Posted on September 4, 2009

U.S. Office of Personnel Management Report: Blacks in the Federal Work Force, July 23, 2007

According to OPM’s FY 2006 report, all 23 independent federal agencies exceeded their racial quotas for hiring blacks by dozens or even hundreds of percent.

This year the First Place prize in the federal quota competition again goes to Court Services and Offender Services (CSOS) for employing 808% more blacks than their affirmative action target (quota).

And NASA again came in dead last by exceeding its black hiring quota by a mere 49%

Each of the other 23 independent federal agencies exceeded their racial quotas for hiring blacks in FY 2006 by 62% to 503%.

The five best independent agencies for overhing blacks in FY 2006 were CSOS (808%), U.S. GPO (503%), the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) at 409%, the EEOC (401%), and the Smithsonian Institution (338%).

The five “worst” agencies for blacks still over shot their racial quotas by significant amounts: NASA (49%), the National Credit Union Association (NCUA) at 62%, NRC (68%), FDIC (97%), and the Securities and Exchange Commission at 113%. These percentages represent the amount by which the agency overhired blacks as compared to the availability of this group in the civilian work force.

1.2–Federal Executive Departments:

OPM’s FY 2006 report reveals that among the 18 federal executive departments, once again this year only the Department of the Interior failed to achieve its racial hiring goal (quota) for hiring blacks. Interior “under” hired blacks by -37%, i.e., they don’t “look like America” because they hired 37% fewer blacks than are available in the civilian labor force.

All of the other 17 federal executive departments exceeded their racial quotas for hiring blacks by a minimum of +14% (Air Force) to an impressive +363% (Housing and Urban Development).

The five “best” federal executive departments for overhing blacks were HUD (363%), the Dept. of Education (329%), the Dept. of State (231%), the Labor Dept. (176%), and the Veteran’s Administration (147%).

Most of the bottom five “worst” independent agencies for overhiring blacks in FY 2006 still managed to exceed their quota by significant percentages. The exception is the Dept. of the Interior which once again missed their quota by -37%. However, the next “worst” agency for blacks, the Air Force, exceeded their quota for blacks by 14%, the Dept. of Agriculture by 15%, the Navy by 19%, and the U.S. Dept. of Transportation by 22%.