Posted on August 21, 2009

Gov. David Paterson Says Racist Media Trying to Drive Him out of Office

Brendan Scott, New York Post, August 21, 2009

The beleaguered Democratic governor in a radio interview this morning blamed his troubles on a racist media that he said has taken part in an “orchestrated” effort to get him out of office.


“I submit that the same kind of treatment that (Gov.) Deval Patrick is receiving right now in Massachusetts, and I’m receiving; the way in which the New York State Senate was written about, calling them a bunch of people with thick necks–they’re talking about (Senate President) Malcolm Smith and (Senate Democratic Leader) John Sampson–that we’re not in the post-racial period,” Paterson said.

“The reality is that the next victim on the list and you see it coming is President Barack Obama, who did nothing more than try to reform a health care system that’s not ten percent of GDP and will be 20 percent of GDP in the next four years only because he’s trying to make change,” the governor continued.

The governor also lashed out at the media in his remarks on to AM1600 WWRL talk show host Errol Louis.