Posted on July 6, 2009

Solutions to the Illegal Immigration Crisis

Dave Gibson, Norfolk Examiner, July 2, 2009

There are a few, painfully simple measures we could take to stop the current invasion and expel those who have no respect for our borders, nor for our citizens. Truthfully, if any combination or even one of the following actions were taken by our federal government, most illegal aliens in this country would leave, effectively deporting themselves.

1) Place the military on the border.


We could simply take the troops from Germany, where 30,000 U.S. troops are stationed or any number of other locations around the world and use our military to protect our border!

The Mexican border could and should be made a permanent duty station. This would allow the Border Patrol to full staff the official entry checkpoints which would greatly reduce the amount of drugs and criminals coming into this country.

2) Prison sentences for CEO’s who hire illegal aliens.

Whether it is a landscaping company run-out of someone’s den in Cicero, IL; a 30-unit independent hotel in Virginia Beach, VA; or a corporate giant such as Tyson Foods Inc., once caught with illegal aliens in their employ, the head of that company should spend the next ten years of their life in prison.

Additionally, a percentage of that company’s profits commensurate to the percentage of their employees who are illegal aliens should be seized.

3) Cut off all federal funds to cities which continue or adopt ‘sanctuary policies’ for illegal aliens.

If a city such as Chicago, IL which has such a policy in place, refuses to cooperate with Immigrations and Customs Enforcement by not allowing police officers to inquire into, nor report the immigration status of arrestees, shielding criminal aliens from notification and eventual deportation, their funds will be immediately suspended. {snip}


4) Require anyone registering a child in a public school to provide proof of U.S. citizenship.


If parents were required to provide proof of citizenship to register the child, many illegal aliens would simply leave the country. You take away the things that draw them here and most will deport themselves.


5) Begin mass deportations.

Again, if you take away the goodies (jobs, free education, in-state college tuition, food stamps, Medicaid, etc.), most will return to Mexico on their own. However, there will remain a number of Mexican nationals who will refuse to leave, a great many of them will be hardcore criminals (gang bangers, drug dealers, etc.). These human predators will only return home, if forcibly removed.

We have heard so many times that it is “impossible to deport 12 million people.” First, the number of illegal aliens in this country is closer to 40 million, second, nothing is impossible.

As I said, most will leave after they are denied the services which they now steal with ease. The rest would be deported upon arrest for other crimes.


We have the infrastructure, resources, and the right to deport as many illegal aliens from this nation as we want. The only thing we are lacking is a federal government with the courage to do it. We must change that and take back this great country.

If we do not, future generations of Americans will reside in a Third World nation, and it will be a mirror image of Mexico.