Posted on August 23, 2010

White Nationalists Following Wake School Diversity Fight

Keung Hui, News and Observer (Raleigh), August 20, 2010

Socialists, Communists and anarchists aren’t the only ones who are closely following the Wake County school diversity fight.

The white nationalists have also been monitoring the student assignment fight. American Renaissance, called a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, regularly carries excerpts of news stories about the ongoing situation in Wake.

In the latest example, American Renaissance carried the N&O story about AdvancED’s accreditation review of the Wake school system. Most of the reader comments about the review and African Americans were harsh, to put it mildly.

The political extremes on both the left and right have gravitated toward the diversity issue. For instance, far-left groups such as Raleigh F.I.S.T. and The People’s World have frequently covered and spoken out about the end of the diversity policy in Wake.

Things got nasty last fall when some people tried to impugn the candidates who opposed the diversity policy by noting how American Renaissance was covering the campaign. They were urging the newspaper to report on it but it didn’t pass muster for coverage.