Posted on November 16, 2010

Scotland Yard Spends Nearly £187 Million Pounds Trying to Control Black Gun Crime

BNP News, Nov. 15, 2010

Scotland Yard spends the vast majority of its £450 million “equality and diversity” budget paying for a special unit which tries to control black gun crime while police forces across the country are too poor to use their radio systems, it has emerged.

According to official Met figures, the vast majority of the £450 million “diversity fund” is, in fact, spent on officers and staff who work with “minority communities” and research issues such as black-on-black gun crime.

Other expenditures covered by the “equality and diversity scheme” include “community service units, safer schools initiatives and rape investigations.”

The money includes £5 million for “training” officers, which entails an obligatory two day “community and race relations training course” for officers and frontline staff or a one day course for non-frontline staff.

During their first two years of service, all officers have to attend a four-day course on diversity.

This programme involves discussions with the Afro-Caribbean, Asian, homosexual, bisexual and transgender communities and includes “discussions on faith.”

The Met spent six percent of its last year’s budget on “equalities-related expenditure” and nearly £450 million over the past three years on “recruitment, training and research within minority communities, as well as crime fighting and prevention.”

Meanwhile, it has been revealed that police officers have been told to send texts rather than speak on their radios because many forces cannot afford to pay for the use of their communications systems.

Apparently the Government forced all police forces to “privatise” the radio communications network a while ago.

The lucky company to acquire this contract is named Airwave Solutions, and it charges each constabulary a flat fee for a pre-determined amount of air traffic per month.

If the volume of traffic exceeds that predetermined level, the constabularies are charged excess fees, which one report claims are as much as £2 per second.

As a result, police officers are being sent on “texting courses” so that they can use their mobile phones to communicate with their headquarters and each other rather than use the radio systems.