Posted on April 27, 2011

Farmer Menaced With Death Threats by Gang of Travellers Dials 999 . . . And Police Turn Up to Confiscate Her Shotguns

Andrew Levy, Daily Mail (London), April 26, 2011

Having confronted travellers cutting down trees on her farm, terminally-ill Tracy St Clair Pearce found herself subjected to a terrifying ordeal.

Some of the group pelted her with rocks while a youth threatened to slit her throat and slaughter her cattle.

When she dialled 999 she expected the full weight of the law to be on her side.

Instead, however, police officers criticised her for inflaming the situation and confiscated her legally held shotguns–even though they had been locked away in a cabinet at home throughout the incident.

Yesterday, the 50-year-old accused police of causing her ‘harassment and distress’ when she should have been given protection.

‘I’ve been treated like a criminal,’ said Miss St Clair Pearce, who has been given months to live after breast cancer spread to her spine.

The incident blew up after around 18 caravans set up camp illegally in a field owned by Colchester Council last Thursday.

Miss St Clair Pearce, who lives on the adjoining Seven Saints Rare Breeds farm with her brother, Stuart, had a good-natured conversation with one traveller who assured her they would be no trouble and would move on within a couple of days.

But at 7pm on Good Friday she was spraying weeds on the 34-acre farm, where she has ten rare Shetland cattle and three horses, when she heard a chainsaw and found four boys felling trees for firewood.

‘I started shouting “Get out” but they just stood there in my field,’ she said. ‘I said I would spray them with the weed killer and one in a red T-shirt, who was about 14, went ballistic. The language coming out of his mouth was unbelievable.

‘I had a short-bladed knife in my hand for the weed removal and he took that as a challenge. He picked up a fence post and hurled it at me. He then screamed “I will slit your throat, I will slit the throats of your calves and cows”. We were face to face and he slid his finger across his throat.’

Miss St Clair Pearce stood her ground and the youth retreated across the brook that marks the border of her land but by this time several traveller men and a woman had come over.

One was the boy’s father, who used ‘sexually explicit language’ before turning away when asked if he was proud of his son. ‘About eight people were still there and they exposed themselves to me, front and back. Then they started throwing rocks at me so I backed off,’ added Miss St Clair Pearce.

Shaken by the confrontation, she called police and waited 35 minutes for a patrol car to arrive before spending three hours giving a statement. An inspector arrived at 11.30pm but questioned her own conduct, accusing her of making threats against the travellers. ‘They said I had been aggressive, the chainsaw was of no consequence, and I should have politely asked them to remove themselves from my premises then walked away and called 999,’ said Miss St Clair Pearce.

Officers eventually visited the camp that evening and the following morning but told her they were unable to find the teenager who had threatened her.

On Easter Monday she was at a dog show when she received a call from Colchester councillor Gerard Oxford, whom she had contacted for advice, and was told police wanted to confiscate her two shotguns.

She refused to start the two-hour journey home immediately and officers began turning up at the farmhouse ‘every couple of hours’ in an attempt to seize the legally held shotguns.

At 3.15am yesterday armed officers appeared and demanded the firearms otherwise they would ‘pull the cabinet from the wall’.

Left with no choice, Miss St Clair Pearce told her brother where she kept the key and he handed the weapons over.

Officers returned later yesterday and confiscated her gun licence to ‘prevent me buying another shotgun’.

Her brother said: ‘I am in shock. I thought the laws in this country protected people who live and work in their communities–not those who visit for a short time and think they are beyond the law.’

The travellers refused to comment when approached yesterday.

Mr Oxford said: ‘The way Tracy has been treated has been quite appalling. It was quite evident the officers were putting more weight on making sure that the travellers were ok than the threats which had been made to Tracy’s life.’

Essex police confirmed they had not yet arrested anyone in connection with the incident.

A spokesman said: ‘Officers became concerned at the behaviour of a woman and laid information before magistrates accordingly.

‘They were given powers to seize guns in her possession and have done so as a sensible precaution in the circumstances.’

24 responses to “Farmer Menaced With Death Threats by Gang of Travellers Dials 999 . . . And Police Turn Up to Confiscate Her Shotguns”

  1. Question Diversity says:

    She had the shotguns all along, yet called the police to report the gypsy crime (“travellers” my foot). If she wanted to retaliate outside the bounds of the law, she would have done that and not called the cops.

    Notice that it said the gypsies were cutting down trees on her farm. Isn’t that some kind of crime against the environment? I know in some Australian cities, you have to get permission from the local bureaucrats if you want to as much as prune or trim a tree, much less cut it down.

