Posted on April 29, 2011

Muhammad Ali on Race

BBC, November 1971

In 1971 Muhammad Ali was interviewed by Michael Parkinson in the BBC. Ali wants his children to look like him and expresses his love for his race. “Who wants to spot up yourself and kill your race?” He talks sense while Michael Parkinson keeps trying to voice liberal blather.

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  1. Bernie says:

    His current wife is probably 90% white genetically. She must have looked like Mariah Carey or Alicia Keyes when younger. If he really wanted to “save his race” he should have married an Esther Rolle or Shirley Hemphill.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks to Ali for smoking that marxist twit like a cheap cigar.

    Of course it was always ONLY white marxists that supported race mixing and the insane fantasies of multiculturalism. Neither sane whites, or virtually ANYBODY from third world populations bought into that stuff.

    (But, as they say, “If you keep repeating a lie long enough, it becomes the truth).

    Through decades of vigorously engineered and implemented cultural destruction, “Civil Rights, and well, we all know the stupid catchphrases for the process of destroying white, Western culture- we have many many thousands of mixed race unions. Naturally, a lot of them see no problem with it per se, or at least they’ll defend it, even if they KNOW very well it’s a problem.

    The lie has been repeated like a mantra for so long, to so many below the age of forty- and the super liberals above the age of 60, it simply IS true, and it’s hard to imagine Ali’s wishes of racial and cultural cohesion and unity, yes, “purity”, ever returning.


  3. Erobeing says:

    There are some things about this outspoken guy I really love and hate he did for some reason see things more clearly than many other people. He had sense enough to stay out of Vietnam and even though he made me furious at times I really think he sees through a lot of the blather that is going on now days.

  4. Chicagoan says:

    He was too mentally subnormal to pass the test to be drafted into the Army the first time around; his IQ score was too low. Only after they lowered the standards did he become eligible which started his problems regarding the draft.

    So what did he have to offer to the gene pool anyway? Staying on his side of the fence was the best thing for everybody.

    Now, if the rest of all these black athletes we have were to just do the same then that would really be progress.

  5. sbuffalonative says:

    Mr. Ali starts out very strong with his analogy to different birds being unique. This is true and natural diversity.

    He falters when he gets to the second part about Muslim women and Chinese women pleasing him. This is cultural, not racial.

    People shouldn’t cross cultures if the person from a different culture is a different race. It’s the race difference that’s important. Culture is an expression of race.

    The host is both abysmal and ahead of his time. I hadn’t realized this argument about racial amalgamation was that far advanced in 1971. ‘Philosophy of despair’? For wanting to live by the laws of nature and evolution which produced diversity?

    ALI: “You’re a hater of your people if you don’t want to stay who you are”. “God didn’t make no mistake”.

    Well said.

  6. Tim in Indiana says:

    Well, I have a newfound respect for Muhammad Ali, but why is it that only a black man is allowed to talk such sense these days? Actually, I’m not sure a black man would or could say these things today either (It looked like Parkinson was about to wet himself).

  7. Seneca the Younger says:

    A great boxer (but not the greatest) speaks some sense. Anything that is pro-black (different from anti-white) will in turn end up being pro-white as well.

    Blacks date blacks, pro-black, pro-white. Everyone wins.

    Plus if blacks can start doing certain things it will be accepted, but only if all races accept it. Whites are last.

    Whites can no longer do anything that involves race. Even reporters can’t say anything about blacks even if its factual. They have to have a black step in and say what the white is thinking so the white can’t get in trouble. The radio has this down to a science.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Ali had so much intelligence, charisma, and flashy moves, people are often surprised to realize he really wasn’t that great of a boxer. He was very graceful by heavyweight standards, but there are probably a dozen lightweights in boxing history with more skill, pound for pound. Maybe 100 other guys in all the other weight classes. Ali did, however, push on to win tough fights with his heart and chin, and he did eventually pay for doing that. People like to see courage and comebacks, not just technical perfection.

    He’s a great person to study and even respect in some ways, but just know that the “real” Ali is someone very different from what the media says. Ditto for Tyson, Foreman, Louis, etc. Fighters are just unknowable mysterious for average people.

