Posted on February 5, 2009

Tiger Woods’ Bad Tip

Roger Singer, New York Post, February 1, 2009

Waitstaff of the world, be warned: When Tiger Woods walks into your eatery, don’t expect a gratuity after the meal is over. While he may have a golden grip on his golf clubs, he has a pretty firm grasp on his wallet, too. “Whenever Tiger was in Las Vegas, there was a woman who would hang out with his group, sort of as a local guide,” says our source. “They would have a great time but Tiger never tips. Ever. She had to stop going out with him because it would cost her three or four hundred bucks every time they went out, since she had to keep tipping for him. Even though he paid the bill, people knew her, so [to not leave a gratuity] would reflect badly on her.” Here’s a tip for Tiger: Even 10 percent is better than nothing!

[Editor’s Note: For more on blacks and tipping, see this article.]