Posted on April 1, 2011

Miss Ireland: ‘We’re So in Love, We Don’t Care What Racists Say About Us’

Niamh Walsh, Daily Mail (London), March 21, 2011

Stunning Miss Ireland Emma Waldron told yesterday in a forthright interview how she will never let ‘ignorant’ racists affect her love for Nigerian boyfriend Manners Oshafi.

Emma, 21, has been the victim of a vicious internet campaign because of her relationship with a black man and was forced to report an online poster targeting her with hateful and abusive racist comments.

She recently found herself at the centre of a row after one person branded her ‘disgusting’ for dating a black man.

And the stunning brunette told the Irish Mail on Sunday in an exclusive interview how one person went so far as to set up an account to target the couple.

‘One Twitter account was set up specifically to send me hateful comments.

‘But I blocked them and reported them so I don’t get the messages any more,’ she said.

The couple–who have been dating for nearly a year–have even earned their own Brangelina-like portmanteau.

Friends have dubbed them ‘Memmers’, a combination of Emma and Manners.

And such is the strength of their relationship that Emma and Manners have vowed not to allow themselves to be victimised.

‘We are a very strong couple and we don’t really care what people think.

‘We have not been affected at all by the remarks on Twitter as it just stems from people’s ignorance,’ said Manners.

Emma, who came fourth in the Miss World competition before Christmas, said that while she has encountered racism while out with Manners, 23, she refuses to let it get to her.

‘I have experienced negative comments on nights out and on social networking sites but it doesn’t bother me.

‘I will never let someone’s ignorance affect my love for Manners. He is the most amazing person I have ever met.

‘What colour my skin is doesn’t matter to him and what colour his skin is doesn’t matter to me.

‘What matters in friendship and love is the heart and soul of the person you are in a relationship with and his heart is so big and I’m lucky to be in it,’ she said.

The Kildare beauty said while everyone is entitled to their opinion, she feels that now that Ireland is a multi-cultural society, people should be educated.

‘I think that Ireland is so rich in many cultures and often times preconceived notions influence how people treat others who are of different colour, creed or sexuality.

‘We need to help break down the barriers that sometimes build up in our homes, schools and society. The way to do this is by educating people.’

Emma said that her parents’ openness and acceptance has had huge impact on her and her choices.

‘My grandmother is Swedish and my dad is part-Italian, so as a family we have always been open,’ she said.

‘They love Manners and his family love me. There really is no issue of colour at all. He’s just my boyfriend.’

Manners moved to Ireland eight years ago with his parents and four siblings. The family first settled in Athlone.

In a reflection of the changing nature of modern Ireland, he revealed that he was the first black boy in his school.

‘It was strange coming to Ireland, cold,’ he laughed.

‘But Ireland is a great country. Myself and my brother were the first black kids in the school in Athlone so we were seen as being different but good different.

‘We made good friends and were never bullied.’

Manners has just completed a master’s degree in telecommunications engineering at Dublin City University.

Now Emma’s boyfriend is helping her develop her website as she has her sights set on a career in television.

‘I am going back to St Pat’s [St Patrick’s College] this year as I want to qualify as a teacher but I would also like to do some TV work,’ she said.

The statuesque beauty is currently working with the makers of [reality TV show] Fade Street on an online fashion programme.

‘I have been doing an online fashion magazine show called Stylemania and it’s going really well. I would love to do some TV work and this is giving me great experience. It’s going really well.’

Emma, who carries out voluntary work with St Vincent de Paul, said that she feels compelled to speak out against bullies and racists.

‘I am very lucky in that I have a platform and I can use that. Yes, I have been the target of a bully but I am strong and have dealt with it.

‘It’s International Day Against Racism tomorrow and I think we all have a role to play to promote equality and raise awareness.

‘I can draw from my experiences and even if I help one person to overcome bullying, well, then that’s something,’ she said.

Emma, who is first violin with the Hibernian Symphony Orchestra, said that people need to be educated on race and different cultures.

‘I think it would be very naive of me to say that there is no racism in Ireland. Unfortunately there is.

