Posted on April 27, 2011

UK Will Not Take In Migrants Fleeing Northern Africa, Insists May

Tom Whitehead, and Bruno Waterfield, Telegraph (London), April 22, 2011

The Home Secretary has told her EU counterparts that Britain is not prepared to join any “burden sharing” as tens of thousands of people cross in to Europe, The Daily Telegraph can disclose.

Italy, where the refugees are arriving on a daily basis, has urged its EU partners to help ease the pressure by accepting some of the migrants.

But at a meeting of her justice and home affairs counterparts last week Mrs May said Britain will only offer support to Italy to help deal with the issue there.

She will repeat her firm stance when the EU Justice and Home Affairs Council meets again next month.

It came as British MEPs warned migrants could head for Britain because it is seen as a soft option and called for action to stop camps building up at Calais.

A borderless scheme on mainland Europe is already under threat amid growing tensions over the plight of the fleeing refugees and migrants.

More than 25,000 Tunisians have arrived in Italy since unrest there and thousands of Libyans are expected to try to head for Europe. More than 14,000 crossed in to Tunisia in the last two weeks alone.

More migrants from sub-Sahara Africa are also likely to cross because Col Muammar Gaddafi is no longer stopping them in Libya.

A row developed between France and Italy earlier this week when the former stopped a train carrying Tunisians migrants at the border.

Under the so-called Schengen agreement, citizens in 25 EU nations are allowed to travel across borders without having their passports checks.

The UK and Ireland are not part of the agreement and control their own borders.

However, Italy has caused angry among its neighbours by handing temporary permits to more than 25,000 Tunisians after other EU countries declined to help accommodate them.

It effectively gives them unobstructed travel around the union.

Gerard Batten, the Ukip MEP for London, said: “People are going to gravitate to Britain.

“Britain is top of the list because we have one of the most generous welfare benefits systems and we are famous for being a soft touch.

“I don’t have any confidence in the authorities doing anything to stop them coming in.

“”There is a human crisis, but the approach of giving people residence permits will make things permanent, rather than encourage people to return home when peace in Libya and the whole of north Africa finally returns.

“The problem here for us is the European borderless state.”

Richard Ashworth, the Conservative MEP for South East England, added: “The Calais authorities have recently taken action to remove the immigrants in the town intending to enter the UK.

“Both the French and British authorities need to remain vigilant to ensure this bottleneck does not occur again if large numbers of people from North Africa enter France.

“The sad days of squalid camps in the woods and British hauliers running the Calais gauntlet must not be allowed to happen again.”

The growing tensions in Europe has put the Schengen agreement under threat.

Along with France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and Germany are understood to be considering reintroducing some border checks.

A Home Office spokesman said: “A common asylum system or new laws will not resolve the unprecedented influx of migrants at Europe’s Mediterranean border.

“Britain has offered Italy practical assistance to help maintain their border controls and asylum processes. Those seeking international protection are expected to claim asylum in the first safe country they enter. Those who have no genuine claim to protection should be returned to their home countries quickly.

“We retain the right to not opt into any agreement which will weaken Britain’s borders.”

14 responses to “UK Will Not Take In Migrants Fleeing Northern Africa, Insists May”

  1. Seneca the Younger says:

    Again, NO ONE wants them!

    Perhaps people are starting to wake up. I am all for a mutually beneficial currency in the E.U., but pretty much everything else should be dismantled. It does not good to have free moving people between multiple nations if some of these nations (U.K., France, etc.) have a large population of migrants bent on taking over Europe. It just makes it easier for them to hide.

    On an optimistic note, it seems like no matter where they land they are all heading for the U.K.

    Why? That will be ground zero when they attempt a coup d’etat.

  2. GenX ANZAC says:

    Yesterday I had a look around the UK’s Daily Mail site, where I bumped into three stories that loosely connect to this one.

