Posted on February 9, 2011

Racist Blacks and the Perversion of Justice–Curtis Vance Rape Case

The Truth Shall Set You Free (blog), February 4, 2011

The ideal of an integrated society is dying, and racist blacks are the ones pounding nails into its coffin. What is the point in having jury trials when racist blacks refuse to convict? It makes a mockery of justice, and is leading to a logical and justified backlash against the inclusion of common blacks in the justice system.

Curtis Vance stands as a poster boy for all that is sick and wrong with black society today. Vance is famous for the brutal and sadistic murder of beautiful blonde TV anchor woman Anne Pressly. Pressly died hours after being raped and beaten. The official cause of death was that her jawbone was fully dislocated and crushed back against her jugular, which constricted blood flow to her brain. Her entire face and head was smashed to mush in the attack.

Curtis was living with his girlfriend and three kids at the time. The girlfriend’s mother said, “he has a real nice personality. He didn’t give me no kind of hint or nothing. It shocked me, I don’t want to believe he did something like that.” ( Raping women in the early morning was apparently just his hobby. He wandered through target neighborhoods ahead of time, pretending to look for work, casing the houses for victims (

Kristin Edwards was raped by Vance a few months before his attack on Pressly. Her saving grace appears to have been her passivity. Edwards did not attempt to fight, which apparently kept her alive, as Vance did indeed threaten to kill her. Ironically, it was his rape of Edwards that led to his identification as Pressly’s attacker. After finding the DNA match to the unsolved Edwards rape, police in Little Rock got a tip to investigate Vance from the detective in the small town (Marianna) where Edwards lived at the time of the rape.

Rape Mistrial and Black Racism

Vance was convicted of the murder of Pressly, and the DNA match pinned him as the rapist of Edwards, so he went on trial on the rape charge this week. Vance was identified as Edward’s attacker by DNA match, the victim’s direct testimony, and the accused’s own confession. Yet . . .

After merely THREE HOURS of deliberation, the judge agreed to a mistrial, as 7 of the jurors refused to convict. Neither the prosecuting attorney nor the judge had any hope that the jury would agree on basic facts, or could be persuaded by reason. After a mere three hours, they just agreed to drop the trial.

The reason: the racist blacks on the jury. It has been confirmed that the composition of the jury was 7 blacks and 5 whites (

The irrational anti-white hatred of black jurors is not even a secret any more, and is acknowledged as widespread. Prosecuting attorneys know it, and openly counsel their clients to expect it. Edwards said mistrial was exactly what she had expected to happened, because she was forewarned by her attorney that her race, the race of the attacker, and the race of the jury would lead to the jury refusing to convict. See Edwards’ detailed interview here:

They are actually dismissing the case, not bothering to take it to another trial. Edwards says she does not want to go through the whole process again, when she would most likely face the same verdict, i.e., facing a jury of racist blacks who refuse to convict. When you are a white victim, why bother?

I find it quite indicative that national news reports are not mentioning the race angle, such as here As usual, the national media views it as their job to misinform, to make sure their audience is NOT getting the full story. Only when you dig down into the story on the local reporting do we see the issue of race being discussed.

Larger Social Implications

The refusal of blacks to convict other blacks, even heinous inhuman murderers like Vance, even in the face of overwhelming physical and eyewitness testimony, even combined with a previous confession, calls into question the ability of blacks to serve on juries.

Black street criminals are fully aware of their immunity to jury conviction. If blacks know that crimes against whites will be ignored by juries, even with full proof, it doesn’t take a genius to see how this would affect an increase in their criminal behavior.

When justice is not to be found in the legal system, where exactly are whites expected to turn? Whites cannot be expected to tolerate this type of situation long.