Posted on February 25, 2011

The American Agenda Is the ‘Black Agenda’

Jonathan Capehart, Washington Post, February 22, 2011

The Post-Kaiser Family Foundation-Harvard University poll on race and recession that ran in Sunday’s paper ought to put to rest the unreasonable and politically naive demand by some African Americans that President Obama have an articulated “Black agenda.” As if {snip} a few of the measures and steps taken by the president to help all Americans [will not] also disproportionately help people of color. {snip}

Question 40 in the poll asks: “When it comes to looking out for the economic interests of (INSERT), do you think that the Obama administration is doing too much, too little or about the right amount?” When the insert is filled by “you and your family,” 67 percent of blacks responded “about the right amount.” Fill the insert with “African Americans” and 63 percent of blacks respond “about the right amount.”

This is exactly the way it should be. {snip} Obama has governed the way a president should govern: without fear or favor of one race over another. That blacks feel he is doing right by them is simply icing on the cake.