Posted on September 1, 2009

Robbers Pretended to Sell President Obama Health Insurance Policies to Invade Long Island Home

Wil Cruz, New York Daily News, August 29, 2009

Cops arrested Benjamin Thompson (l.) and Vance Jackson after they allegedly robbed a Long Island home after pretending to be salesmen selling President Obama’s health insurance policies.

A trio of robbers used President Obama’s health care plan as a ruse to invade a Long Island home where they shot two people and pistol-whipped a third, cops said Saturday.

Suffolk County cops nabbed Benjamin Thompson and Vance Jackson shortly after they forced their way into the Huntington home, police said.


The team posed as salespeople hawking fictional Obama insurance policies when they approached the Virginia Ave. home about noon on Friday.

They pushed their way inside and demanded cash–slugging one woman with a gun and shooting another in the foot, cops said.

The thugs opened fire on an unidentified man, shooting him in the neck, chest, shoulder and back.