  9. Preparation Hbomb says:

    Indeed – I definitely don’t want to spot up, stripe up, dot up, or anything else — my race. Unfortunately that has not kept at least one member of my family from marrying a black and producing mulatto children. Nothing I can do about it, or anyone else – but, I do not see this as a good thing. It is all too obvious that liberal blathering miscegenation and integration has decimated our once-proud society. Just go live in Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland, Indianapolis — ample evidence of what happens when blacks become the majority.

  10. HH says:

    Wow – that was quite unexpected!

    Sadly, it seems about 95% of his professional-athlete racial kinsman of today disagree emphatically, however.

  11. Awakened says:

    You know he’s right. The problem is when we’re the minority fighting for our rights (we’ve already lost our rights even though we’re not the minority), the powers that are right now, are not going to be weak and pathetic like the White guy interviewing Ali. They’re not going to be saying that “We’re all human beings”. They’re going to be putting any “uppity Whites” down as hard as they can. We’re seeing it right now. Jared Taylor’s visit to Canada last year is proof of that. He couldn’t even exercise free speech. The Amren conference had to be canceled or moved two years in a row. What will it be like in the future when we are a real minority? When Whites say the same thing that Ali said 40 years ago, we’re labeled “racists”. If we let everything continue the way it’s continuing now, do you mean to tell me that it’s going to get better?! These non-Whites are going to show us the same ultra-fairness that they’re being showed? Actually they’re being GIVEN the country, and all the vast majority of Whites are doing is accepting it like a bunch of sheep.

  12. James N.S.W Australia says:

    Ali was great here, I’ll admit it. He offers snappy, common sense answers to Parkinson’s foolish liberal idealism, while Parkinson nervously attempts to diassociate himself from Ali’s views. It’s pathetic how deracinated he is.

    If only a white man could speak the same common sense in this day and age!

  13. Anonymous says:

    I’m a big boxing fan and former amateur boxer and I’ve always been a fan of Muhammad Ali. Although I don’t think he is the greatest boxer (or ever was) he was surely the most entertaining, both inside and outside of the ring!

    And if you notice the ultra liberal interviewer, Michael Parkinson, doesn’t have any logical arguments to counter Ali with; he just states “I think that’s a philosophy of despair.”

    Perfect example of how liberals are presented time and time again with human nature, and because they don’t like it, they shove down the public’s throat the idea that it’s wrong and “this” (multiculuralism/integration/race-mixing) is what is right and how things should be. Anyone that knows about psychology knows that if you are told a lie over and over again for a long time you subconsciously start believing it! But because human nature goes against this lie you are just left with a confused society who can’t understand why their multicultural neighboorhood/city/state/nation is so unhappy and dysfunctional.

  14. James N.S.W Australia says:

    Also, notice the language.. “philosophy of despair”.. Ali seems pretty buoyant, confident, passionate and happy to me. If his views are those a *despairing* person would hold, why does he seem anything but?

    Never let these liberals define who we are.

  15. Jack says:

    It came as he unveiled a plaque to his little-known Irish ancestors in Ennis, County Clare.

    Ali’s great-grandfather, Abe Grady, who hailed from the town, emigrated to the U.S. in the 1860s, and in recognition of his roots Ali was yesterday made the first Honorary Freeman of Ennis.

    Family tree: Odessa Grady, the mother of Ali, is the daughter of John Grady, who was the son of Irishman Abe Grady and his African-American wife

  16. ice says:

    The white twit looks like a fool. The black man comes across as sensible and more intelligent.

    Does the white really believe we’re all the same? Of course not. He perceives some benefit to himself for saying that, most likely he’s espousing what he knows will please his plantation owners and believes what he says will contribute toward the enhancement of his career.

    The news media today is absolutely inundated with these types. They’re now called presstitutes, because they sell themselves to an ideology they don’t really believe in.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Yeah,”…philosophy of despair.” (spineless interviewer).

    Pray tell, what the HELL is that supposed to mean?

    It of course, says, and means, NOTHING.

    It’s just a smooth quip. Just an emotional response, where a logical one is entirely absent.

