Posted on April 26, 2011

France and Italy to Propose European Border Reform

Bruno Waterfield, Telegraph (London), April 25, 2011

Nicolas Sarkozy is holding emergency talks in Rome with Silvio Berlusconi after a row over Tunisian refugees threatened to spiral out of control and lead to the reintroduction of French border controls.

The Italian prime minister called the meeting after his decision to give more than 25,000 Tunisian refugees residence permits caused the worst border crisis since the EU’s 1995 Schengen Treaty.

The French president, who will face a challenge from the anti-immigrant far-Right during elections next year, has responded furiously and criticised “flawed” EU rules that have let the migrants into France. The French sparked a major diplomatic incident last week after closing the rail border with Italy at Ventimiglia, citing risks of disturbances to public order to refuse entry to trains carrying Tunisian migrants.

France has accused Italy of violating the EU’s “Schengen” free movement rules by giving the Arab migrants, who are mainly French-speaking, permits and encouraging them to travel to France.

Periodic border checks with Italy have been reinstated and several hundred Tunisians, bearing the residence permits, have been sent back to Italy.

Mr Berlusconi will argue that he gave the Tunisians permits after the EU refused to activate a refugee burden-sharing scheme when Italy faced an influx of Arabs fleeing regional conflict.

He has accused the EU of failing to help Italy and even questioned the value of belonging to the Union.

President Sarkozy will accuse him of deliberately issuing the immigrants with permits, releasing them from detention centres and directing them towards France; even buying their train tickets.

Franco Frattini, Italy’s foreign minister, has said that Rome will accept a review of Schengen, including temporary French border controls, in return for EU cash to help it deal with Arab migrants.

“Schengen needs a check-up. All treaties age, inevitably,” he said. “A review is needed to adapt this agreement a rapidly changing world.”

Italy and France will also demand a £8.8billion European aid package for North Africa to stem the influx of migrants by helping with the regional transition to democracy.

The proposals will be debated by the European Commission on May 4 and then discussed 11 days later at a meeting of EU interior ministers.

But European diplomats are concerned that Italian resentment goes deeper than the refugee crisis. Italy has been angered over France taking the lead on Libya by launching military action and by recognising the Libyan rebels.

Mr Berlusconi, a close ally of Muammar Gaddafi, was wounded not to have been consulted over the decisions affecting Italy’s region and has refused to allow Italian fighters to take part in Nato bombing raids over Libya.

In France, anger over immigration has boosted the far-Right National Front party ahead of elections next year. Paris is calling for reform of Schengen to make it easier to reinstate controls if any further external crises trigger a flood of migrants. The treaty already allows the 25 member states to temporarily suspend border-free travel for security reasons.

“We must draw the lessons of this crisis together,” said Laurent Wauquiez, France’s secretary of state for European affairs.

12 responses to “France and Italy to Propose European Border Reform”

  1. AmericaFirst says:

    “Italy and France will also demand a £8.8billion European aid package for North Africa to stem the influx of migrants by helping with the regional transition to democracy.”

    Rather, they should demand this from the oil-rich Arab and muslim states, which should be helping out – or welcoming – their own brethren, rather than expect this payment from the other European countries, which have no need of or obligation to these “migrants.”.

  2. Anonymous says:

    “Italy and France will also demand a £8.8billion European aid package for North Africa .”

    Paying them to stay home has never worked. Billions of Euros won’t solve unemployment in the Middle East and Africa. They’ll spend it on more effective ways to get to where white people are.

  3. Anonymous says:

    If Europe would simply not let these people in, there would be no problem. Once these people see YOU MEAN BUSINESS, they will stop coming.

  4. Anonymous says:

    “He [Berlusconi] has accused the EU of failing to help Italy and even questioned the value of belonging to the Union.”

    The EU is literally a Soviet state being formed in the heart of Europe. Unelected and unaccountable EU bureaucrats–many of them former Communist officials–pass laws in secret and the member nations, most of whom have never been allowed open referendums on their membership, have no say in the matter. Nigel Farage and the UKIP have been fighting against them for years now, warning that the EU project is profoundly antidemocratic and its currency system is doomed to fail and destroy entire national economies in the process. The more I learn about the EU and the way it operates, the more I think that it HAS to go–one way or another. Their immigration policies alone will destroy Europe if they aren’t stopped and fast. Check out the UKIP videos of Farage speaking before the EU “Parliament” to get a close look at the type of creatures who are running things in Europe these days.

  5. drdeeselixir says:

    Lies! Lies! Lies! This is nothing but more smoke and mirrors in another attempt by the Marxist/globalist EU political elite to fool the people.

    “Franco Frattini, Italy’s foreign minister, has said that Rome will accept a review of Schengen, including temporary French border controls, in return for EU cash to help it deal with Arab migrants… “Schengen needs a check-up. All treaties age, inevitably,” he said. “A review is needed to adapt this agreement a rapidly changing world.”

