Posted on May 26, 2010

DOJ Voting Rights Attorney Resigns Over Black Panthers Stonewalling

J.P. Freire, Washington Examiner, May 18, 2010

A trial attorney with the Department of Justice’s Voting Rights Section has resigned, citing concerns about the government’s refusal to prosecute a case involving voter intimidation by the New Black Panther Party. A letter of resignation obtained by The Washington Examiner from a former Justice Department employee makes clear DOJ has refused to allow attorneys in the Voting Rights Section to testify before the congressionally-chartered bipartisan U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, despite subpoenas that could result in their being held in contempt.


Adams also cites his knowledge of the criminal character and “violent tendencies of” members of the New Black Panther Party, saying:

As you also know, the defendants in the New Black Panther lawsuit have become increasingly belligerent in their rhetoric toward the attorneys who brought the case. (See [below] describing the “phony case” brought by “the modern day racist lynch mob seeking to hang what [we] think .are [our] modern slaves.”) Their grievances toward us generally echo the assertions that the facts and law did not support the lawsuit against them, ab initio. Knowing intimately the criminal character and violent tendencies of the members of New Black Panther Party, it is my profound hope that these assertions are tempered.


Released April 23, 2010

Subject: U.S. Commission on Civil Rights hearing on so called voter intimidation by the New Black Panther Party


Statement by Minister Hashim Nzinga, National Chief of Staff of New Black Panther Party leader Malik Zulu Shabazz, Esq. and the New Black Panther Party.

Since Charges were correctly dropped in May, 2009 against the New Black Panther Party and NBPP Chairman Malik Zulu Shabazz by the United States Justice Department, there has been continuous unjustified harassment and complaining from Republicans and Right Wing circles, involving the called voter intimidation lawsuit.

What these Republican witch hunters repeatedly fail to mention is that the individual member involved in the nightstick incident was in fact legally penalized, and prohibited by law by Eric Holder’s Justice Department from polling places through 2012.

What these complainers against Attorney General Eric Holder also consistently fail to mention is that this member, who we believe made a honest error, but still deviated from organizational policy on that day, was actually suspended from the New Black Panther Party until January 2010 as a result of this mishap. The New Black Panther Party made it clear then and now we don’t support voter intimidation.

There is not one shred of evidence that the New Black Panther Party as an organization, nor its leader, Malik Zulu Shabazz, Esq .committed, or conspired to commit any act of voter intimidation whatsoever. Not one shred of evidence. Correctly, the charges against the entire organization and the chairman were dropped. The actions of one individual cannot be attributed to an entire organization any more than every act of any member of the Catholic Church be charged to the Vatican.


There is no evidence, not one statement from any person at the polling station that day to prove that any voter, regardless to race creed or color was intimidated from voting or offended in any way. The Philadelphia police took no action and no complaint from any voter was filed. What is all the uproar about? No one was intimidated and no one has complained about intimidation. This phony hearing by the so-called United States Civil Rights Commission is a sham and a fraud and a waste of taxpayer dollars and resources.


This phony hearing and all these efforts by these right wing Republicans today reeks with hypocrisy and the stench of a political vendetta. The Republicans, under George W. Bush, failed miserably to prosecute anyone for voter intimidation for eight years and civil rights enforcement while conservatives were in power was miserably low. Dozens of Blacks were murdered by police officers and many other Hate Crimes occurred while the Bush U.S. Justice Department sat on its thumbs and did nothing. Now these political hypocrites, who care nothing about Black People, are jumping all over a honest and decent Black organization- the New Black Panther Party- and all we are doing is helping clean Black people up and raise our community after the mess that the white man made out of us and our lives. Every time a strong and decent Black organization arises in America, racists- and in this case Republican, right wing, confederate, Tea Party racists- try to crush that Black organization. The Black Panther party was co-founded by SNCC members in 1965 in Lowndes County Alabama and their main mission was registering voters and stopping voter intimidation. While congressman Frank Wolf’s and Lamar Smiths’ people, cousins, brothers and uncles were killing Black people in the South merely for the color of their skin, and for merely trying to vote, it was the Black Panther Party who challenged southern racism and injustice and raised the moral standard. The Black Panther established a fair vote, not just for white people but for all people.

Congressman Frank Wolf you should be ashamed of yourself! Congressman Lamar Smith you should be ashamed of yourself! All Bush prosecutors who brought this phony case against our organization and leadership, you are nothing more than a modern day racist lynch mob seeking to hang what you think are your modern slaves.


These Tea Party Republicans are using any frivolous matter to undermine Attorney General Eric Holder and President Barack Obama. For the record, the New Black Panther Party has never had any political connections to the Obama Administration.

Any allegation that this case was decided on any grounds other than the facts and merits is absurd. Face it! The case was a weak case and you are making way more out of it that the matter deserves. The U.S. Justice Department, under Attorney General Eric Holder, did its job and STOPPED the politicization of the U.S. Justice Department Civil Rights Division. We are not some kind of political football to be used in the battle between the left and the right. Leave us the hell alone and let us fight poverty in our community, ignorance in our community, violence in our community and all of the negative effects that white racism and discrimination has visited upon us.

To Michael Steele head of the Republican National Committee, who criticized us in his latest book “Right Now.” Stop being a political lap dog for your master. Stand up like a real Black man on behalf of your people because these confederates don’t love you either Michael Steele. They are using you to put a Black face on a reactionary, anti-Black agenda.

Our only connection to President Obama is the common color of our skin. The same dog that bites President Obama bites us too. So I say, if you were wise you would leave Obama alone as well because he is your last chance to save your country. You are mad because a Black man has been elected to the Presidency and that affronts your oversized ego.

Almighty God is angry with America. God is angry with America due to her continued mistreatment of her former slave. If these cantankerous, politically constipated right wingers refuse to change course, as their nature is rebellion, then God’s judgment will come down on them and never will they see power in America again.

Hands off the New Black Panther Party! Hands Off the Black Peoples of North America and Africans worldwide!