Posted on April 21, 2010

Judge Says Ex-Detroit Mayor Violated Probation

Ed White and Corey Williams, AP, April 21, 2010

Former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick violated terms of his probation by failing to report assets and turn over tax refunds, a judge ruled Tuesday, strongly suggesting he may send him to jail when he’s sentenced next month.

Wayne County Circuit Judge David Groner said Kilpatrick could remain free on bond pending his sentencing on May 25, and ordered state corrections officials to prepare a pre-sentence report by May 18.


Prosecutors claim Kilpatrick hasn’t paid enough toward the $1 million he owes Detroit. He has been making monthly payments of $3,000 while living in the Dallas area and working as a salesman for information-technology company Covisint. But prosecutors learned Kilpatrick and his wife have had other money, including $240,000 in loans, live in a rented mansion and drive fancy SUVs.

“I think these entire proceedings have made it clear the defendant has no desire to pay,” Assistant Prosecutor Athina Siringas told Groner.

The judge said Kilpatrick violated his probation by failing to surrender nearly $23,400 in tax refunds last year and a share of cash gifts from two people. Kilpatrick also illegally tapped a political fund for more than $36,000, the judge said.

Failure to disclose the $240,000 in loans from prominent businessmen was another probation violation, he said.


In January, Groner said Kilpatrick had been untruthful about his finances and ordered $320,000 in accelerated payments, much of it due by Tuesday. His lawyers say he can’t afford it on top of his regular monthly payments. Relatives and supporters paid $40,000 on his behalf in February.


Meanwhile, Kilpatrick’s wife asked a federal judge in Texas to intervene in the restitution case. Carlita Kilpatrick filed a lawsuit Tuesday in Fort Worth seeking to separate her assets and those of the couple’s three young sons from her husband’s.