Posted on June 22, 2010

Hit and Walk

John Doyle, Michael Blaustein and Emily Ngo, New York Post, June 22, 2010

The hired-gun immigrant behind a sensational murder-for-profit plot is about to walk free from prison–with a green card to boot–thanks to a sweetheart deal he worked out with federal prosecutors.

Killer Camuldeen Allie, 35, had been serving 15 years to life behind bars for gunning down Vernon “Dilly” Peter, 43, in July 1993 in exchange for $7,000.

The slaying was part of an infamous scheme in which four unsuspecting members of the Guyanese community were killed so that their beneficiaries could collect life-insurance payments.

But after Allie turned star witness against two co-conspirators–Queens insurance agent Richard James, 46, and Ronald Mallay, 61–in the federal racketeering case, helping to convict them, authorities paved the way for his release.

Allie is now set to walk out of prison a free man in August after having served only a fraction of his maximum sentence–and also will escape deportation back to his native Guyana with his government-approved green card in hand.


The US Attorney’s Office declined comment.

Allie had initially been denied parole in 2008, even after cutting his deal with the feds.

He then promptly whined to federal Judge Sterling Johnson, who had overseen his trial, that he was being double-crossed by the government.

“I helped bring justice to a situation in which . . . people lost their lives,” he insisted in a letter to Johnson.