Posted on December 14, 2009

For Illegal Immigrant, Deportation After Political Appointment

Kirk Semple, New York Times, December 14, 2009

In 13 years in and around New York, Augusto Noguera built an impressive life. {snip}

The crowning moment came in September, when President Fernando Lugo of Paraguay appointed him to an administrative post in the government’s New York consulate. It was a job Mr. Noguera had eagerly sought, friends said, as payback for supporting Mr. Lugo and other candidates in last year’s elections.

There was just one problem: Mr. Noguera was an illegal immigrant.

Today, he is locked in an immigration detention center in Arizona, awaiting deportation. His botched appointment has deeply embarrassed the Paraguayan government. {snip}


{snip}. Two weeks ago, he tried to re-enter the United States at the Mexican border near Tijuana using someone else’s passport, and was detained by American immigration agents, Paraguayan diplomats said. The news made headlines in Paraguay.