‘If you socialise with people from different races and cultures you are less likely to show hatred towards them. But it still exists. I think people should make an effort to know people different from you.’

The good-looking couple have just bought a Labrador called Herbie and say that while they are very happy together they have no plans to set up home just yet.

‘Emma is terrific,’ said Manners. ‘We are different in some ways but in other ways we are like soul mates.

‘We think the same way and sometimes will finish each other’s sentences. But Emma is going back to college so we have no plans to move in just yet.’

The computer whizz also revealed that he has no problems with Emma’s work as a model.

‘Why would I? She always looks great in pictures. She is gorgeous. I’m a lucky man,’ he laughed.

34 responses to “Miss Ireland: ‘We’re So in Love, We Don’t Care What Racists Say About Us’”

  1. Tim Mc Hugh says:

    “Is the heart and soul of the person” Sounds too close to a commando manual for my taste. I`m guessing this ends in tragedy, excuse me, I meant death…

  2. Tim Mc Hugh says:

    AS a guy who might as well have a Shamrock on his driver`s license as his name, I invoke the right to comment a third time.

    Miss Ireland: “We`re so in love…” Ever notice how in these mixed marriage celebrity things the White persons comments are always up front… Hmmm Could that be because, They have more weight in convincing us or they think they make a more articularte argument?!?

    “Have earned their own Brangelina portmanteau.” Oh how the mighty Irish have fallen. Robert Burns on the bookshelf and “Branjolie” in the newspapers…

  3. Daniel says:

    So we have 21 year old Emma that thinks people need to be educated on race and different cultures.

    I fully agree with her and she is he one that needs and probably will get an education. I would really be surprised if she feels the same way latter in life.

  4. Schoolteacher says:

    What colour his skin is may not matter to you, Miss Ireland, but I can guarantee you that what colour your skin is matters to him. Only Whites are brainwashed enough to not recognize that race matters. I’ve never met a color blind Black or Hispanic, and I surely doubt that an African in Ireland would be so oblivious.

  5. pioneer says:

    Feminism’s constant attack and total willingness to ally with every minority group and promote every racial group over the evil white male has done it’s job well. Almost every commercial bashes the white male, every sit com writes in the attractive and sexy white girl as swooning over the macho mixed race or minority male, while the white guys get the geeky subservient roles. This propaganda is everywhere and then we wonder why our young women fall victim to this conspiracy?


  6. hts says:

    I wonder. Will she recognize the error of her ways the first time she lays on the floor beaten and bloodied? Or will she blame herself for being not good enough for him? Or will it be the second time, when she wakes up, blood dripping from her face, and her stomach bruised and swollen from the punches? Or maybe the third time, when she doesn’t even wake up because of the excessive blows to her head, and she lays comatose in the bed, with a breathing tube down her throat? Just asking…

  7. Walter L says:

    It is tough to stay married to a good man that loves you, and cares for you and your children. Miss Ireland is going to learn that getting an ugly black man to have sex with her is no big problem.

    Getting rid of the bum is a big problem. Look at what happened to Mrs. O J Simpson.

    I hope she lives to regret her foolishness, but the odds are against her.

  8. WR the elder says:

    Emma Waldron is a pretty woman who will never have a pretty daughter, granddaughter, or great granddaughter. She has succumbed to the brainwashing, and demonstrates once again why it is essential to keep your children from the mass media organs of propaganda.

  9. Charles Hastings says:

    Throughout history, conquerors have invaded territories, slain the men and carried off the women. The rape of the Sabine Women was just one of a vast history of such events.

    White men are now so weak and lacking in confidence that they encourage invaders to take our women and, in effect, kill us off by denying us the right to make children and control our destinies.

    In a very real sense, we are in a war for our very existence. We have the right the fight the invaders “by any means necessary,” as men in the past have fought.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Interracial relationships amongst whites and non-whites would be much lower if white people talked as openly about other races as non-white people do. Many of these relationships involve white people who are ignorant of typical behaviors of other races. I can guarantee you that this African male, if he hasn’t already, will be asking her for money. He not only sees her as a sexual object but as a money source, someone who can provide him an income without working. He will also want her to clean up the living area, clean his clothes, cook and let him have loud parties whenever. If they have children, let’s hope not, he will abandon her in 60 seconds. Black people don’t do responsibility. Non-white people do not want white people to talk openly about non-white people because that would evaporate their advantage over ignorant white people to get what they want.

