Posted on September 17, 2010

But Why Do Blacks Distrust Hospitals?

American Third Position, September 16, 2010

Medical journals this past week reported on a new study which tried to explain why so few blacks donate blood by claiming that they “do not trust hospitals,” but all ignored the obvious question: why?

The study, published in the official blood bank association journal Transfusion, revealed “that there is a significant distrust in the healthcare system among the African American community.”

Led by Beth H. Shaz, MD, Chief Medical Officer of the New York Blood Center in New York, New York, researchers apparently managed to create a survey which explored the “reasons for low likelihood of blood donation in African Americans.”

Statistically, only one in ten blood donors are black, even though that community is a major user of donated blood due to a higher violent crime rate and subsequent greater attendance at emergency units.


According to the new study, 15 black churches in Atlanta participated in an 81-item self-administered survey, with 930 people responding to the survey.

The study’s results demonstrate that about one in five African American individuals (17 percent) do not trust hospitals. This “lack of trust” was positively correlated with not donating blood even compared against other risk factors.

The study concluded that hospitals had to “increase trust” to overcome the problem.

Yet none of the journals which repeated the story, ever bothered to ask the simple question of why there was such a “lack of trust” in hospitals amongst blacks.

The answer would appear to be so obvious as to be unpalatable, and hence preferably ignored by the journals and academics, namely that the black community simply does not have the same degree of social responsibility that other communities, particularly the European-American community, has.

Rather than admit this obvious truth, liberal academics would prefer to invent all manner of “reasons” for the low black blood donation rate–hence the patently fabricated excuses of “no trust” without any attempt to explain why that “situation” has arisen.