Posted on November 16, 2009

BNP Racist Video: ‘Spot the White Man’

Jordan, NowPublic (Canada), November 5, 2009

A racist video has appeared on AlanSugar1’s Youtube channel called “Spot the White Man”, which claims that “indigenous white people” were displaced by non-white immigrants, and that this could happen to your neighborhood!!!!!! If you watch the video, you’ll immediately notice that the walk along this Peckham Rye high street shows a totally normal street scene, with normal people doing normal things, like chatting, shopping, waiting for the bus. But, because these people aren’t white, this is somehow a bad thing. My anger over this video isn’t based in political correctness, but in distaste for a clearly b******t argument. This video is blatantly racist, and appeals to the closet xenophobes out there, most likely those who are unaware that 1/4 of English people have French blood.

I used to live in South London, in a predominantly black and South Asian neighborhood. The only difference I noticed was that . . . actually, there was no difference compared to the “white” neighborhoods in London that I lived in. Being in Zone 3, things were far less expensive, which obviously makes it favorable to immigrants, of which I was one. I was just as much a stranger to England as someone from Somalia or Kenya, but I seriously doubt that the proponents of this video would have as much of a problem with me.

The modern world was built on immigration, and no mistake. “Indigenous white people of Peckham” . . . oh, please.

(Oh, and that’s obviously not the Youtube channel of the real Alan Sugar, former owner of Tottenham Hotspur)

[Editor’s Note: “Spot the White Man” has been removed from YouTube owing to “terms of use violation.”