Posted on November 1, 2010

Global Black Search Engine Launches

Press Release, PRWeb, October 29, 2010

Tired of struggling to find unique African, African American, Afro European and Caribbean blogs and websites online, Obi Linton, founder of the Annual Black Web Awards developed, the global Black search engine. After viewing several lists of top 1,000 websites and not seeing any sites with Black content, Linton suspected that others worldwide also had similar challenges. He knew he was on to something after reviewing the daily results in his new engine’s crawlers, which turned up thousands of Black sites worldwide that he would never have found through a search in a major search engine.

“There are only so many spaces on the first and second pages of search results of a major search engine. In those critical spaces, Black blogs and websites rarely show, especially when the searched terms are not directly seeking Black content,” Linton explained. Black websites lose out on those casual searches, where the user is seeking products, services or current events news, but isn’t offered the opportunity to find it through websites with Black content. “One need only review any list of the top 1,000 websites online,” said Linton. “While many international websites tend to be listed, there’s a clear lack of websites with Black news, content, products or services.”

For years, hundreds of ethnic and culture based search engines worldwide have helped website users find unique content. When building, Linton reviewed many other well established search engines such as Webwombat (Australia), Guruji (India), Jgrab (Jewish) and Ananzi. “I was well aware that had to embrace the global Black diaspora,” said Linton. With that, the principles behind were established. “Like many of these search engines, our hope is that will help create an environment where promotion of one’s heritage is seen as an invitation for learning, unity and the appreciation of shared experiences that build true understanding,” said Linton.

Linton believes will appeal to the global internet community because it relies on three easy to use search engines. First, the GatewayBlack engine allows the user to search thousands of Black websites and blogs. Second, the Latest News engine crawls hundreds of Black news blogs and websites every day to obtain today’s current events. Finally, users can search the entire web through the Web engine. Each option is available with the click of a button.

Additionally, is complete with other solutions one would expect with today’s major search engines, including free toolbars for Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer web browsers, real time top search and top domain results and easily customizable tools for webmasters. also offers an easy to use custom designed Marketing program. In minutes, anyone seeking to launch an ad campaign directed at the global Black community online can do so through the use of a comprehensive and growing network of pre-approved websites and blogs. As a small business owner since 1998, Linton knows this will be a welcome solution for those looking to quickly and confidently reach the growing global Black online community.

Currently crawling thousands of Black blogs and websites, and finding more every day, Linton encourages everyone to give a try. “We’re a new search engine, so we welcome any suggestions.” Website and Blog owners are encouraged to join the GatewayBlack marketing program and if a search isn’t showing a favorite website or blog, they are encouraged to submit to the site.

“We continue to search the web for Black websites unknown to us currently,” said Linton. “No one has to add a blog or website–our crawlers will find it eventually. But, we would welcome any assist!”