  2. Rob says:

    The British police are worse than useless cowards.

    What sort of person who would apply for a police job in order to harass the law-abiding, to humiliate victims in front of their tormentors… just worthless.

    You read stuff like this all the time. I recall a piece by Theodore Dalrymple where he related the story when, in London I think, his wife called police to deal with yobs setting trash bins on fire. They didn’t come so she called them several times and was finally threatened with arrest if she continued to call.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Can anyone in Britain please explain why the police are not doing their job?

    Around here, an illegal camp would be quickly visited by police, it would be thoroughly searched for drugs and weapons, the inhabitants would be cross-checked for outstanding warrants, and then they’d be told to vacate the area under police supervision.

    I would venture a guess that political interference demands the police in Britain use a soft touch on “the disadvantaged”, while offsetting this with draconian heavy-handedness on unfortunate white citizens.

  4. Anonymous says:

    This year, 100,000 to 200,000 white people will leave the UK, never to return, not because of better opportunities abroad but as basically asylum seekers, fleeing third world persecution.

  5. Seneca the Younger says:

    Instead of pointing out everything that is wrong with the actions of all those included, I won’t, everyone already knows what they are.

    But this is a great example of how the police will respond and treat us when the U.S. comes to this crossroad, which will happen.

    I’m not saying buy 100,000 rounds of ammo, MREs, and live off the grid in the mountains. Just be a little more prepared than nothing at all. The police will quit, disband, and look after their families before sticking their necks out for any other citizen.

  6. Anonymous says:

    If this victimized English lady has a terminal disease giving her but a few months to live, and she also has (or at least HAD) shotguns, I would say those gypsies are very lucky to be alive right now.

    If I’d been in her doomed shoes, and some trespassing foreigner was making throat-slitting gestures towards me on my property, I’m pretty sure that shotgun would’ve gone off once or twice. Maybe even a whole bunch of times.

    Then, the coppers would be welcome to go ahead and confiscate it… AFTER I’m out of ammo.

  7. John Bell in England says:

    “Can anyone in Britain please explain why the police are not doing their job?”

    The problem is that there are no directly elected police chiefs. The Chief Constables are appointed in theory by the Crown, in practice by the senior civil servants of the Home Office, all of whom are thoroughly imbued with the “human rights, equality and diversity” culture which has come to dominate all areas of British life.They appoint people like themselves. Furthermore, senior civil servants, in all departments, are increasingly drawn from the ranks of the ethnic minorities in pursuance of “positive action” strategies.

    The Chief Constables are supposedly supervised by Police Authorities, but these consist of persons nominated – not elected – by local Councils, and are themselves supervised by the Home Office and heavily circumscribed by its rules. All of which means that the police do not answer to the people who pay their wages.

    Police Officers all now undergo intensive training in sensitivity to minorities and their concerns, and no minority is more protected than gypsies. Gypsies are probably responsible for most rural crime, from illegal trespass to burglaries to farm thefts to stripping the lead from the roofs of churches, yet the misplaced sentimentality of the metropolitan liberals who have a monopoly on all influence and decision making has rendered them untouchable.

  8. Anonymous says:

    And they wonder why so many people now take the law into their own hands?

  9. Anonymous says:


    When are people going to figure out that it is the people that they elect who are doing this to them.

  10. Lex Concord says:

    Congratulations, London police. You are no longer beneath my contempt.

    On the bright side, when I think about how pathetic things have become in England, I see how bad they could be here, if we let them. It motivates me to redouble my efforts to see that they don’t.

  11. Madison Grant says:

    More p.c. insanity: the British police arrest a bar singer on racism charges for crooning “Kung Fu Fighting”!

  12. Anonymous says:

    This story would have had a more fitting ending if she went over to the camp with her shotgun, ran everybody off, then torched the caravans. Does society a favor by getting rid of undesireable rabble moving in illegaly next door and creating problems. No big deal on her part if they locked her up since she is dying of cancer anyway. Might as well go out having done some good in this world!

  13. Cousin Charlie from TN says:

    I guess I missed some memo. “Travelers”? Is gypsy now a taboo term?

    The difference between “traveler” and “drifter” is something a fourth-grader should know.

    Be nice to have a dictionary of all these far-leftisms that are used by the media.

  14. GB says:

    They probably are not Gypsies, Question Diversity, but are Travellers, as reported. Irish Travellers.

