Posted on June 11, 2010

‘Bush Hater’ Punches GOP Official at Tea Party

Chelsea Schilling, WorldNetDaily, June 10, 2010

A local GOP chairman and author of “The Beast on the East River” received an unexpected blow to the face during a June 8 tea party by a man who blamed former President George W. Bush “for the mess we’re in.”

The incident took place during a rally outside Democrat Rep. Mel Watt’s office in Greensboro, N.C.

Nathan Tabor is Forsyth Republican Party chairman, former candidate for Congress in North Carolina and North Carolina Senate and founder of and He was also the webmaster for the presidential campaign of Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif.


Tabor blocked attacker Govenor Spencer of Greensboro when he lunged toward Tabor’s wife.

“Don’t touch my property again, and don’t push me again” Tabor said.

According to Human Events, the aggressor, a black man in his ’50s, responded, “Then get the f— out.”

He lunged toward Tabor and punched him in the face.


Tabor said he stopped recording at the conclusion of the protest and walked toward his wife and daughter near the sidewalk.

“As I walked around the corner, this gentleman pushed me,” he said. “And when he pushed me the first time, I turned my camera on and brought my camera up. I said please don’t push me. And when I said that, he slapped my camera. He pushes me again. In the video you can see my body fall back. And I did not say anything to him, I didn’t engage him. I wasn’t going to, until he touched me wife.”

Tabor told WGHP-TV Spencer had pushed his wife, so he pushed Spencer back. That’s when Spencer lunged toward him and punched him in the face.


The blog noted that Spencer is a union organizer and a black liberation activist who led the Greensboro K-Mart protests of 1995. Spencer had a black liberation flag bumper sticker on his car.



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