    (1) ‘Fuelled ‘by Viagra’, Gaddafi’s troops use rape as a weapon of war with children as young as EIGHT among the victims’

    Another story highlighting Libya’s plight while ignoring Yemen, Syria and the Ivory coast etc. most likely is a ploy to garner Western sympathy for intervention, but neither the less the claim of Sub Saharan black mercenaries on a rape crusade has a ring of truth about it.

    Ignoring the West’s desire make Libya ‘a democracy’, whilst liberating their oil fields and temporarily heading off Chinese colonization ambitions in the area, or whatever.

    (1)We have blacks doing the pushing, in their usual shock trooper role.

    Quote from this article above….

    …”Gerard Batten, the Ukip MEP for London, said: “People are going to gravitate to Britain”.

    “Britain is top of the list because we have one of the most generous welfare benefits systems and we are famous for being a soft touch”.

    (2)‘Bar on benefits lifted for East European migrants who will be able to claim £250 a week.’

    (2) Confirming this claim of softness. Annouced yesterday a previous stand down period of one year for Eastern Euro immigrants to receive welfare entitlements, has been lifted so now Eastern Bloc immigrants can now instantly qualify for government support. Appreciating that there is slight difference, at least bureaucratically, between asylum seekers and would be unemployment beneficiaries, this is still no sort of a determent.

    …”From next Sunday they will be treated exactly the same as Britons”&

    …”The countries are: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia”

    At least they’re White I guess.


    (3) ’The Eurostar migrants: North African refugees mass at the Paris gateway to Britain as Sarkozy and Berlusconi row about open borders’ (27 April).

    (3) The fears that this original April 22nd article raises, regarding immigrants targeting the UK is quickly coming true.

    ….”Up to 1,000 North Africans have set up temporary home in squares surrounding the Gare du Nord, from which fast trains reach the UK in less than two hours” &

    ….”Khalid, a 27-year-old Tunisian, said: ‘We know that the English supported the Jasmine Revolution, and that they are also fighting for freedom in Libya by bombing Gaddafi”.

    Cough, cough, yeah right ‘freedom’.

    …”Italy’s response was to grant a six-month visa for the Tunisian refugees who arrived before April 4. However, the temporary passport entitles its holders to free movement in the entire territory of Schengen”. ( )

    The Italians don’t want them.

    ….”President Nicolas Sarkozy has pledged to do all he can to get rid of the migrants. Some 25,000 North Africans have arrived in Italy by sea since the start of ‘the Arab Spring’ and many then moved on to France”.

    And the French don’t want them either and according this leading article, nor do the English.

    None of these Euro leaders want to, or at least are able to deal with this problem directly.

    Perhaps due their own mental weakness, or fear of being labeled as oppressors by their own left wing opposition (while probably risking political condemnation by the very same Euro partners who are now, shirking responsibility for these refugees ) and probably also compounded by fear of breaking various political/UN conventions on refugees, makes these leaders virtually powerless.

    Ironic how the West won’t hesitate to go into (certain) foreign sovereign countries, albeit dictatorships, with force for ‘humanitarian reasons’.

    Yet at the same time are too gutless to use similar or lesser force to defend our own ‘humanity’.

    Looking at Iraq, one can only assume that a lot of Western tax payer’s dollars are going to being sunk into rebuilding Libya in the not too distant future. While we the people of the West will continue to lose more entitlements and our standard of living will sink lower and lower.

    With all of this, we’ll still end up getting to stare at the back of some Libyan’s head {ses mercenaries from link (1)} while lining up to buy milk at our local supermarket.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Seneca, I believe it depends upon the languages they speak, too. If many are French speaking, then off to Paris they will go.

    I thank my God that they don”t speak German.

    That said, we have far too many parasites from Somalia and Ethiopia infesting Germany.

  4. TeaMan says:

    Well, well, well, what’s all this, then?

    Has someone *finally* found his bollocks?

    It’s about time!