    Like…”DIVERSITY IS OUR STRENGTH.” Um, WHY? (silence, from one end of the universe to another, you could hear a pin drop).

    And “OUR DIFFERENCES MAKE US STRONGER.” Really? usually, they make us miserable, and contentious. Ali sure pounded that nail in hard with totally honest, unabashed , pure logic, and a bit of heart , too. I feel JEALOUS, that he had the free pass to act that way!

    Man, this video should be made to go VIRAL.

    Because, Ali, whatever one may think of him, is a champion of will, witty, and hey, he’s black, so he gets a pass.

    Let’s let him be a mouthpiece for us, and sanity.

    BTW, I’d disagree with some posters, that he isn’t bright. On the contrary, he’s creative, animated, energetic, truthful and one hell of an example of a will to succeed.

    Yeah, a showboat of the highest degree, but sometimes hilarious. He could even be mildly self- deprecating, which made him all the funnier. I used to hit the heavy bag and speed bag every morning at 6AM in Junior high, in part inspired by the guy.

    Nice to know we could agree on a thing or two.

    Thanks, Muhammad.

    (PS: I think that one of the hardest things to be in the last fifty years, is a black man with a brain, and a sense of individuality. Ali is that, IMHO. No doubt it fueled his anger and animation).

  18. Anonymous says:

    “He was too mentally subnormal to pass the test to be drafted into the Army the first time around; his IQ score was too low.”

    Which is why IQ tests are always worth taking with a grain of salt. Ali is clearly above average in intelligence and creativity, and he’s motivated to do things more important than a silly test.

    Anyone who has worked with someone from India, Jamaica, or Turkey knows that similarly “IQed” people from Mexico, Arabic countries, or the Philippines are not on the same level.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately, among celebrity blacks, too few followed Ali’s birds of a feather argument.

    Among the blacks who strayed to the white side of the fence, there was Gregory Hines, Quincy Jones, Naomi Campbell, Dennis Rodman, Charles Barkley, Kobe Bryant, Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Tiger Woods, Diana Ross, Oprah, Donna Summer, Prince, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Carl Weathers, Whoopi Goldberg, Harry Bellafonte, Sammy Davis Jr., Sydney Poitier, Herbie Hancock, Scotty Pippin, Wesley Snipes, Montel Williams, O.J. Simpson, Cuba Gooding Jr., Sonny Rawlins, Jimi Hendrix, Lou Rawls, Chaka Khan, Richard Rowntree, Tina Turner, Billy Dee Williams, Fred Williamson, Mariah Carey, Reggie Jackson, Serena Williams and Lionel Richie.

    Almost any black (or brown) with celebrity status goes for the whites. This also applies to blacks with no status.

    No matter how dysfunctional the relationship may be, the black gains in status by being seen in a relationship with a white.

  20. Follow The Light says:

    But this was 40 years ago. Cassius Clay very well may have adopted a more liberal/

    politically correct stance in later years. Especially when it comes to White women. He may like his Mohammaden women of a lighter hue.

  21. LOUDMOUTH57 says:

    It would have been interesting if this interview took place in 1971 but instead of Ali being the person interviewed a white athlete like Pete Rose, Joe Namath or Arnold Palmer for example were chosen by the BBC for Michael Parkinson’s program. Can you imagine what would happen if one of those guys held the same philosophy on race as Ali did during the Parkinson interview? I have a feeling Parkinson would have been foaming at the mouth with rage and would be self righteously waving his arms around as he lectured and degraded the white athlete instead of politely disagreeing with him. The audience instead of listening attentively would have given Rose, Namath or Palmer the John Rocker treatment. When one of those white athletes got home to the States after the Parkinson interview civil rights groups would be protesting at their respective sporting events demanding boycotts of them and their sponsors. By the way Ali’s great grandfather was an Irishman. However I do agree with Ali and respect him for his honesty about race and culture.

  22. Anonymous says:

    This doesn’t come as a surprise to me since I knew of his open relationship with Malcolm X and publicly stated his opposition of “forced integration” (his words).

