Posted on January 8, 2009

Now, It’s ‘Tricked Out’

Brian Maloney, The Radio Equalizer, January 7, 2009

To the long list of previously-mundane expressions now considered derogatory by the Obamist political faction, add “tricked out”.

Yes, according to close Barack friend and Massachusetts First Lady Diane Patrick, the use of “tricked out” to describe Governor Deval Patrick’s publicly-funded Cadillac is “racist” because the term is apparently used to disparage black people.

Though Patrick aimed her tirade at the Boston Herald, it was one of several Boston-area news outlets that ridiculed the Bay State governor after trading in a more modest state vehicle for a brand new Caddy.


Diane Patrick’s sentiments were revealed in a new book by far-left Obamist commentator Gwen Ifill, The Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama.


According to reporter Hillary Chabot, Herald editors are standing by their previous coverage on the matter:

It didn’t have boom boxes, speakers on the outside, but they called it tricked-out,” Ifill quoted Patrick as saying.

Herald Editor Kevin Convey said the term “tricked out” had no racist implications.

“We’re sorry that the first lady feels the way she does, but the term ‘tricked out’ as a synonym for decorated or adorned is over 100 years old and has no racial connotation whatsoever. Moreover we meant none,” Convey said.

Gov. Patrick raised eyebrows when he switched his state car from a Crown Victoria to a Cadillac DTS and upgraded his office with $12,000 drapes and new sofas shortly after he took office in 2007. Patrick had also hired a $72,000 chief of staff for his wife.

Admitting he mistepped, Patrick later moved to pay for the Cadillac and the staffer stepped down.

Convey couldn’t be more on the mark here. In fact, the term “tricked out” has recently been used in this widely-viewed television commercial for Progressive Auto Insurance, a company run by one of Air America Radio’s earliest financial backers:


We’ve truly entered an era where any and all criticism of the Obamists can be labeled “racist”, with Barack & Friends as the final arbiters of what is and what is not considered a slur.