  11. idareya says:

    I don’t think this very confused young lady’s biggest problem is going to be racism from other people. I think what is going to turn out to be her biggest problem is sitting right next to her.

  12. Luther says:

    Tim McHugh: someone who has a (metaphorical) shamrock on his license should be aware that Robert Burns was Scottish.

  13. Tom Iron says:

    Of course, we’ve heard this all before. But the fact of the matter is that if this girl goes ahead and has this guys kid[s], he won’t do what a good man does and stand by her and support her in all probability. Of course, her peers will support her in the beginning. As time goes by though, that support will wain. Especially as her half caste children grow. Even in her own family, her siblings will stop inviting her and her children to family gatherings until she’s all but out of the family. She will descend into a living hell of a life. I’ve seen this before and I sympathize with her, but she’s an adult and is making her own decisions now.

    Tom Iron…

  14. sbuffalonative says:

    ‘But Ireland is a great country. Myself and my brother were the first black kids in the school in Athlone so we were seen as being different but good different.

    ‘We made good friends and were never bullied.’

    Notice how there were no racial threats and no racial violence.

    This is because their numbers were small. Blacks were a novelty and not a threat.

    Of course, over time when blacks reach ‘critical mass’ and begin acting brazenly black and making demands, that’s when white anger appears and white flight begins.

    Few may notice one or two blacks in the background. If they do, they’re a novelty and not seen as a threat. That all changes as their numbers increase.

  15. Son of Liberty says:

    Who does this kid think she is to call us ignorant? She is a deceived child reciting the mantras of the enemies of our People. She is not qualified to tell anyone anything about life. Get real. Race matters above ALL!!! Religion, politics, nation, all are totally less important than RACE. Blacks have surprisingly substantial differences to White people both genetically and biologically. A simple skull can tell a scientist the race of a person in five seconds, so don`t tell us that the only difference between the races are color. That is a total LIE!!! Also, I.Q. tests are accurate, reliable and very meaningful. Blacks are collectively extremely stupid and only Affirmative Action has helped them achieve anything in our world. We Whites have allowed our enemies to destroy us because we are susceptible to being called names. As an ignorant Redneck I am here to tell you that we have to not accept the validity of being called a Racist like its anything negative. OF COURSE we are racist. If we weren`t, we wouldn`t be White. We have the complete right to be WHITE.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Maybe she was brainwashed by Irish Jam (2006), an absurd film about an young African American who leaves his stereotypical fat, loud girlfriend, finds himself in rural Ireland, is able to teach the mature Irishmen a thing or 2 and becomes the village hero by saving it from an evil English landlord. All the women throw themselves at him. He especially wins the heart of a lovely young widow and the affection of her distressed fatherless daughter. While this low budget production didn’t get on to many screens in the US, it drew interest in Ireland including negative comments from their film critics who also perceived the absurdity.

    It’s message about Black men (and immigrants in general) who are completely alien to local culture is clear. While aggrandizement of the Black male is common these days, this movie takes it to a new extreme in its unsubtle wall to wall portrayal of how an uneducated hustler from South Central is able to instantly turn fortunes around while paradoxically introducing his failed ghetto culture and, in typical liberal fashion, himself undergoes reform of his said troubled ghetto past by simply being in the company of the locals. It’s more blatant than Mel Brooks Blazing Saddle or the Roman portion of History of the World; there could be other movies or TV shows I have missed. The movie in question also reinforces common stereotypes of Irish men (drinking, pugnacious country bumpkins wearing unimaginative dress) in a negative way yet portrays a Black man (well endowed, fast talking, colorful clothing wearing, musically gifted especially hip hop) in high esteem. In typical post classical liberal fashion, paradoxical that simply leaving his troubled ghetto past and bringing his unchange

    Search Results on Google where you can read about what others said of it:

    Website of the film’s liberal director, has movie clips – be forewarned of the black man as a sex symbol scene:

  17. Anonymous says:

    Well, she is quite young, and some (me included unfortunately) have to travel the hard road first. I came out of my stupor about ten years ago. It was like scales falling from the blind man’s eyes. I do not wish harm on he or she, but she is on that hard road right now and has no clue.