    Italian Foreign Minister Frattini believes that people are too stupid to realise that the Schengen Agreement, though created in 1985, was only passed into EU law in 1999 by the same EU nation-wreckers when the Third World had already been flooding European nations for decades. So much for his preposterous claim that Schengen is an old treaty that needs updating.

    Both Sarkozy and Berlusconi (like Cameron in the UK and the leader of every single EU member nation plus their fake pro-EU opposition parties) are fervently pro-EU and both are playing to the voters with Marine Le Pen and the Front National in France set to cause an upset in next year’s election and Berlusconi attempting to please both the Italian public and the nationalist parties in his government coalition. Voters in Europe are at last awakening and can see through the Marxist/globalist sham that is the multicultural EU Federal Superstate which facilitates the Third World colonisation of Europe through multiculturalism/mass immigration.

    If it wasn’t Schengen, the colonisation of Europe would continue through some other loophole in EU law. Close Door A and the Third World millions will enter through Door B – close Door B and they’ll flood in through Door C or D. Reforming Schengen will make absolutely no difference, just like Banning the Burqa or deporting a few thousand gypsy vagrants back to Romania (while the French government admitted that under EU law France cannot refuse re-entry to the gypsies) were nothing but cosmetic changes which have made absolutely no difference to the tide of colonisers flooding Europe.

    Only the election of the genuine anti-EU nationalist governments that are at last coming to the fore, will save the European nation-states from total destruction at the hands of the Marxist/globalist One-world government cabal.

  6. Tom S. says:

    As I’ve stated before this could easily be resolved if the E.U. had a backbone to send out the navy to “encourage” the boats to turn back.

  7. Seneca the Younger says:

    Enforce borders in France? I thought the EU eliminated borders for EU countries.

    Why can’t they just say it? NO ONE WANTS THEM!

    It’s not hard, its like the last kid picked in dodgeball(which isn’t allowed to be played in schools anymore).

    Team 1 – “You take him.”

    Team 2 – “No. You take him.”

    There is another option, no one can take him.

  8. Anonymous says:

    It always amazes me that people, even the people who are arrogant enough to think they control the world, do not understand money.

    Money doesn’t exist. It’s a placeholder for other stuff.

    And based on the behavior of people in africa it represent a deep, desire to be enslaved… the point of mass murder over the issue.

    These countries have governments and they have their own money. Yet their people do everything they can to get OUR money and escape their own countries. Why? Because they want US to tell THEM, what to do. They want to belong to our system rather than accept the simple responsibility of ruling over themselves.

    The whole thing is pretty sick and I’m surprised no black strongman has realized the simple solution.

    Let’s take zimbabwe. Set aside the fact that it was once a white nation. All that’s in the past and it’s obviously a black run state, top to bottom.

    That country has real wealth in terms of resources and things that can be traded. Yet, its money can’t even be used to buy groceries, it’s so weak.


    The answer is the blacks there do not want to be ruled by their own. Self rule is intolerable. They want to be dominated and told what to do. The only real difference between today and the extreme prosperity under white rule is who told them what to do.

    Same resources, same money. Same people doing most of the labor. One is successful, the other is not.

    Mugabe should seriously consider creating a puppet government. Make a very big deal about hiring “corporations” filled with nothing but white “professionals” as a sort of protected bureaucratic class to “advise” him and his people about how to do every little thing.

    Some of this would be paying for a skillset and knowledgebase that is absent. But mostly, all it would be is putting a white face in front of the orders he is giving.

    The result would freak out the liberals but probably put a big smile on the face of those who want power.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I thought Berlusconi was considered “right wing”. And so is Sarkozy.

    What a joke.

    Heaven help Europe if “left wingers” ever get in control!!!

  10. Kenelm Digby says:

    One point that is hardly ever mentioned is why aren’t these north African muslims seeking opportunities amongst the umma in Saudi Arabia or Dubai?

    Why are they turning away from their co-religionist brothers, (who incidentally are rolling in cash with $120 per barrel oil), and imposing themselves amongst the infidel whom they profess to despise?

    Just look how the descendants of north Africans thought about France in the riots of 2005 – they really made their hatred and contempt for France and the French apparent then – so why do they willingly choose (to the extent of jeopardising their lives) to foist themselves on France?

    Try as I might, I can never find a satisfactory answer for this mystery.

  11. Anonymous says:

    UKIP is openly multiculturalist.

    UKIP is a spoiler party, set up by the system to take votes from angry voters who might otherwise be tempted to vote for the BNP.

    The other political parties, and the controlled mainstream media encourage electors to vote UKIP, but only in the regions where support for the mainstream parties has collapsed and the BNP has a serious chance of electing representatives. Elsewhere they are ridiculed.

    UKIP has been set up for just three purposes.

    1. Divert dissenting votes from the BNP.

    2. Undermine the European Union and the Euro.

    3. Increase ties to the US and the multicultural NWO.

    You have to wonder who’s funding UKIP and who gains when people vote for them. It’s certainly not the indigenous British people, who are an irrelevance to UKIP.

  12. Expat68 says:

    They’re already 6 million moslems in France so isn’t this just semantics?