Posted on June 10, 2010

Are Foreign IT Workers Disproportionately Racist?

Don Tennant, IT Business Edge, June 10, 2010

An online discussion forum about African Americans in the IT industry caught my eye today, and I was intrigued by the comments posted by one black IT professional in particular. {snip}


“I say the issue is very important, but as most racially charged subjects in our country, extremely awkward to address. Particularly in light of the abundance of IT workers from other lands that dominate the IT fields, this is a major industry issue. Racism is now being more acceptably practiced through them, when they are given the opportunities.

“When I was in graduate school recently, the classes were disproportionately students from foreign backgrounds and quite often I was the lone African-American student in my classes. There was bias exhibited towards me by most of my classmates that has carried on into my experiences in the workforce afterwards as well. I have nearly 30 years of industry experience.

“Not to overgeneralize because of course there are exceptions, but the bias from foreign IT people can be much more severe than from American born and all are consistent in discriminating or questioning your skills, no matter how credentialed you are. {snip} I feel I must be careful in not appearing to be over reacting. But it is frustrating when people can come into your country and discriminate against you and the general society is oblivious to it.”