Posted on March 30, 2011

Study Shows ‘Islamophobia’ in U.S. a Myth

Bob Unruh, WorldNetDaily, March 29, 2011

Troubles from “Islamophobia”? Not in the United States, according to a new study today that says attacks on Muslims do not happen a great deal more than attacks on Christians. {snip}

The results come from the Center for Security Policy, which produced a 42-page report called “Religious Bias Crimes 2000-2009: Muslim, Jewish and Christian Victims–Debunking the Myth of a Growing Trend of Muslim Victimization.”

The evaluation used statistics on reported crimes from the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program.

The study contradicts claims that religious bias crimes against Muslims have increased because of the spread of so-called “Islamophobia.” The report said “religious bias crimes–also known as hate crimes–against Muslim Americans, measured by categories of incidents, offenses or victims, have remained relatively low with a downward trend since 2001, and are significantly less than the numbers of bias crimes against Jewish victims.”


12 responses to “Study Shows ‘Islamophobia’ in U.S. a Myth”

  1. SNAviatrix says:

    Eva, it is a fact, not an opinion, that many Muslim immigrants are fanatical, viciously anti-American, and willing and eager to give aid to terrorists. Not all of them are like that, but enough of them are that way that it’s basic common sense not to let them in. And let’s not forget that even the peaceful ones don’t have a “right” to immigrate to America. Immigration is a privilege, not a right. The proper purpose of immigration is to benefit the host country, not to provide a safe haven for every refugee with a sob story, true or not.

    And don’t attack us at Amren over the Mideast wars. We didn’t start any of them. Afghanistan was legitimate. We retaliated against the people who attacked us. Iraq was started by a racially disloyal white politician who has always been hostile to white interests. Libya was started by a black leftist who hates white people, white conservatives especially. We here are blameless. Ah, the sweet irony of someone trying to bash white race realists for a war started by a black hate-whitey militant.

    Gotta get that America-bashing in, too, dontcha, with your false accusations of “war crimes” against my country. We take great effort to avoid “civilian” casualties – too much. That’s what went wrong with Afghanistan – those Muslim terrorists don’t wear uniforms, so every terrorist with an AK can scream “Civilian!”

  2. Ross says:

    There is not just a serious problem with Muslim immigrants wanting to take over America, there is a rapidly growing number of natural-born American citizens who are converting to Islam. As if immigrant Muslims were not bad enough.

    There is, for example, a mosque on the Navajo Indian reservation in the Southwest.

    As can be seen in the case of John Walker Lindh, American Muslim converts are just as much a danger to our country, as immigrant Muslims.

    I am for the First Amendment right of every American to choose whatever religion one wants to practice, or to not have any religion at all. Even the right to be an agnostic or an atheist.

    But unfortunately, despite liberal myths about Islam being a religion of peace , the Koran is incompatible with a secular government like ours granting freedom of religion and freedom from religion. Make no mistake about it, Islam has no counterpart of Liberal Christianity, Reform Judaism, or Unitarianism! Muslims take every word of the Koran literally that they must kill or convert all “infidels”!

    In WW2, we had the threat of the Nazis, during the Cold War, we had the threat of the Communists. Today, we have the threat of an ever-increasing Islam that wants to conquer the entire world!

  3. Schoolteacher says:

    18 Eva

    1. The Founders established a non-sectarian national government for the nation. The states were free to regulate religion as they saw fit. The Founders did not wish to have the federal government insert itself into state matters, nor would the states have accepted federal authority over their internal affairs. The lack of any mention of Moslems does not mean that the Founders welcomed them, any more than the absence of references to Sharia means that they wanted to stone adulterers. Such things were simply unthinkable. They still are, to real Americans.

    2. Islam has been an enemy of the West from the time of Mohammed. Conversion by the sword, remember? Tours, Jerusalem, Constantinople, Vienna?

    3. The civilization that rednecks are part of is rooted in a set of cultural attitudes that evolved in America when British subjects placed themselves beyond easy reach of Royal authority. More formally known as “Jacksonian democracy”, this civilization is distinguished from its British parent by the belief that a commoner was capable of managing his own business and need not kneel to people of greater power, wealth, or schooling. It’s the civilization of Mark Twain and Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and Willa Cather, John Muir and George Gershwin. It is still a new civilization, with many enemies within and without, but French and Italian civilizations were new once too.

    4. It’s obvious that English is your second language. No native speaker would make themselves look so foolish by criticizing someone for failing to use an obsolete, quaint word like “whom”. In 1937, H.L. Mencken wrote that the word was schoolmarmish, and Noah Webster said that it was useless back in 1783. Use it yourself, by all means, but hectoring an American for writing in his own national idiom is simply arrogant. What would you say if I ridiculed a German for using the Swabish dialect?