  5. John Engelman says:

    Blacks in Libya should cross the Sahara and go back to where they came from. Arabs can find plenty of countries that speak their language. This is not the UK’s problem. The British should not have to suffer as a result.

  6. Anonymous says:

    “UK will not take in migrants fleeing North Africa..” … Until they arrive at Dover, then they’ll be welcomed with open arms by our traitorous elites.

  7. Tom S. says:

    I don’t believe any of this. Many of them WILL be given amnesty in various European countries and shortly thereafter many of those will come here as German, French, Italian or British “citizens”! Happens all the time.

  8. Anonymous says:


    However, Italy has caused angry among its neighbours by handing temporary permits to more than 25,000 Tunisians after other EU countries declined to help accommodate them.

    It effectively gives them unobstructed travel around the union.

    The growing tensions in Europe has put the Schengen agreement under threat.


    The British and Irish are not subject to the Schengen Area free travel limits of whatever ‘permit’ the Italians gave their interlopers.

    Let them swim, home.

    Then let Europe’s free border passage rules be revoked and Schengen torn to shreds.

    There must be something terrible coming. I cannot believe Euro Elites are so stupid as to honestly think that commoners are any different from them in terms of not wanting to rub elbows with those they consider beneath them.

    Note, that Egypt doesn’t have open borders, nor do -any- of the Arab states. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

  9. diversity = adversity says:

    I am afraid that since we are allowing the cess into our colonies and our homeland that our colonies are doomed and our motherland must be our priority for defense. We must change the political policies in Europe and remove all foreigners.

    after we retake our homeland, I vote we colonise africa, and push the africans out, like they want to do to us. This is a game of chess and it’s our move.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Britain had better send bullets before things get out of hand in Italy. Once 25,000 see they can get in, it won’t be long before 25,000,000 will want to come as well.

  11. Bantu Education says:

    “25,000 Tunisians”?

    Maybe some Tunisians but I suspect this is might be a euphemism for “Africans”, rather like “youths” has become for young black and muslim criminals. And why are these blacks and muslims so desperate to live in Europe, the homeland of white racists? Didn’t they want freedom and independence? Didn’t they murder and terrorise all the white settlers out of their countries? How many whites now live in Tunisia and Algeria, never mind the rest of Africa? Probably less than the number of Africans who have fled to Europe in the past few weeks.

    So now they want to become settlers and colonists themselves.

    If they like us, or our civilised countries, so much – why dont they invite us back to run their countries as their leaders are clearly so inept, and criminally corrupt? Do liberals sometimes ask themselves such questions? Ah..! the mind of the white liberal – a greater mystery there never was..!

  12. SKIP says:

    ““25,000 Tunisians”?

    NOT JUST 25,000 Tunisians, but 25,000 18-30 year old MALES of military service age! Where are the females and children who must surely be in equal danger!! What this really is, is several reinforcement units of the Islamic army that is invading EU and the Emerald Isles to displace, remove, murder of otherwise do away with all non Muslims.

  13. SKIP says:

    On an optimistic note, it seems like no matter where they land they are all heading for the U.K.

    Why? That will be ground zero when they attempt a coup d’etat.

    WHY! because it is an ISLAND and the muslims’ and blacks’ prey will have nowhere to run, the shores of the Emerald isles will be the civilized world’s Dunkirk, though the ending will not be a happy one. The beginning of the movie “Red Dawn” where the black teacher is describing the great hunts of Ghengis Khan’s day is what will be happening in Britain.

  14. Johnny English says:

    Why on earth do American posters keep referring to the British Isles as “The Emerald Isles”? The Emerald Isle (singular) is Ireland.

    The Southern Irish are largely hostile to the English, when they are not indifferent; there are no good grounds for the English to be associated with them. We are, unfortunately for us, politically associated with the Scots, the Welsh and the Northern Irish. The Scots and Welsh, who enjoy unmerited political, cultural and economic advantages over the English, are also generally hostile to England.