Posted on April 13, 2011

Low Marks for Educating Kids With Immigrant Backgrounds

Jennifer Buley, Copenhagen Post, April 7, 2011

Despite concerted efforts by the Education Ministry to improve its ‘Danish as a second language’ programme, the recently-released Pisa (Programme for International Student Assessment) Ethnic 2009 study shows that the academic gap between kids with immigrant backgrounds and kids with Danish heritage has remained roughly the same since the first Pisa Ethnic assessment in 2000.

“We were actually really surprised when we saw the results,” Niels Egelund, the chairman of the Pisa consortium and co-author of the Pisa Ethnic 2009 report told Politiken newspaper. “It is dreadful that there has not actually been any positive development when we look at averages in the three subject areas.”

In the decade since the first report, students with immigrant backgrounds made little headway in reading, lost ground in natural sciences, and stayed roughly in place in maths in comparison with native Danish-speaking classmates.

According to the 2009 report, some 38 percent of students with Danish as a second language finished 9th grade “lacking sufficient reading skills” compared to 13 percent of students with Danish as their mother tongue.

Students with immigrant backgrounds scored as though they were two years in school behind their native-speaking classmates.

Apart from the bad news for the students themselves, the results are an embarrassment for the current Liberal-Conservative government, because the assessed students began first grade when the current government came to power in 2001.

Using a phrase that requires no translation, the education editor of Politiken newspaper, Jacob Fuglsang, called the assessment “en stinker” for the government.

“The kids with immigrant backgrounds who were assessed began school at about the same time that the government came into power, so it is hard to duck the responsibility,” Fuglsang wrote.

Even more troubling, first- and second-generation Danes fared worse on the Pisa 2009 assessment than the same groups in other Nordic countries.

Compared to Sweden and Norway, Denmark had the highest share of second-generation students judged ‘weak readers’, and the lowest share of students with immigrant backgrounds who scored the highest marks.

The assessment’s writers attribute about one third of the reading score gap to students’ socio-economic backgrounds, and two thirds to “immigration factors” such as official integration policies, limited job opportunities and prejudice. Newly-appointed education minister Troels Lund Poulsen acknowledged that the results were troubling and disappointing overall, but underscored that there was at least one area of improvement.

“The number of students with immigrant backgrounds and insufficient reading ability to successfully complete primary school fell by eleven percent since 2000,” Poulsen said.

Other positive points from the report were that second-generation Danish students scored higher than first-generation Danes and students with ethnic backgrounds from Turkey, Pakistan and the former Yugoslav republics scored highest among all students with Danish as a second language.

At the end of the month the education minister is due to present a new national action plan for what should be done to improve the academic performance of children from immigrant communities.

Egelund already has a suggestion for the education minister: “I think that we ought to introduce compulsory pre-school from the age of three, with a focus on language stimulation. Because when kids start school with very limited vocabularies, they have no chance of keeping up.”

8 responses to “Low Marks for Educating Kids With Immigrant Backgrounds”

  1. Spartan24 says:

    Its the old “throw money at the problem and it will go away” fallacy. The kid’s parents are not in Denmark to become Danish (as if that was even possible) but to try to take over Europe and drag it down to third world standard. Here in the US we had immigrants that came here only speaking French, German, Dutch, Italian or Russian and by the first generation born here they started school speaking English. Maybe the parents never learned English or only had a minimal proficiency the kids and definitely the grandkids possibly didnt even know the original language. In Europe there is often one or even two generations of kids born there that dont even have a working knowledge of the language in the country where they live.

  2. Anonymous says:

    “We were actually really surprised when we saw the results,”

    For as long as I can remember people like this have tried to close the gap and failed. They are always surprised. 20 years from now, they will still try, they will stil fail and they will still be surprised.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Somehow I suspect, asking them to leave, as a way to make sure things are always equal, will be the last thing those in ‘Denmark’ will consider.

  4. ice says:

    “Low Marks for Educating Kids With Immigrant Backgrounds”

    The literally thousands of tests…and actual experience…reveal an intelligence gap between different peoples that has been completely ignored. Instead half-baked radical leftist assertions, based on nothing more than delusions, are taken as the irrefutable truth.

    And this nonsense has been foisted on the world via propaganda, mind control and brainwashing, just as effectively as the threat of imprisonment and murder was used by Stalinists and Maoists to force acceptance of lying communist propaganda.

    There is no difference between forcing one to believe skewed untruthful tenants by actually holding a knife to his throat and figuratively holding a knife to his throat by threatening to ruin him, psychologically batter him and/or ostracize him, taking away his ability to earn a living.

    The former is the style of communism. The latter is the democratic way. But both accomplish the same goal: Forcing a perverted belief down the collective throat of the masses.

