Posted on July 1, 2009

Former Employees Turn On Bank of America

UPI, June 30, 2009

Nine former Bank of America employees accused the bank of over-selling services to Hispanic clients to create financial chaos that would result in bank fees.

“We were coached every day to push multiple checking accounts, credit cards and debit cards even when the customer didn’t understand how to use them,” said former employee Gabby Ornelas of Landover Hills, Md.

Ornelas, who speaks Spanish, said she was specifically instructed to attend Hispanic gatherings, neighborhood stores and even child welfare centers to sign up customers.

“We were told to sign them up for multiple checking accounts, which they didn’t even need,” said former bank teller Ambar Sandoval of Los Angeles.

Bank spokeswoman Anne Pace said the group, backed by the Services Employees International Union, “misrepresent the bank’s relationship with its customers and its associates.”