Posted on August 5, 2010

More Than 400,000 Mexicans in Arizona Are Without Papers

Correo (Guanajuato, Mexico), July 30, 2010

A full 88.6 percent of the Hispanic population of the state (Arizona) was born in Mexico.

Between 400,000 and 530,000 residents of Arizona are residing without documents, according to the Secretary of Foreign Relations (SRE). One million, eight hundred thousand Arizonans are of Mexican origin.

Officially responding to the implication of SB-1070, SRE states that 88.6% of the Hispanic population is originally from Mexico.


Many of our countrymen have decided to leave jobs, to abandon homes they are paying for, and to leave the lives they have in the American Union.

Ramiro Hernandez, originally from Guanajuato, says that in light of what’s happening, he is thinking of returning to Guanajuato because for the last two years it has been difficult to find work.

[Editor’s Note: Translation from M3 Report.]