  23. Bantu Education says:

    After the “Rumble in the Jungle” with Joe Frazier in Zaire, and having witnessed at first hand the chaos of black Africa, Ali is reported to have said, words to the effect, “I’m glad my ancestors got on board that slave ship..!”

    Sadly I don’t think he would say the same things today that he said in this 40-year old interview. 1971 was not long after John R. Baker’s “Race” was published and was just about the last time one could speak semi-openly about race, even though Parkinson was clearly caught off-guard and had it not been Ali and not been a live interview, I am sure it would have been canned.

    What has happened since that has closed down rational debate on race? I am sure there are many, but what has been the single over-riding factor? Is it that our arguments are simply too undeniable?

  24. Jack in Chicago says:

    Ali was a neighbor for awhile in Chicago, in the same neighborhood Obama moved in to live well, and use as his political base to supposedly lead the Black masses further to the South and West. I followed Ali for a long time and though very many powerful anti American, anti White forces tried to use him, Ali was on balance a decent guy and didn’t hate White people or hate America.

    Ali’s greatest victory was his defeat of George Foreman in Zaire Africa and he made a great show of being the Black African’s people’s champion there, but Ali also made comments to the effect that the local Black women were too dark, kind of ugly and needed to lighten up a bit.

    Ali also expressed some understanding for the plight of White South Africa, expressing a desire to simply flout the sports boycott of Apartheid South Africa and go to SA and have a great time.

    Ali was also very nice and charming to my mother when my parents were invited to a coming out party by the NOI under the son of Elijah Muhammad. Unfortunately, Ali’s life soon turned for the worse as he was divorced by his wife (represented by the African American mother of my school mate) and was hit with the highest divorce settlement in the history of the state of Illinois. White laws and customs about the rights of women can really mess up the life of a Black man.


  25. sbuffalonative says:

    “He was too mentally subnormal to pass the test to be drafted into the Army the first time around; his IQ score was too low.”

    If you wanted to avoid the military draft of the time, wouldn’t it be easy to fail an IQ test?

  26. Ellen says:

    Oh, if ONLY people—all people, all of us—could speak that openly and honestly about race today! Watching that clip just made my heart ache for the precious freedom of speech that we’ve lost. Ali was able to speak his mind and even got some applause. Such “blasphemy” would never be allowed today, especially if a white person said it. Oh, what we have lost! What we have thrown away.

  27. Gavrik says:

    I suppose it’s possible that his IQ is below the white average, but that was some of the most intelligent commentary I’ve heard in a long time. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to have common sense, and there are plenty of geniuses out there working to destroy us as a race.

  28. Joe B says:

    “He was too mentally subnormal to pass the test to be drafted into the Army the first time around; his IQ score was too low. Only after they lowered the standards did he become eligible which started his problems regarding the draft.

    So what did he have to offer to the gene pool anyway?”

    As I recall, Cassius Clay’s IQ was 79, a full standard deviation below the cutoff for the US Army today. Despite all the lefty clap trap from Norman Mailer and Joyce Carol Oates about what a genius he was, Clay probably should have been living in a group home with a 7 pm curfew.

    As a boxer, Clay clearly displayed a deep satisfaction, common to all African people, in savagely pummeling the head of non-black human beings. The black sucker punch and tribal head stomping is everywhere to be seen on Live Leak and YouTube clips. Clearly blacks wish to deprive others of that which they lack as a race: basic intelligence.

    In a Diverse society all whites should wear football helmets and body armor to avoid being turned into a vegetable or paraplegic over something as trivial as direct eye contact with a black man or woman.

  29. Spartan24 says:

    I am not sure if Muhammed Ali is still with Nation of Islam or has affiliated with regular Sunni Islam but I can say as a former Muslim that Islam teaches interracial marriage. I was told that I should not want children that looked like me but should marry someone that was Muslim by birth and have kids that looked like him. I do have to wonder if this was only taught to naive Whites that somehow wondered into Islam since Arab Muslims are about the most racist people you will ever meet. Of the many Arab Muslim men I met who had wives who were converts only 2 had black wives, the rest were White or possibly Hispanic. I have heard it speculated that since Muslims have been inbred for so many generations they have to seek new blood elsewhere so they seek wives from the White American and European populations.

