Posted on December 13, 2010

Shocking Multi-Kulti Thor Trailer Released

Canadian Immigration Report, December 12, 2010

The first trailer for Thor was recently released, and true to reports a few months ago, will prominently feature an African as Heimdall. Ironically “the whitest of the gods” in Norse mythology, a minor furor erupted when the role was given to Afro-British actor Idris Elba, immediately setting comment boards aflame and prompting the creation of a Facebook page.

Although the film is undoubtedly based on the popular Marvel comic book series, Northern European mythology has enjoyed an important revival in recent years and this multiethnic take on the kingdom of Asgard has left many fans aghast. While it is true that modern iterations of Norse mythology have taken liberties such as painting Thor’s traditional red beard a more appealing blond, a good number of fans of the series appreciate having a foot firmly planted in the established tradition of the mythical tales. Reinventing a multiracial Norse canon is deeply insulting to an already wounded and dying European culture

As it has been established that race has no bearing in a storytelling context, would the public accept this as the next version of Roots?