years to start to feel the effects. Thank you very much, Congressman Emanuel Celler, Senators Jacob Javitz and Ted Kennedy! May your names and your treason go down in infamy and never, never be forgotten!

  • Browser

    “Citizenship or legal residency is worth a lot to many people and that’s one reason it has to be guarded, to avoid having the US become just another third world dumping ground.”

    It’s a little late. The USA already has become exactly that.

  • Wakjob

    Indians are the most corrupt, white-hating race in USA. Take it from someone who lived and worked in Silicon Valley for 16 years and was then run out of the state by them. India is such a hellhole none of them want to live there. So their strategy is to invade and take over countries others have built, which they are now doing to whites in America. They are all corrupt, evil, west-hating frauds. Even NASSCOM today said

  • Kenelm Digby

    I earnestly warn all Americans that unless they clean up their act, they face an absolute deluge of immigration from India, that will make Mexican immigration look like the proverbial ladies’ tea party.

    One fact Americans must understand is the infinite cunning of Indians which in all cases will confound hidebound American bureaucracy.

  • ghw

    Kenelm Digby wrote:

    “I earnestly warn all Americans that unless they clean up their act, they face an absolute deluge of immigration from India, that will make Mexican immigration look like the proverbial ladies’ tea party.”


    Absolutely! I have said this all along. Not that I wish to play down the Mexican menace, bad as it is, but in the long term the Indian one is much greater. Thus far, Mexicans came here simply because we were next door. It was easy. Now, with easy jet transportation and all the world within a day’s flight of any American city, India could inundate us. With their billion plus population, they could easily send us 100 million Indians and not even notice the loss — which they would make up within a few years anyway.

    Btw, I have no personal hostility against Indians, or any other Asian population. But I believe they should remain at home and develop their own countries — not regard ours as a land open for settlement. All of this immigration that’s taking place in the world is building up some tremendous problems for the future — like s pressure cooker that’s eventually going to explode. That tragedy shouldn’t be necessary if our politicians were wiser and managed our country more sensibly