  30. q says:

    18 — Anonymous wrote at 1:11 AM on April 30:

    “Anyone who has worked with someone from India, Jamaica, or Turkey knows that similarly “IQed” people from Mexico, Arabic countries, or the Philippines are not on the same level.”

    Likewise, anyone who has worked with blacks knows all too well that they are far less mentally capable than almost any other race in the world today.

    Their supposed US I.Q. average of 85 has to either be incorrect or I.Q. tests are woefully lacking in comprehensiveness in determining real intelligence, because every single race in the U.S. does better in every way mentally than blacks.

    Before I’m written off as someone maintaining that premise, who has a low I.Q., let me just say mine is around the 140 level, so it is not a “sour grapes” thing. I firmly believe I.Q. does not evaluate intelligence accurately. It tells a lot, but more work needs to be done to refine the process. Eventually the process will be added to and ironed out, and if the multicults don’t successfully stop the results such tests will place blacks in a worse light than they are right now.

    We will never know the truth on many things until the PC crowd is neutralized once and for all. They are the motivating force behind this era which will be known to future generations as the “Age of Liars.”

  31. Anonymous says:


    Ali was great here, I’ll admit it. He offers snappy, common sense answers to Parkinson’s foolish liberal idealism, while Parkinson nervously attempts to diassociate himself from Ali’s views. It’s pathetic how deracinated he is.

    If only a white man could speak the same common sense in this day and age!


    Blacks have natural rhythm which is part of what makes them great athletes. Imagine Parkinson being the guy he opens up with a wide leading hook and then Bam! On the ropes, Pop-Pop-Pop-Pop. Just like a boxer, looking to score technical.

    Everything Ali does in that interview is strategic, he only asks questions looking for straightman answers and by **posing the question** he controls not just the type but the length of reply he’ll accept before he can take the initiative again and be off in a seemingly new but actually planned direction.

    When he has to do, he uses ‘the pointing finger’ trick to override the other guy’s longer replies because, as the camera is attracted to this powerful man’s gesticulations, you ignore the rudeness and driving tempo of Ali’s ratatatat voice driving back.

    This is -part- of why blacks are gaining so much power. A natural ability to see speech as a form of dominance test combat rather than a serious convocation of ideas to be balanced and weighed.

    The best dialogues are ones where you say: “Hold up and think a minute before you respond on that.” because you WANT your debator to give their absolute best answer. Their studied analysis and argument. They are slow and sometimes tortuous exchanges but when you are done, you have covered most of the bases and not left things unstated or sotto voce.

    Repartee’ based argument is the song and dance of politics but in the end, it does no one any real good.

    10 points for dramatic arts, 5 points for using REASONING (IQ, social status, criminality, beauty, culturation losses) to make the point for -why- we should be careful of losing who we are.

    Ali is pro-attitude because he dare not be pro-white.

  32. jdavis says:

    Same old argument, IQ means nothing because “he or she is glib”. Just like Obama. He was low IQ, and barely literate.

    Ali meant what he was saying at the time, take a moment and remember how he treated and railed at opponents about being an “uncle tom” or some such white mans n….r.

    Recall. Ali isn’t my hero, he was overwhelming this idiot from the BBC, which isn’t hard or difficult when you view life with facts and not wishes.

  33. anonymous says:

    It is just interesting to see that the point of view of liberal in English-speaking society has not changed even slightly in 40 years.

    In all time, someone has to notice at least a little bit that everyone in the world lives by the creed Muhammad Ali is expressing. Even those who cross cultural and ethnic boundaries in their marriages, and there are many, know they are doing so and make arrangements deal with that fact both in their family life and in the public sphere.

    All have human rights, but all do not have to be identical. Ali shows a very salutary balance of mind in these comments.

  34. Soprano Fan says:

    I must say, I enjoyed hearing Ali espouse his views on being a proud, black man, and loving black American women. His bird analogies about how birds like to fly with their own kind, had the host absolutely dung-faced. When Ali said “God made us all”, I couldn’t believe the host actually saying “society made us different”. How did society make different a hunter in Papua New Guinea from a Japanese industrialist, or a Jewish rabbi, or a Chinese farmer or a Spanish Basque sheepherder?