  15. Anonymous says:

    ‘I’ve been treated like a criminal’,

    This is a wordy lady. Why not explain it more easily and accurately with, “I’ve been treated like a white person”. Less syllables, and a more accurate way to explain the situation?

  16. Anonymous says:

    travellers or of irish, not gypsie extraction but they are just as bad, anyway- this is rather typical for the UK now — I would like to see the directives the police are recieving. Some other incidents:

    a. a man called complaining about ‘youths’ harassing his wife and family outside their home. The police said they could do nothing because they did not want to create tension. The man, exasperated, said if they didn’t he would. “oh you do that sir and you’ll be arrested’

    b. a man arrested within a half hour of mailing a colleague saying that gypsies steal and are a problem.

    c. a 7year old girl arrested because she did not want to be in a class group with pakis.

    d. police refusing to arrest or investigate paki on white rapes..

    the list goes. we have an elite that HATE US and want to eliminate us if we don’t submit to their will -they are using minorities to do so.

  17. NAVY says:

    Tracy regretfully was unaware that her police department is part of a central bureaucracy.

    In the bigger picture, bureaucracies are perpetuated by the E.U. formerly the European Coal and Steel Union to divide nations into administrative units so that countries can be more easily governed by appointies elected by banks.

    Britains E.U. bureaucracies, in effect, undermine democracy.

  18. Sardonicus says:

    Our American elites greatly resent that they haven’t been able to impose restricted gun ownership on law abiding Americans as they have in formerly Great Britain. Rest assured, the privileged elites and controlled media will allow no high profile tragedy to be wasted in their efforts to restrict our Second Amendment freedoms.

  19. Jay says:

    I don’t understand what these ‘travelers’ are. Are they homeless people who move about in caravans of camper-trailers and squat here and there, because this is what it sounds like. I don’t think they are vacationers travelling to a national park and using peoples’ lands as rest areas.

    If they are roving bums, they need to be arrested or deported back to Ireland or Romania or wherever. Sadly, this phenomenon may arrive here in the U.S. in about 20 years when large sections of the country become ungovernable due to massive third world occupation and roving bands of resource seeking thugs.

  20. Bon, From the Land of Babble says:

    I know in some Australian cities, you have to get permission from the local bureaucrats if you want to as much as prune or trim a tree, much less cut it down.


    Don’t think it doesn’t happen in California too. My brother was told he would be fined thousands of dollars for merely cutting back oak trees growing on his own property — he’d need an approved visit from an arboretist, an approved permit…and a lawyer.

    Here is what happened to one homeowner in the same area who was told by the local fire department to “clear brush” and “trim back trees” from around his home:

    The letter informed them they had improperly pruned 13 trees, some of them on city property because they were near the street, and some on their own property. The fine was listed as ‘two times the value of the damaged tree(s).’

    Total: $347,600.

    And don’t even think of killing a rat on your property! It might be an endangered Tipton Kangaroo Rat, you can ask California farmer Taung Ming-Lin for advice:

    Taung Ming-Lin had never heard of [the Tipton Kangaroo Rat] when he bought a 720 acre farm near Bakersfield, California. Mary Mason knew both species well. When she saw a tractor discing land owned by Ming-Lin, but used by the Tipton rat, she brought down a covey of 20 state and federal regulators on the Ming-Lin farm, took the tractor and disc into custody, and threatened Ming-Lin with a $300,000 fine – whereupon he had a stroke.

    That’s why the motto on Western farms and ranches is Shoot, Shovel and Shut up.


  21. Wulfstan says:

    Senior police officers in the United Kingdom are routinely sent on brainwashing courses presented by the sinister “Common Purpose” organisation.This group is furthermore employed by all of the mainstream political parties,which accounts for the barely discernable differences between their aims and policies.This grotesque scenario is only the latest in a long line of insane policing decisions,and with only the marginalised BNP offering any kind of alternative,things are going to get a lot worse.Democracy like common sense is dead and buried in the UK

  22. Lex Concord says:

    Are we still limited to one post per thread? If not, I’d like to ask John Bell, who seems to have a very good grasp of the British police bureaucracy, why gypsies are such a favored group?

  23. Anonymous says:

    Where are the feminists???

    1-The attackers are Traveler men, which means according to Wikipedia that they are white men.

    2-The victim is a single women dying of breast cancer.

    Perhaps the all important royal nuptials have distracted them, and they will presently rally to the defense of the teminally ill Ms. Pierce.

  24. SKIP says:

    This is a fabulous site being posted by English police officers, go look at what they have to say about conditions in England.