Posted on July 24, 2009

India Girls Plough Fields to Bring Rain: Naked Ritual

"Jeanette," Right Bollywood, July 24, 2009

India girls plough fields to bring rain to their parched fields, naked no less, in a ritual that is said to “embarrass the weather gods” to bring rain.

Farmers in Bihar have taken to their unmarried daughters and asked that they go naked and plough the fields to bring rain while chanting hymns after sunset.

“They (villagers) believe their acts would get the weather gods badly embarrassed, who in turn would ensure bumper crops by sending rains.”

So as the India girls plough fields to bring rain (naked), they will continue to do so until it “rains very heavily”.

The fields in Bihar are in dire need of the moisture, and this is the worst start of the monsoon season in over 80 years. Just two years ago, Bihar was badly affected by monsoon rains, causing flooding and leaving hundreds homeless.