  18. Tom in Illinois says:

    Well, one good thing to come out of this story is this: Maybe future miss Irelands or any other country will think twice about dating a minority before they even fantasize about wearing that diamond crown…

    And another thing Miss Ireland, if insults and threatening posts never phased you or bothered you…why did you report them anyways!?

    And your boyfriend doesnt even seem happy to be with you in the photo…(hmmm, wonder what was on his mind when he knew that photo would be shown to whites?)

  19. Arnold says:


    Emma Waldron calls her critics racists. But her boyfriend loves her ONLY because she is White. She does not realize it, because she sounds so gullible and naive, but that is the ONLY reason he pretends to love her–her skin color.

    He is the real racist. And she loves a racist. Because he is a racist (by liking her).

    Miss Ireland needs to take a look at herself and what she would find behind her pretty face is a person who is not so pretty on the inside.

  20. Ninguno says:

    Daniel wrote:

    So we have 21 year old Emma who thinks people need to be educated on race and different cultures.

    I fully agree with her (that) she is he one who needs and probably will get an “education”. I would really be surprised if she feels feels the same way latter in life.


    Indeed! So here we have another a wiser-than-thou twenty-one year old lecturing us, from her greater wisdom, on the higher, more moral way. Whatever would we do without twenty year olds to show us the folly of our ways and correct our foolish errors?


  21. Anonymous says:

    “Miss Ireland is going to learn that getting an ugly black man to have sex with her is no big problem.

    Getting rid of the bum is a big problem. Look at what happened to Mrs. O J Simpson.”

    — Walter

    Yes, the only difference is that when he eventually beats her and abandons her, it won’t get the breathless media attention that their “relationship” is getting now. It might merit a tiny paragraph at the bottom of page 20, but probably nothing. And there certainly will be NO MENTION of race at all, which is being highlighted now while things are still lovey dovey. When they break up, or he kills her, it will be just another domestic dispute between two raceless individuals.

    Race is never mentioned by the media, except when they want to show us how wonderful it is. When the circumstances are less than happy, race doesn’t exist!

  22. sbuffalonative says:

    ‘We need to help break down the barriers that sometimes build up in our homes, schools and society. The way to do this is by educating people.’

    No. We need to respect what either evolution or God created; distinct races.

    We don’t need to brainwash 6 billion people. We need to respect the workings of a healthy mind.

  23. Anonymous says:

    She has that stupid triumphant look on her face of a girl who is gonna show us all how bold and daring she is. I’ve seen that same attitude before in public. These girls, usually not mature adult women, don’t truly care for the guy and will soon split from him as soon as the novelty of being such a ‘rebel’ wears off. When I was younger I was very upset by it; now it’s mostly tiresome.

  24. Aware One says:

    Female celebrities are being paid to promote this interracial stuff by the Powers-That-Be. The savvier here should understand this. The same is true of the interracial child adoptions of famous celebrities. All in the hopes of brainwashing naive young white girls to have non-white spouses and children.

    It’s all fake and phoney too. It’s probably a condition for her to get big corporate endorsement deals. Sad to see Ireland attacked like this.

    Television (and the media in general) is toxic. The internet isn’t much better. Parents who let thier children watch this stuff are responsible for the negative outcomes. I have little respect for people who can find nothing better to do than incessantly watch television, and who also let their children drift into this addiction. And for those who don’t have the spine to tell their children the truth about group differences and animosities, knowing full well the truth. All they care about is their own self-image. They are guilty of child abuse.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Having travelled many times over the years to Ireland, I have found that many Irish have a peculiar affinity for Africans. Perhaps it was their lack of contact with anyone Black in their own country as they were an isolated island for so long. I can recall getting into many an argument with native Irishmen over drinks in a local pub about how poorly they believed we Americans treated our Blacks etc. The hypocrite singer Bono is a typical example of this trait, demanding billions for Africa from Western nations. The Irish always take the side of a perceived underdog due to their own history under British rule. They are an intelligent people but woefully ignorant of the world around them. They are an insular, provincial nation that even makes distinctions amongst themselves depending upon what County they are from. The ones with the most sense are usually those who have lived abroad and witnessed the epidemic of Black crime and destructive behaviors.

