Posted on December 8, 2009

Understanding Whiteness in American History and Culture

UCLA Extension, 2009

Understanding Whiteness in American History and Culture: Deconstructing White Privilege for the Reconstruction of an Anti-Racist White Identity (Online)

History XL M151C

4.00 units

Eurocentric American history often masks the saliency of how the formation of Whiteness ultimately supports mechanisms of race and racism. This course outlines the historical development of Whiteness and critically analyzes the sociological results that stem from its birth. Segmented into three modules, the course provides a historical framework of the birth of Whiteness; explores Whiteness (namely, White Supremacy and White Privilege) and how they impact people of color and uphold racial hierarchy; and, in acknowledging that the relevance of history is inextricably tied to modern society, draws from liberatory, transformative, and emancipatory praxis, to engage in a REconstruction of anti-racist white racial identity. Throughout the course students are expected to critically engage in dialogue and identify and challenge their preconceived racial assumptions. {snip}