    You have made my case. Your contempt for working class Americans is obvious. Even our language is faulted for not conforming to your bias. There’s no reason that we should respect your views when it’s obvious you care nothing for our concerns. It’s no surprise that you get on so well with edumicated Iranians. I was living in Los Angeles 30 years ago when a horde of them appeared, running from the Ayatollah Khomeni. True to their ancient culture, they regarded every ordinary American as trash, just as they regard their lower-class countrymen as dirt beneath their feet. Not only do we not want Moslems in our country, we don’t want White, wannabe aristocrats either. Our country, our civilization, our people, our rules.

  4. Germanic says:

    This country is NOT Islamophobic, Homophobic, Judophobic, or Martianophobic. This country is “Naziphobic.” Any white person who doesn’t worship the other races and hate himself is a Nazi. Any white person that doesn’t support affirmative action is a Nazi. Any white person that tries to cut government spending for minorities is a Nazi. Any white person who wants to stop immigration is a Nazi. Any white person that doesn’t want to pay for someone else’s medical is a Nazi. Any white person that posts on Amren is a Nazi.

  5. Hans says:

    Notice that Eva said that she was born in Germany, not that she is German…necessarily. Her hatred of Americans isn’t typical of the Germans that I’ve met. She said that some of her extended family include Moslems in Germany and that she has taught at Iranian universities. Perhaps what she meant to say was that ALL of her relatives living in German are Moslems.

    To refer to Eva as a White, wannabe aristocrat might have been a bit of an overreach.

  6. NAVY says:

    18 Eva

    As a modern, white European, it is dishonest that you associate yourself with Muslims and blacks.

    Most people in most nations have the ability to educate and refine themselves.

    However, as members of the white race, whose people have endured the loss of hundreds of millions to war and amalgamation over thousands of years, it is time to understand that their is no valid use in intermingling with blacks in the very areas in which we live and bear new life.

    Multiculturalism places the very future of whites at risk no matter how intellectual non-whites are.

  7. Schoolteacher says:

    32 Hans: I stand corrected, tentatively.

  8. Steve says:

    Third world immigrant populations are replacing whites in the west because whites are not replacing themselves. Birth rates in western countries are below replacement levels due to contraception and the killing of white infants before birth. Those peoples who do not practice the two evils of contraception and abortion will prevail.

  9. Anonymous says:

    There is no such thing as a “moderate” muslim. All muslims are commanded to follow the koran. The way the koran is written, the later passages take precedence over the earlier passages. The concepts of “taquiya” (lying and deception to further islamic aims) and “dhimmi” (subordinating ALL non-muslims to the will of islamic society–those that the muslims deem worthy of being spared death) are integral to islamic “faith” and are immutable principles to muslims.

    islam is NOT a religion, but rather a system of government which has NO PLACE in American society. The sooner we rid ourselves of this foreign government system the better.

  10. ghw says:

    The subsequent posts after mine (#11) only serve to confirm what I had said:

    that we waste precious time and energy on unsubstantial nonsense, losing track of the real issues and missing the forest for the trees.

    Rather than going after the source of our problems, here are a great number of posters fussing about Eva’s place of birth (who really cares?…but Hans got it right, btw) and bickering over grammar and the spelling of “whom”! It really makes

    one despair.

    Most of us know the difference between “who/whom”, Eva; but since when is Amren supposed to be a grammar manual? Should that be our concern? There are bigger issues to concern us. Should we allow ourselves to be sidetracked like this?

    And let me add, furthermore, that Eva’s expressed contempt (however grammatically correct) for the “rednecks” she lives amongst ill befits a guest living in someone else’s country. It may be good grammar, but vry bad manners!

    If I went to live in Slobbovia, I would be careful not to tell the inhabitants that they were Slobs. As a guest in their country, I would owe them that respect.

  11. Anonymous says:

    # 28 gwh: So, what is the real issue, the source of our problems? Perhaps it’s something outside the domain of AmRen? Not every website and every article and every post need be concerned solely with ultimate causes. As Lincoln said, if you can’t skin, you can hold a leg.

  12. Whiteplight says:

    12 — Eva wrote at 1:30 PM on March 31:

    “Not all Arabs are Moslems and not all Moslems are Arabs. Many of the Arabs of Lebanon were practicing Christians millenia before Europe was converted.”

    Sorry Eva, but if this statement is a reflection of your historical knowledge and intellectual sophistication, then you lose. Europeans were largely converted to Christianity by the time Islam was invented. Olav Tryggvason came from England with many ships and men in the summer of AD 995. He came to claim the throne of Norway and to bring Christianity to the country. He went ashore on the island of Moster on the west coast of Norway. He was accompanied by several English priests and a bishop called Grimkjell. On the island Olav Tryggvason held the first official mass in Norway. About 35 years later Norway was officially a Christian country.

    Many “Christians in Norway and England wore both Christian Crosses and Thors Hammer. Many grave stones feature both. However, Norway was the last European hold-out. All others, including Sweden and Denmark had long since been Christianized. German tribes were half Arian Christian by the fourth century. How you miss that as a “German” I cannot guess. Selective education, perhaps?

    But whites everywhere would serve themselves best if they were to return to Odin and Thor.