    I have no doubt that this relationship will end badly, perhaps in violence or worse.

  26. Anonymous says:

    24 — Aware One wrote at 3:22 PM on April 2:

    I’m glad someone other than myself can see what’s going on here. These celebrities are nothing but paid whores doing the bidding of their masters. This isn’t the 1950s and most people don’t look in awe to celebrities as an example to follow. Did anyone think Priscilla Presley was in love with someone as weird and androgynous looking as Michael Jackson? Or that Madonna was a charitable person because she adopted Africans when they are plenty of homegrown Africans to adopt?

  27. Bonnie Blue Flag says:

    Her poor father. He is almost certainly repulsed by this and in fear for his daughter. Whether he has the integrity to voice this is doubtful, given the shackled state of the modern Caucasian male.

    The mother is probably all for it and revels in her husband having yet another reason to toss and turn and night.

    A girl might enjoy the disapproving attention of a usually quiet father, but young women cannot stand the cold shoulder of a mother for very long.

    Women: wake up and think of your daughters’ and sons’ wellbeing much before any ill-conceived political statement you might wish to make.

  28. Paul Jones says:

    This girl points out that her grandmother was Swedish and her Dad was part Italian, as if that qualifies her to completely “jump ship” and marry outside of European background peoples. It’s obviously one thing for a northern European to marry a southern European and quite another for any European to marry someone of African descent. The first case could be ascribed positively to “hybrid vigor”, but the latter case is simply this couple’s contribution to what I call the “slow genocide” of those of European descent in the world.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Her exposure to the black culture and the ways of the blacks are definitely limited by her ivory tower. I suggest she come to the U.S., and stroll around Harlem and/or Bed-sty. Or just watch and listen to how blacks have to scream to each other when they are ten feet apart on a bus. Never mind cell phones.

    Hope she doesn’t encounter the three that jumped me and kicked me in my face to steal an empty wallet. Of course that wasn’t a racial thing, just a robbery, despite the fact they called me honkey m…..f…… I wonder how she relates to 18 black boys and men raping an 11 year old in Cleveland Tx. Poor black guys probably need a hug.

    I am so sick of people trying to be politically correct when what they are really doing is wathing their race be exterminated, without protest, or lifting a hand. Wouldn’t want to offend anyone , would we ?

  30. jewamongyou says:

    If the term “Irish” means anything, she should have her title rescinded. One would think that a love for the Irish people would be a prerequisite for being “Miss Ireland”. Through her actions, she has shown that she loves Nigeria more than Ireland. Let her move to Nigeria then.

  31. Wayne says:

    Yes yes yes…quite disgusting, certainly.

    But are the rightfully outraged posters here similarly outraged by photos such as these (be honest now):

    If not, may I ask why not?

  32. ehunt says:

    How do you like it now Ireland? You preached the usual Leftist

    tripe about revolution and defying the big bad English..reliving the events of 1916 over and over because you had

    nothing else to talk about and nothing ever happened in Ireland.

    Well now your Leftism has come full circle and is destroying

    your nationalism. Leftist MultiCulturalism have brought the

    Third World to Ireland. Something has to give. You will either

    give up your Irishness or your Leftist ideology…..but you cant have both.

  33. John says:

    I love how liberals like her always describe as ignorant people who believe that blacks are less intelligent than whites and are overall less fit to live a modern society. In reality, all of the scientific evidence gathered on this subject confirms the views of the so-called “racists.” So who are the truly ignorant ones: the enlightened liberals or the bigoted conservatives?

    Like most marriages between black men and white women, this one won’t last for long and will likely end in a bitter divorce. But I’m sure this woman thinks that her marriage will somehow be unique among all of the celebrity interracial marriages. It won’t.

  34. Moderator says:

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