Posted on January 3, 2011

Woman Thrown in Jail After Calling 9-1-1 Four Times Over Bad Manicure

Nina Mandell, New York Daily News, December 28, 2010


Cynthia Colston told My Fox Orlando that she called after the nail technician became aggressive with her when she refused to pay as much as the store was charging for nails that she said were too short.

When a deputy came, she said he was entirely unhelpful and called the emergency line again because she found him unhelpful when he told her she could not file charges.

That time, she said, she told the dispatcher that it was a non-emergency call and she just wanted to see what else could be done for her situation.

That, according to authorities, is not a good reason to tie up the emergency phone line.


Colston was arrested after she called the line two more times–which she said she accidentally dialed because she was dialing with her knuckles.

But that was enough for authorities to arrest Colston on charges of misues of the 911 system.


A Volusia County official told My Fox Orlando that their problem with Colston’s use of the system was that there was a deputy standing right next to her who could help her with whatever she was calling the emergency line about.