Posted on March 16, 2010

The Perils of Multiculturalism

John Pasquarelli, Australian Conservative, March 11, 2010

What’s happening on our streets today is the product of decades of multiculturalism, stupidly subscribed to by all sides of politics. The guilt-wracked Malcolm Fraser gave us the first boat people when Vietnamese fleeing their Communist vanquishers sought refuge in Australia and other countries.

In 1976 Fraser gave us the double whammy when he allowed Lebanese Muslim refugees into Australia against all the advice of his Immigration Department. Since these times the rates of migration to Australia has steadily increased as well as the refugee intake.

In 1997 the Howard Government signed off on African refugees without any regard for the cultural incompatibility of many of these people and alarming evidence of lax health and character checks started emerging–notably the interviews by Alan Jones with Amanda Vanstone and Tony Abbott over a particular intake of Sudanese.

Ethnic ghettos where English is only spoken when it has to be, are now firmly established in our cities and major provincial centres and the resulting tensions and violent conflict provide daily media coverage–carefully controlled by politically correct governments, police forces and compliant journalists. TV and newspaper footage has people’s faces pixellated, ethnicity is rarely mentioned and juvenile and even some older offenders are not allowed to be named for all the usual civil libertarian reasons.

Since the attacks on Indian students, particularly in Victoria, politicians and commentators are sitting on their high horses delivering homilies on racism–some of them having a vested interest due to their personal and political relationships.

Core Australians of Anglo-European, Christian-Judeo origin also have their vested interests by virtue of their place in Australian history. Those who can legitimately claim to be shareholders in the ownership of their nation are those whose ancestors served in laying down its pastoral, industrial and cultural foundations and most importantly, those who served and sacrificed in times of conflict. Included in this group are of course Aboriginal Australians, who I shouldn’t have to mention separately, but will, because of the destructive policy of separatism which has unfortunately created such division. The remaining shareholders are those of other racial groups who have totally assimilated and whose allegiance is solely to that of Australia.

Multiculturalism with its illogical slogan of “unity through diversity” has spawned ethnic crime in Australia and this deadly virus is running amok. The NSW Police has its Middle Eastern and Asian crime squads, whereas in Victoria the use of the word ‘gangs’ and any form of ethnic badging are outlawed by the politically correct police media unit.

Victoria’s Police Commissioner Simon Overland refuses to use the words ‘zero tolerance’ when being interviewed on talkback radio and he has recently advised Indian students to ‘dress poor’ to avoid being attacked; and he joined the Gay Pride march in St Kilda, being photographed with homosexuals dressed as Catholic nuns, begging the question–would he have been willingly photographed with homosexuals dressed in burkas?

Overland has seriously lost the plot which has huge political and police morale implications.

My grandfather Luigi, who came to the Queensland canefields from Northern Italy before WW1, told my father that “the Mafia came with me”. So ethnic crime has been around for a while. But multiculturalism has ensured that we have a huge spread of criminals–Russian, Sudanese, Middle Eastern, Cambodian, Pacific Islander, Serbian, Croatian, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Ethiopian–the list goes on and is a veritable global roll call.

Whites assaulting Indians may satisfy the standard definition of “racism”, but what about Africans attacking whites, Asians attacking whites, Pacific Islanders attacking whites, Middle Easterns attacking whites and, yes, Indians attacking whites, and so on? Then we have Africans attacking Indians, Asians attacking Indians, Middle Easterns attacking Indians and all the other variants.

Ted Baillieu, a totally committed multiculturalist, has blundered into the racial debate in Victoria, obviously trying to pin all the blame on whites with his comments on violence against Indians; and whilst this makes the Greens and the café latte set happy, it could backfire electorally with the mainstream.

As well as fostering ethnic crime, multiculturalism has created the sordid struggle for the ethnic vote, with Labor winning hands down, as demonstrated by Paul Keating’s brazen saving of Sheik Hilali from deportation–testimony to the electoral success of Middle Eastern branch stacking in the western suburbs of Sydney. We have seen the steady increase of Asian voters in Bennelong; and the ALP is laying down the foundation for future wins in suburban electorates nationwide.

Australians have never been consulted by either side of politics about the nationally crucial issues of immigration, refugees and citizenship requirements, whereas real estate developers face mountains of red tape and have to provide acceptable environmental impact statements before they get the green light. On the other hand, migrants and refugees are literally dumped willy-nilly into lower socio-economic suburbs and provincial centres without any consideration whatsoever of the impact on the social and economic elements–no ghettos in Double Bay or Toorak, Mr Baillieu!

Tony Abbott has been talking about referendums for this and for that, but let’s see more action and less vaudeville. He has had suggested to him that dedicated email and postal addresses be established to allow Australians to record their views on multiculturalism, boat people, immigration, refugees, ethnic crime and citizenship right up to the election. This is not rocket science so let’s see some action.