    Ali had the host flummoxed when he said, “You’re on the show, you have to say that”. Then, he spoke about Pakistanis, Jews and Catholics all loving their respective cultures.

    Of course, I realize that this took place in 1971, before Roe v. Wade was decided, and the feminist movement took root. Nevertheless, I liked the way Ali used examples in Nature to point out we are all different, while the host was saying, we are different ONLY BECAUSE society says so.

    Oh really?

  35. elaine says:

    I remember watching the Mike Douglas show as a teenager. It was a daytime show, and usually quite tame and family friendly, although they did broadcast “Hey Jude” live from the studio in London. Ali was a guest one afternoon. He told mild-mannered Mike that he was against interracial marriage–i don’t know how this subject came up exactly, as Mike wouldn’t have broached the subject on his own–because “every man wants a son who looks like himself.” I don’t remember it raising any hackles in the audience and Mike Douglas received the opinion calmly as if it made some sense. I don’t recall any argument put forth. And I remember, in spite of being brainwashed enough to consider interracial dating, that what he said made sense and was right.

  36. elaine again says:

    Well said Ali. However, he was a bit schizoid on the subject. When visiting Africa he remarked that the people needed more “white blood” because he thought their completed black looks were ugly. He often derided darker, more black looking blacks for their looks, including one of the guys he fought (who was actually kind of shocked at the insults and contempt based on color and features that came out of Ali’s mouth.)

    So Ali likes his race, but his race is mulatto and quadroon — and even less black, the result of race mixing. One mixed-up guy.

    btw, he was very fond of one fan, JFK Jr., and attended his funeral. I also heard he was a big tipper, odd for a black. Strange dude.

  37. White Cornerback says:

    I like Ali. Pro-white and pro-black do not have to be mutually exclusive. Separate but equal is good; separate but unequal is immoral. Just as racial differences are real, it is also true that there is a single race. Preserve and honor both. Blacks are not animals, they are human beings just as much as whites are. They have no lesser right to the pursuit of dignity and happiness than you or I. Also, while miscegenation should be discouraged, a negligible amount of it is not harmful to either race and should not be legally proscibed. As Jared has written, a healthy race does not need anti-miscegenation laws. Sorry to be so moderate and “squishy,” but if pro-white activists had been more moderate like this in the past, the “pro-white” position would be seen as a lot more reasonable and moral than it currently is today.

  38. Stiv says:

    Ali did humiliate any black man he fought who was too dark and typically black in appearance for his taste, starting with Liston.

    He also stood by Elijah Muhammad when it was obvious the man had taken advantage of young black NOI women; and still supported him when there were strong rumors he had Malcolm X killed.

    But, he at least had SOME healthy racial instincts.

  39. John Engelman says:

    25 — sbuffalonative wrote at 11:07 AM on April 30:

    “He was too mentally subnormal to pass the test to be drafted into the Army the first time around; his IQ score was too low.”

    If you wanted to avoid the military draft of the time, wouldn’t it be easy to fail an IQ test?

  40. Tom S. says:

    My God, every word he said could’ve come out of my mouth about being WHITE and proud. No thinking White man wants his children\grandchildren to look “different” than him, as Ali said “its just human nature”! Theres NOTHING wrong with loving your people. Just because you love your people DOES NOT mean you HATE OTHERS!

    As I’m sure most on here would agree, I don’t hate black people. I’ve known many that I admire to this day that are good, honest, hardworking people. I hate black MENTALITIES! Unfortunately black mentality seems to infest probably 70 – 80% of blacks judging by my personal experiences.

    Maybe a little off subject, but why is it okay for blacks to have their own little ‘ethnic hideaways’ but not okay for Whites? Oh we might have “White neighborhoods”, but go into the malls, grocery stores, restaurants, fitness centers, banks etc., and there will be black workers\customers in them, even in very wealthy areas. So in reality, there are few “real” White neighborhoods around. On a wider scale, non-White countries have very strict immigration laws that forbid ( or at least make it very uncomfortable ) for “others” to live there or become citizens, and CERTAINLY not gain any political\ academic power.