    The elites want to “create” freedom in all these countries that are wealthy with oil, because they know once they loosen up the system into a free market enterprise they have all the tools at their disposal to control their culture and economy, just as they have throughout the West.

    Whites are in the process right now of being “taught” to accept multiculturalism and all the lies that go with it. Is there any doubt as to how effective it has been?

  5. Anonymous says:

    I recall while living in Germany in the 80’s, I sent my little boy to a German school. He was required to come an hour each day earlier to study German. Within a year it was no longer required. At year five, he was accepted into Gymnasium, the university prep path.

    Did I mention he is white?

  6. HH says:

    There is no legitimate “academic gap.” There is, however, an evolutionary and genetic gap at work.

  7. Bon, From the Land of Babble says:

    Here are some excerpts from an article on Muslim inbreeding which probably explains a lot of the academic gap (and other pathologies) of Muslims vs. Native Danes and other Westerners:

    The consequences of Muslim inbreeding [show] that on average around 50% of marriages in the Muslim world are consanguineous, with predictable effects of low intelligence and mental and physical disorders…When cousins have children together, they are twice as likely to have a disabled child… Disabled immigrant children costs Danish municipalities millions. In Copenhagen County alone, the number of disabled children in the overall increase of 100 percent at 10 years.

    The cognitive consequences of Muslim inbreeding might explain why non-Western immigrants are more than 300 percent more likely to fail the Danish army’s intelligence test than native Danes… why two thirds of all immigrant school children with Arabic backgrounds are illiterate after 10 years in the Danish school system…the bilingual (largely Muslim) immigrants’ skills are exceedingly poor compared to their Danish classmates.

    Expenses related to mentally and physically handicapped Muslim immigrants drains the budget for other public services.


  8. Anonymous says:

    Turkey: 90

    Yugoslavia (Serbia): 89

    Pakistan: 81-84

    IQ & The Wealth Of Nations

    IQ & The Global Inequality

    High IQ & Age Preferences In Marriage

    Big Surprise, the smarter the donor populace the smarter (than Africa?) the 1st/2nd generation pupils.

    Language is important because visualization is not how most Western societies deal with conceptual logic (it is how East Asian ones do so) and European languages often have vastly denser vocabulary differentiations for specific idea-terms.

    The great sadness here being that it is a commentary on the stupidity of the Danes more than the limits of their emigre` populations. To have actually gone into this without a working comprehension of the most basic (Rushton, Jensen, Lynn etc.) material in the field shows how generally incompetent and dogmatically obsessive in their proselytization of the ‘race is only skin deep’ issue their limited comprehension is.

    I think that the real powers behind the globalization effort must look for these kinds of starry eyed innocents through the leftist filtration effort of colleges and student organization participation (as CV) with the specific intention of exploiting their lack of social intelligence.

    Let me say that again: Middle-Of-Road Politicians have a unidimensional, almost religious, fixation which amounts to the ABSENCE of the one thing you would expect a decent leader to be able to do: read individuals and weigh facts for what they truly are.

    This is dangerous because one of the traditional ‘perks’ elite thinking is the right to access an accurate knowledge base unavailable to the rest of us in formulating conservative as much as out-of-box concepts based on _real truths_ rather than ‘real-politick’.

    And clearly these idiots are laboring under a 1960s conceptualization of social egalitarianism (i.e. Communist Lysenkoism) which was false at the time it was so vainly adopted by the flower powerists to excuse their own countercultural absurdities.

    We are thus betrayed by politicians who have an accomodator psychology that encourages them to ‘seek a middle ground at all costs’ so that they can exploit everyone around them by their ‘tell me what you need’ naivete`.

    Such a ruthlessly exploitative personality first and foremost detunes and deludes it’s own instinctive end/exo group loyalties as part of almost a (cultlike) ‘programming’ level of self induced psychotic idealization that tries to attribute moral or cultural niceties of behavior and potential to outsiders which are not actually present in their groups, even if they are in the individuals.

    Obviously corporate socialists and globalists can use this to force a friendly pacifism down the rest of our throats ‘because you elected the man!’.

    And now that the hook is well and truly set by the utter contempt in which they are held by their own population, these politicians are in a full ‘no going back’ compulsive-denial mindset where the admission that they were wrong to begin with is also the admission that we were wrong to trust them to know what they were doing.

    Such an admission of professional incompetence would amount to certain Career political and Personal ego/super ego meltdown and so there are some very real consequences to changing their minds now.

    Which is why we must ‘help them’ on out of office, as rapidly and ruthlessly as possible because the last thing we can afford is a ‘let’s sit down and talk about it’ affirmation of their operative psychology.

    I just hope, that if Europe and the U.S. survive this mendacious period in our history, we create a more realistic profile determination of who and what (male trait vs. female trait) a good leader vs. a driven social agendist really is.