Posted on November 16, 2009

Shocking Report Reveals That 92% of Gang Rapists in London Are Non-white

BNP Blog, November 2009

A shocking report, ordered by the Metropolitan Police Authority, has revealed that 92 percent of all gang rapists in London are non-white. Fifty percent of all the victims are white.

The report, drawn up by a senior detective from the Yard’s Operation Sapphire team, which investigates sex crimes, revealed that eight percent of all gang rape suspects in 2008/09 were white, 32 percent were black, and 24 percent contained members of different ethnicities. The make-up for the rest was unknown.

The proportion of white victims fell from 69 percent in 1998/99 to 50 percent last year, while the number of black victims doubled from 17 percent to 34 percent, the report continued.

In total, there were 93 gang rapes last year compared with 36 in 2003/04.

Police define the offence as being a sex attack by three or more people, although research by the Met shows an increase in the number of assaults involving four or more attackers.

The report’s other statistics show that in 1998/99, a total of 48 percent of victims were 19 or younger. Last year that total had reached 64 percent. Thirty-six percent of victims were 15 or younger.

The ages of the perpetrators has also dropped. According to the Met, 42 percent were 19 and under last year, compared with 38 percent In 2003/04.

The number of suspects in their twenties fell slightly over that period, from 32 percent to 30 percent.

The report, by Detective Chief Inspector Mark Yexley, says the Met “recognises multiple-perpetrator sex offending linked to youth violence as one of the most serious crime types.”

It adds that gang rape is less likely to be reported than other offences because there are often social links between victims and suspects.

Boroughs with the highest rates of gang rapes include Lambeth, Croydon, Newham, Southwark, Westminster and Hackney.

The Met also said it had asked for research into the issues of female gang membership and gang violence.

The report says: “Offences are complex . . . from allegations of consensual sex between victims and a known party followed by non-consensual assaults committed by associates, to stranger attacks involving large groups.”