    P.S. Welcome back JOHN P.M.!

  41. Robert Henderson says:

    To English eyes that interview was especially hilarious because Parkinson is a fraud in more ways than one. Not only is he a card-carrying liberal bigot but a professional Yorkshireman.

    Yorkshire is a county in the North of England and Parkinson, whon was born there, made his reputation by depicting it as a rough tough place with a heart of gold populated by extreme eccentrics, a place, moreover, for which he supposedly had immense affection and loved above all other parts of the country. He has played on these origins ever since. The only problem with this scenario is that he moved from Yorkshire as soon as he could get away and has spent most of his life living in the South East of England, reputedly the softest and most affluent part of England. (There is a north-south divide in England, with the north supposedly being thinking the south is full of snobbish softies and the south supposedly looking down on the north with patronising amusement – it is a myth but a potent one).

    Ali’s demolition of Parkinson shows how unprepared white liberals in England are to back up their ideology with argument. Having control of public life and the mainstream media, they do not bother to develop arguments, merely suppress contrary views. When I am called a racist by white liberals, a not infrequent happening as I write and speak honestly about race and immigration, I bring them to a stuttering halt by simply saying “You give me your definition of a racist and I’ll tell you if I meet it.” Shuts them up every time.

  42. Anonymous says:

    At the end of the day it’s good to see that Parkinson took Mr Ali’s advice:

  43. THE MAN says:

    I knew someone who worked at a hotel in Cleveland when Ali came to the front desk he looked down and wouldn’t look the receptionist in the eye. After he left the white woman asked a black bellman what was up. The black bellman told her he was a Muslim and wasn’t allowed to look upon a white woman. Then later that night the bellman sneaked white women up to his room. Another phony !

  44. Anonymous says:

    Blue birds with blue birds. Red birds with red birds. Hilarious! Racial identity for 5 year olds! For a man with a 70 IQ, Muhammad Ali’s comments are quite reasonable–although simplistic.

  45. Ted of England says:

    I like Mohammed Ali and the condition that Ali suffers from is terrible.But the condition that Parkinson suffers from is even worse.If you see what I mean.

  46. Bill and Ben says:

    Gives a whole new interpretation of ‘Parkinson’s disease’.

  47. Anonymous says:

    The brightest and best white Americans were dying in Vietnam to kill Communism while he was dodging the draft. A coward dies a thousand deaths.

  48. Anonymous says:

    “I hadn’t realized this argument about racial amalgamation was that far advanced in 1971.”

    It wasn’t. The guy was Cultural Marxist, and their job was to normalize race-mixing, and they are always ahead of the societal curve.

  49. M. Tyson says:

    Blacks are usually not “intuitive” people, so they do not have a well-reasoned and integrated belief system.

    However, they do know the nuts-and-bolts of reality more than most Whites, so I like what Ali said.

    Ali was an OK fighter, but the refs covered for him all the time.

  50. Joe B says:

    “If you wanted to avoid the military draft of the time, wouldn’t it be easy to fail an IQ test?”

    Then Ali must have consistently and deliberately flunked every IQ test he ever took in grammar and high school. His IQ would have been part of his high school record.

  51. Johnny English says:

    Michael Parkinson is the supreme time-serving, platitude-mouthing, large-salaried, sanctimious windbag of the BBC. It was with much delight on the part of most of the viewing public that this pompous, self-important bore was brought decisively down to size (five years later) by a bird unmentioned by Ali, the magnificent Emu:

  52. Question Diversity says:

    51 Johnny English:

    Who’s the silver haired old man who anchored the BBC election night coverage a year ago and also moderated the Brown-Cam-Clegg debates a few weeks before that? I thought he was the “supreme time-serving, platitude-mouthing, large-salaried, sanctimious windbag of the BBC.” (I remember his particular word choices when the BBC gave the BNP and NickG their perfunctory few minutes of coverage that afternoon.) If not, then I’ll side with you and conclude that he (can’t remember his name off hand) is just an ordinary “time-serving, platitude-mouthing, large-salaried, sanctimious windbag of the BBC,” and that the network has more where that came from.